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  1. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Dude you're now thinking about leveling up with 1 daily.............
    There is option to enable/disable screen saver. Do enable it.
    Go to ross sea and press T (aim your boat to go from ross sea node to another) wait till game enters screensaver mode. Now enjoy. Your boat goes full circle and enjoy afk leveling.
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  2. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Sailing is totally ridiculous   

    Not required to do anything even if trading items that are heavy.
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  3. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Sailing is totally ridiculous   

    1. Ofc you get only it at margoria but here is news flash. Enable screensaver and put autorun on with T and wait till you go screen saver mode. Now your boat goes full circle. Also there is daily at port ratt that gives you sailing XP
    2. Not true. You can do the trip less than 30mins. Probably in 20mins with proper set up.
    3. Another one that you're failing so hard. Get your boat really close to dock and jump off from your boat to dock and open boats invetory and pick up trade goods. No reason to get them when you're at boat.
    4. Trading is not impossible. You're supposed to combine it with mini elephant. Trading itself is very profitable. been seeing certain ppl doing 30m per trip with imperial delivery. Literally when running multiple characters on multiple channels can get you 100-200m with very little effort
    What i see is player who has no proper understanding how to do something and -----ing how it doesn't work. Seriously why are you doing trading without learning how to do it properly?
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  4. Hypotermia added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    :DD Creating new email is so hard?
    How much time it takes for you to set up new email? 2minutes?
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  5. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Value Pack not working   

    p2w item eh? If you call getting 15.5% from sales p2w sure thing you have no knowledge what is p2w.
    Even if you make 100m per day through market its 15.5m more than someone without value pack. Most cases its just couple hundredthousand silver which is completely irrelevant. And that 15.5m is like 1hour - 1hour30mins for someone who has good gear and gets nothing
    Tax is there as silver sink which is pretty much common in all mmorpgs.
    Im not ownind value packs because of the market reduction. One of the less usefull perks from it.
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  6. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Value Pack not working   

    No its not. It work as intentented. It does not say anywhere that it reduces tax to 5%
    30% bonus to the Marketplace sales collection amount
    When collecting sales money from an item that was sold on the marketplace, you will receive an additional 30% on top of those sales money. Note: this bonus is 30% of the final sales amount that you normally receive, not the original sale price that you listed it for. Taxes are still applied.
    For example, let's say you list an item on the marketplace for 1000 silver. When selling it, 35% taxes will be applied and the amount of silver you can collect will be 650 silver.
    With the Value Pack buff, you will gain an extra 30% on that 650 silver. This means that you will now receive 845 silver (650 x 1,3).
    So you are intended to receive 84.5% of your original listing price with the Value Pack buff.
    Bonus what you gain from owning valuepack is 15.5%
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  7. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Value Pack not working   

    you guys are probably missunderstanding how things work:
    Marketplace shows it for you like this
    Price - 35%
    But once you collect money it will look like this
    Price - 15.5%
    The valuepack benefit is added only when you collect the money from marketplace.
    If you dont believe me then reduce your silver to 0 and pick up 1 item from market that you've sold and calculate it urself
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  8. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Fishing Bug   

    Yeah and as far as im aware this has been around for months now. In past i didnt really care but now that im min maxing my active fishing i find its really annoying
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  9. Hypotermia added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    There is plenty of roles to do for ppl that don't have high end gear. Also to point out that to be competitive in pvp you will need levels.
    Getting to 59 or 60 is not really that huge deal. Or well it still requires quite dedication to grind but thats extremely good start.
    Im personaly 58 and slowly working towards 59 and later on 60 but im still participating to node wars and sieges with my guild. There is plenty things for me to do that are required even if its not with main group and im happy about it.
    But yeah to be succesfull in pvp, players need to dedication to level up and get enough gear.
    about 300DP and lvl 60 gets you a far. AP is not something that fresh players should aim for. Level is probably most important thing and after that survivability / accuracy. Getting high AP is expensive and something that newer players should not aim
    Best thing about BDO is the fact that i've a lot to do. No matter how much i do something i still find other things i lack and need to do. i've not expierenced this since vanilla/tbc wow and even then there wasn't really that much while many things kept me entertained but BDO oh man seriously. I would say there is waaay too much to do but thats not meant as bad thing. Its good thing and i never expected to play this game more than month or two and now i've played 5 months and still keeps me entertained and offers me so much to do
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  10. Hypotermia added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Fishing Bug
    Im not sure if this is already mentioned here or devs know about this or if this is intented but when ever active fishing there is chance of not getting any loot.
    So what happens exactly:
    Succesfully complete minigame and afterwards no loot at all but getting XP
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  11. Hypotermia added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    There is extemely simple explanation for this:
    NA players are selling and buying more frags while EU players are doing more relics by themselves.
    Check relics sold on market too.
    Doing relics is more worth than buying frags from MP also you're missing one fundamental point. If NA has more players then well sold frags should be a lot higher
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  12. Hypotermia added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 12th   

    Dark Knight AwakeningGolden Flondor Goose Egg Event 
    7 hours for this? kidding me right?
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  13. Hypotermia added a post in a topic when is the kamasilve update NA   

    Dude pls. can you even try.
    This game does not have over 3 million active players. Either the 1.5m and 1.8m adventures are sold game copies OR which is more likely is amount of characters created to game. How Kakao represented this is extremely old marketing trick to make sound that game is more popular than it is. Square Enix also used this when released information about population saying that there was 5m accounts worldwide but never said that there was 5m active players and same goes in BDO. This game does not have 1.5m and 1.8m active players on WEST
    The level 56 and above is more correct representation of active players. This game has less than 500k active players on NA/EU.
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  14. Hypotermia added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Hehehe hopefully not its fun to watch As long as i get information about how things go on. Tho would be interesting to see Resilience pissed tho they would probably act like little girls even then
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  15. Hypotermia added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    What im more confused why is Resiliences leader without balls was not commenting about situation in podcast instead run away like a little girl. Tho i got a lots of laughs from that hehehe :DD
    Hopefully i see some sort of revenge from Misan and you guys (SE) would be interesting but thank you for offering such amusing story to watch and keep enjoying the game =)
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