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  1. Laronica added a post in a topic Display issue   

    I'm having the exact same issue. Did you fix it? 
    Have ve you tried reverting to a previous driver? I also have AMD.
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  2. Laronica added a post in a topic Dark Knight Damage   

    what he said. I have weapon core with acc set bonus and red coral earrings. Just get some extra acc and yuria is boss
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  3. Laronica added a post in a topic Dark Knight March 1st?   

    But the 1st is on Wednesday. They won't patch on Friday ;D
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  4. Laronica added a topic in General   

    Dark Knight March 1st?
    I know they've said their release date is March. And their 1 year anniversary is March 1st so I assume they do something nice. Hopefully dark knight? Anyone else hopeful or think otherwise? Feel free to chat (:
    • 8 replies
  5. Laronica added a post in a topic Tera Rising   

    I'm at a mindset where I don't mind because I play females. However, the idea here would be, pick a gender for your class. I think that'd solve all the issues. 
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  6. Laronica added a post in a topic Preparing for dark knight   

    it uses zerker. She uses the knot. Koreans have said as much many times.
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  7. Laronica added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening!   

    I saw it! I love it! Shes a swordmage! <3
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  8. Laronica added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening!   


    its called Nightstalker. Its a witchblade variation if I'm correct
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  9. Laronica added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening!   

    Whoa whoa whoa. Whats wrong with a whip? :[ Ive always loved whip classes. That and fans. If you don't think its a cool idea, what would you prefer?
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  10. Laronica added a topic in Classes   

    Dark Knight Awakening!
    So word on the street is that Dark Knight may get a Bladed Whip. Much like Ivy from Soul Calibur.
    To justify this (because it sounds so amazing!), I did some digging. Turns out their classes are based on their previous game called C9. The Dark Knight is like the Witchblade and they did in fact use a bladed whip!
    This sounds amazing to me, and I hope its like this. I'm already in love with the Dark Knight and cant wait to play it, but now I possibly have even more to be stoked about!
    What else do you guys think would be a fun or viable option for her awakening? Let me know with a reply!
    • 30 replies
  11. Laronica added a post in a topic Dark elf release date to europe?   

    well BDO_News on twitter stated "We're going to launch Margoria first. Which is still planned for winter." on December 14th. So Margoria is definitely set for the very near future, and as some people stated, dark knight wont need game breaking balancing considering it doesn't have an awakening weapon yet. I don't see it taking long at all at this point. Maybe early February at the latest.
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  12. Laronica added a post in a topic Dark elf release date to europe?   

    id also love to know. Apparently its after the underwater update. So hopefully within the month
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  13. Laronica added a topic in Classes   

    Dark Knight questions! (:
    Hi guys! First post here!

    Still fairly new to the game and as beautiful as it is, I think I want to wait on dark knight. Ive always been more interested in the darker classes. Tried sorcerer but it just doesn't feel great to me. Scythe is cool but I don't know if id want to grind 50 levels to try it.

    Anywho, my point being, Does anyone know exactly how long the Chinese/American patches are usually apart? I seen that its available for them and wondering whats the usual time we wait for something like that to cross over.
    Would it be a bad idea to download a Chinese/Russian version to get to try the class early? Or should I just work on something in the meantime like a profession or another class? Let me know what you guys think!
    • 1 reply