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  1. KingXRay added a post in a topic I feel like my system is too good to be lagging?   

    wont worry, x3 gtx titan x cant even handle this game coz its not optimized
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  2. KingXRay added a post in a topic BAD Event BOSS   

    just quit...before you see more blood...i had enough of the buggy game, i can live 20 more years without this game
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  3. KingXRay added a post in a topic Celebrate 1 year? Now considering quitting   

    dont worry im with you after today and im out of here and i cant stand this game so many bugs already 
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  4. KingXRay added a post in a topic Best Anniversary EVER!!!!!.......................................?   

    They broke the server on first event boss spawn, and loot are broken, and everyone quit the event to kill tree then i fall underworld while fighting tree :facepalm:
    best game ever ♥

    yeap done
    Event rewards...RIP
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  5. KingXRay added a post in a topic Character name change   

    every Wednesday
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  6. KingXRay added a post in a topic How to buy in the market   

    you had 1 out of 10000 chance of getting it, this is why they want you to buy it with pearl instead to save your time <3
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  7. KingXRay added a topic in General   

    Best Anniversary EVER!!!!!.......................................?
    How you guys enjoy the anniversary so far? Isn't it awesome having 0% off sales!? I could tell it is the no.1 best anniversary through out all the games from bottom of toilet rank 
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  8. KingXRay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

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  9. KingXRay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Kuno double jump and stealth is still broken
    Im not so surprise coz i know the patch note from korea, but problem is korea dont have these bugs LOL
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  10. KingXRay added a post in a topic About the new attendance changes   

    i dont have enough storage or inventory slots...
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  11. KingXRay added a post in a topic The most annoying thing in BDO   

    i think i hate pretty much everything...
    - game optimize
    - maintenance every week wtf!?
    - inventory slots + weights are per character not account wide + not giftable
    - very little storage and inventory slots
    - costume bound on character not shareable with family
    - RNG of Enhancement
    - RNG of Lootdrop
    - RNG of Rewards
    - bugs...lots lots lots of bugs never fixed
    - no actual Developer as GM
    - stupid and worthless events
    - worst ingame fireworks ever
    - not much teamplay + social
    - imba classes, example: wizard & witch
    - broken classes, example: kunoichi
    - unfair pvp system, example 200+ ap/dp people grinding newbies in olvia channels!
    - grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding...*dead*
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  12. KingXRay added a post in a topic Hype for anniversary sales   

    wheres 100% free of every pearl items? 
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  13. KingXRay added a post in a topic PSA : Broken OP wizard bug   

    welcome to pre-alpha test where you should expect everything to be broken!
    if you do realize that those balls hit you infront it count as back attack so thats why its not blockable

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  14. KingXRay added a topic in General   

    About the new attendance changes
    Does anyone know that they removing our current attendance or keeping coz I havent pick up my 10+ rewards from there and I thought it said was after 22 FEB maint...
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  15. KingXRay added a post in a topic Chocolate gone after cooking   

    well i lost my chocolate as well...didnt even bother to submit ticket since event sucks (I never did enjoy a single event in bdo...fireworks everytime? and it only goes like 1sec and 5+sec idle :facepalm:...MHO fireworks did better than that...last time stupid GMs battle in arena so random when lunar new year :facepalm: it's like im watching 10 years old kids playing godmode or oped gear as admin in community servers then I buy all the lanterns and say "NOPE" and delete them all, thats the purpose of the lunar new year event isnt it? of filling trash in your inventory since you dont have much space and they are just asking you to buy more inventory slots $$$  )
    I did realize I broke it with cook in utensil as well and I still have 20+ buglist they yet to address and being ignored...oh wait they just a publisher looking for money not a dev :facepalm: ...this game have more bugs than other alpha games or F2P mmos...its funny how much difference than korea version lol, this is why need full test before copy&paste to original file...every NA published games that from KR always have this problem...they just never learn the mistake since they only looking at the $...

    ***buy more ribbon cats...buy more ribbon cats...buy more ribbon cats...buy more ribbon cats...buy more ribbon cats...***
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