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  1. Skiz added a post in a topic Struggling Maehwa seeks advice   

    So 6 accuracy (3 per earring) overall is enough? I already have Rosar weapons and Ancient belt/necklace for the accuracy bonus they give me, the added 10% resistance ignore seems pretty OP.. From what i've read is that accuracy is supposed to be pretty important as a maehwa. My thought process was that these items would give me a shitload of accuracy and i can go full AP on jewelry.
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  2. Skiz added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    For PvP i've read that accuracy is pretty important as Maehwa
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  3. Skiz added a post in a topic Struggling Maehwa seeks advice   

    I'm only wearing Jarette's set because it was given to me and the +5ap setboni makes me not want to swap just one earring for a Witch's Earring since i'd loose 4ap in the process... There have been many conflicting advices for different builds but one reccuring problem that comes up what people playing Maehwa say is that we should look for some accuracy? Thats why i went for Rosar weapons and the Ancient Belt/Necklace Set, but what about the other jewelry items?
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  4. Skiz added a post in a topic does maehwa have sustainability?   

    Which is something that i've never seen being recommended tho..
    All guides i've read are saying to ignore it.
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  5. Skiz added a topic in Maehwa   

    Struggling Maehwa seeks advice
    Hey guys, new player here.
    I'm struggling to find a good starting point in what to do with my Maehwa...
    I just got to level 56 and finished my awakening quest with this gear:

    Helm: Grunil +5
    Chest: Taritas +5
    Hands: Grunil +5
    Boots: Taritas +5
    Jewelry: Jarette's Set
    Belt: Ancient Weapon Core
    Necklace: Ancient Guardian's Seal
    Weapons: Rosar Blade/Horn Bow +15
    Standart Awakening Weapon
    I have a good supply chain running to create beer myself for the workers and to give me mats for leveling up alchemy, currently at Skilled 4 but i'm only ever crafting Pure Powder Reagent and Clear Liquid Reagent since i don't know what else to craft and i read somewhere these two are needed for something else anyway..
    I have yet to make a single silver of profit off of alchemy.
    I don't know how to make good cash and i'm sitting at around 15mil right now to play with to upgrade my gear..
    Through all the events that were running around christmas and the new player bonus i aquired around 60 weapon and armor upgrade stones, 3 concentrated for armor and 4 concentraded for weapons...
    I'm hesistating with upgrades because i read they can fail and destroy the weapon/armor which i have no money for to "just" get a new one if this were to happen.
    Currently grinding at Sausans if there are no other players around because i'm always oneshot if they engage me.
    Otherwise i'm at the Elric Shrine.
    No clue what the ----- to do, someone help please
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