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  1. remymaes added a post in a topic New Quest line blocked by p2w aspect   

    I had the same problem. You get 2 free crystals a few quests after you need them the most... 
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  2. remymaes added a post in a topic Ocean Diving without a Pearl suit   

    Instead of giving us those gems sooner... makes no sense at all tbh
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  3. remymaes added a post in a topic Ocean Diving without a Pearl suit   

    I found that legit 1 minute ago.. sigh thanks though!
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  4. remymaes added a topic in General   

    Ocean Diving without a Pearl suit
    Hey everyone,
    I've been diving for almost 45 to the same spot just to get a quest objective. The quest is called The First Sailboat Bound to Margoria. It's the quest after you've killed 60 pirates. Now when I'm diving to the quest marker WITH Agile Seal Elixir I still don't have enough time to get to the marker or even any chance to search the around the shipwreck for what to inspect. Could any one show me exactly what I'm looking for here? And what can I do to increase my time underwater to search it if I have to. I can't even get close to the bottom without automatically going back up again.
    Thanks in advance!
    Video of what I mean. 
    PS the barrels don't do a think and on top of that I barely make it that deep.. 
    PSS apperently there are gems for boots that allows you to dive longer. Be sure to grab them... Silly me..
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  5. remymaes added a topic in Guides   

    Oyster for the quest It's a Done Deal
    Hey guys,
    With Margoria added there's also a quest line named: [Lv. 55 Ocean] The uncharted sea, History of Margoria..
    Now, soon enough you'll need to gather 10 oysters. It took me over 1h20m just to find and gather the oysters. I've only found 2 spots to collect them. I asked other players near me but most of them didn't even found a spot. 
    Just recently there's 1 spot added to the bddatabase but I've found a second one. 
    This is the place you'll find them on your map. 
    Here is the view from the spot to the quest giver.
    This is where you can find 2 spots. Both inside the red circle.
    Hopefully you'll find use in it and don't waste over an hour looking for them. 
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  6. remymaes added a post in a topic Give lazypeon free pet   

     This Peon madness... @GM_Dew can we get a Peon sub-forum? Thank you!
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  7. remymaes added a post in a topic About snow in this game   

    You could've just waited till after the patch notes where live and ask for it then. It's almost February chances are I'll go away with this maintenance. If your eyes started bleeding that's the sign to take a break and do something else
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  8. remymaes added a post in a topic For all thats holy: PLEASE add a Log Node for workers to the world   

    A boost or increase to the amount of log you get each tree would be nice. Like a 1 or 3 week event (20 dailies so 3 weeks) would be helpful. I can imagine that not everyone likes chopping trees and putting them trough this misery is god awful. Then again it's fine the way it is for me and let's hope there shall never be a rough stone/log node. 
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  9. remymaes added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    Just spended 2k pearls. Now a sale?? Was there even a head-up that I've missed? If not can I reclaim pearls that I would've saved if I bought the items on sale?
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  10. remymaes added a post in a topic Dark knight Awakening(Trailer)   

    Damn son so sorry!
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  11. remymaes added a post in a topic PETS replacement/removal   

    Maybe people will suggest what you've tried or could suggest other things. The only thing you can do is breed them till you have 1 pet left or in the pet window click on the red box next to the paw so they don't run around you 24/7 
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  12. remymaes added a post in a topic Q: More trading exp on bigger distance?!   

    Yet Incendar claimes trade goods from trade managers benefit from distance bonus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRvSttDgznE&lc=z12vihtgnxvgeh0ul22mc3uirvy5gnihd04 just check the comments
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  13. remymaes added a post in a topic Character gone - new player[SOLVED]   

    Restart your launcher and change regions. I had the same thing happening to me the second time I started the game.
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  14. remymaes added a post in a topic yay! the Peon is back!   

    Atm 12th post under this one still on the same page.. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/128194-guess-who-came-back-to-bdo-peon/
    I hope he makes some good videos about Black Desert. Like his 30m/hr grinding spot and guide to 1.5 bil in 2 weeks
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  15. remymaes added a post in a topic [Official] Dark Knight 'COMING SOON' after Margoria + Awakening info + lore   

    So you don't consider Dark Knight to be a big release? That is your opinion and I should respect that. Also at the same time feel free to get into character design. Make sure it's different from other current characters in the game. Make sure the character looks attractive to play, doesn't feel underwhelming or to powerful. Make sure the character is fun to play right? Does the character have a story to tell or lore? Make sure your character gets a proper skill build, meaning that the skills fit the character. Make sure the animations and particle effects are good. Make sure the character itself has great animations, not only animations involving skills. Make sure the character has a great voice pack. Make sure that your character doesn't have bugs or any of those kind. This my friend is what YOU call low standards. This isn't my opinion. These are facts. Now if you could excuse me. I have some unvaluable topics to continue with.
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