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  1. Ioci added a post in a topic Ever thought of just staying 49 forever?   

    I explored most of the map on a 49 Valk, including Bashim Base and the negative Karma town. Watching clusters of people try to nuke me down was rather amusing. It's unfortunate that I won't PvE in most of those spots and neither will the majority of the people playing the game but working as intended apparently.
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  2. Ioci added a post in a topic Should I hit level 50?   

    I'm thinking I will always have a 49 lock or two. From what I hear Node wars are a slide show so an immune 49 could follow cammo enemies around and act like a beacon for nukes.
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  3. Ioci added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    If you pay, you get expansions
    and you get poor people tears too
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  4. Ioci added a post in a topic New player wondering. So in other MMO's tank classes and healers are always "needed" in guilds. Are all classes "needed" in guilds here in BDO?   

    Sorc need variety in what they kill or our Scythe gets sad. Nobody likes a sad Scythe.
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  5. Ioci added a topic in General   

    New Outfits
    Can I have a checkered shirt, daisy dukes and cowboy boots for my Sorc. I'm feeling a little hillbilly today..
    Straw hat too. And a stalk of barley to stick in my mouth like a tooth pick..
    That should cover it.
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  6. Ioci added a post in a topic Valks Cry? Pls no   

    Is this in any way tied to the class? Because I am guessing they will be highly under powered and inefficient..
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  7. Ioci added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    This is the biggest issue the NA and European servers face. Most of the gear is unobtainable to most of the players. It's also a horrible system for Developers. Korea is still Pen capped because what comes after Pen? A 0.00005% upgrade?
    In truth they could apply a re-core system that uses current as ingredient but they need to nerf the hell out of the current RnG for that to be viable. Get gear to Pen, seat it as gear core in to new skins that can be enchanted again with stats coming from the core.
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  8. Ioci added a post in a topic It is worth making multiple Gatherering alts?   

    I'm kind of juggling this question around myself. Everything about Black Desert screams spam, spam, spammy, spam and spamming alts wouldn't be excluded. Getting one character to say Master in Gathering would likely take as long as getting 12 to Professional 5 or so. That's the way the game scales. Knowing the benefits of Pro Gathering over even skilled 5 I could see having 12xenergy at Pro as being far more effective in true gathering. I used corn as my sample source and an hour of corn gathering on a Pro 10 got me 300% more than even a Skilled 5. I also expect future content to play the grade game though and they will gate it behind higher and higher levels of life skills. Kind of like Whale hunting is now. So it like most things in this game is a trade off.
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  9. Ioci added a post in a topic Please write a 500 word essay   

    If I am getting a read, I don't need 500 words.
    The server is mass producing event rewards for the cherry blossom special on fixed intervals and sending out updates to huge amounts of clients. If I have 15 unclaimed rewards, you have 15 but different, multiply that by half a million on interval you start to see why the lag spikes happen. It's like half a million people all logged in at once and do it every hour,
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  10. Ioci added a post in a topic Node 10 weirdness.   

    I don't know what your deal is but it would be nice to think they increased drop on some of this 'rare' stuff. If you wanted to Pen a set of witch you would need hundreds. I've farmed at Hexe maybe 10 hrs with no investment, I won't lie but I've never seen a witch earring except from a box.
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  11. Ioci added a post in a topic Returning Player Cannot Go Onto Olvia Channels   

    I'd change my password minutes ago..
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  12. Ioci added a post in a topic Server lag is so bad it got me killed!   

    Lag spikes are really bad today. It's why I logged out. Grind accordingly.
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  13. Ioci added a post in a topic DK counter Wizard so...   

    PvP in Black Desert is all about Alpha damage, alpha strikes.  I don't know first hand how effective the DK block is in PvP so I don't know how forgiving they are in slow gap closing but if they got on top of a Wizard, bye bye wizard.
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  14. Ioci added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    It's a sandbox but it's a very scripted sandbox. Even in cases where the players have written the script it is for all intent and purpose, written in stone. From a view point, BDO is a theme park. It just has more smoke and mirrors. Looking back at the just under 3 months I have been playing, BDO is fun but it's combat that makes it fun, not the smoke and mirrors. It's the only thing that is genuinely fresh about BDO.

    As for the OP, if you want barbie doll (and I don't mean that in a negative way - I'm guilty of barbie doll game play) fill your character sleeve, get sets of every gear. Fortuna on a Sorc, on a Dark Knight, on a Valk look completely different. That's where you get variety in gear.
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  15. Ioci added a post in a topic Upgrading Rarity vs enchanting   

    Strictly AP, DP speaking you would want to Pri, Duo, Tri the gear next. Assuming you have the shards to do it. Don't expect to get crystal shards on the market. They aren't there. The upgrade to blue and gold is something you will do because reasons but the differences are subtle. The AP, DP difference from +15 and Pri  or Tri is much more noticeable.
    The only time repair costs take a spike is when you graduate to an item you can't effectively get duplicates for and start using memory frags instead. It's actually a pretty up front formula. 40 frags for blue, 80 for Gold to get gear from 20 durability to 100. That's a 30 million, 60 million investment. If you had to RnG a Liverto to Tri with 200 million silver, you would pretty much be broke when you were done.
    If you ignore market prices (I do quite often) and just look at what is available to you, you could in fact use Liverto to repair your Liverto but that would mean you would need to loot 30 Liverto duplicates. I'm pretty sure that won't be happening so Memory Frags are your option.
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