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  1. kamik0z added a post in a topic Best Gear for Warrior? (2017)   

    Starter settup 2x heve 2x grunil. Gloves / helm grunil for 5ap bonus.
    Rings / earrings mos witch 
    Shultz belt / neck 
    Rosar / vangertz (liverto not worth it on war)
    If you rich, then full bossarmor 
    Cresent rings / Red coral or tungradearrings 
    Ogre ring duo/tri and basi belt
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  2. kamik0z added a post in a topic Leveling speed   

    At that ap you dont 1 hit mobs at helms i think. Helms rouges elrics from 50 or 51 to 53-54 should go pretty fast. Would do catfish to 51 just its som easy. After 52/53 you can do sausans .. its fast 
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  3. kamik0z added a post in a topic Hybrid viable because absence of muskan?   

    Damn.. so grinding lvl 50 mobs with almost no profitt for the chance of scroll drop to get 0,3% chance or something to get it from bundle.. 
    I just dont understand why some bis gear isnt dropped from actual worldbossess. 
    Got my kzarka that way, rednose and bheg.
    Guess ill just play on my warrior in the meanwhile.he doesnt need muskans to not die in 2 hits in pvp 
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  4. kamik0z added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    There is nothing called griefing..its an open world mmo
    If you say spot taken that means ut feel entitled to that space, but you dont own shit.
    If somone comes to the place you grind , ask polite, if that doesnt work then outgrind them and they leave..
    Griefing is something high lvl pkers invented to complain when they couldnt stop low  lvls from grinding with xp loss anymore ..
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  5. kamik0z added a post in a topic Low damage output   

    Duo / tri rce first..then test..if you still need more, get a tri deeds aswell .. 
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  6. kamik0z added a post in a topic Low damage output   

    You need to grab before serpents..Cuz warriors have almost constant SA.
    Thats why they dont float. 
    Your build is starved for acc. Idd sacrifice ad much as 10 AP of your build if you could get around 10 or more acc for it.
    Atm The best you can do is get atleast 1 rce tri .. and uppgrade belt/ neck to duo..i would get 2 rce to be safe though . For pvp...pve you dont need acc for 
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  7. kamik0z added a topic in Ninja   

    Hybrid viable because absence of muskan?
    This is my current gear: 
    I also have a Red nose armor i am working on. My problem is that muskans are impossible to get. Im EU located and i have a 300mil preorder on muskan...
    I also roll for around 800energy worth every day at NV without luck...
    My question is this. Is it viable to go for a build more on the dmgreduc / ap hybrid rather than evasion.. or can i go evasion somewhat efficient without muskan for the time beeing ?
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  8. kamik0z added a post in a topic Low damage output   

    Easy answer. Warrior have sa from Block that lingers and sa on other skills aswell. 
    So they dont get floated. 
    Start with blockjump behind them and grab. Then do serpent..its floats even when they on the grund
    ps.  You need more acc...cheap deed rings or tri rce 
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  9. kamik0z added a post in a topic Class with low cooldowns ?   

    Ninja have allot of skills to use, so you will never have all on cd
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  10. kamik0z added a post in a topic Gear Focus - Mainly PvE   

    Warrior dont need cast speed. Go 5 attack speed and thats it. Gonna Red coral rings tri , can easy make with 15-20fs for tri attempt. 
    Get your kzarka to duo/tri 
    Armor to tri , then you can look more into accesories. 
    For eva acc there is centaur belt, sicil neck. 
    If only pve , then DR/ap hybrid is better ( Red coral rings, ap belt etc)
    If you wanna go eva then muskan should be your first boss piece, if not bheg gloves should be your first for more acc, so you can go kutum shield 
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  11. kamik0z added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Well i claimed the 5k reward like 4 days ago. I normally dont whine/complain/salty stuff but i kind of feel this is av bit lame. I have ad many others spent cash on this game besides the actual purchasing sum. To then not get the same rewards as newer players i feel is av bit odd...
    I just want some information from the devs, since no information and rumors spreading is not good for anyone.
    Ty in advance for your hard work BDO team
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  12. kamik0z added a post in a topic Black or white horn bow and needed acc for lv 56+   

    Depending what you farm, in pve its not needed with more acc. If you grind sausans /helm/elrics/manes at 56 you dont need acc offhand , if you wanna go for Valencia mobs you need more acc.
    Would reccomend spending your money on going pri/duo /tri on your liv/awk/offhand before getting an ap offhand 
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  13. kamik0z added a post in a topic Looking for late game class info   

    Ninja would be my pick.  Have all 3 of your choices at 57 and ninja is by far the most fun. On av side note, also have war,ranger, zerker at 56/57 but ninja still is my fav.
    Musa gets boring quick but its "better" for nodewars than ninja. Tamer is niz but not very strong in more than 5vs5 ...not usefull in nodewars...
    The best grinder/lvler of the 3 is musa...by av mile...get awk and spin2win grind faster than almost anyone..its just booring to do it.. 
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  14. kamik0z added a post in a topic BEFORE YOU LEVEL YOUR MAIN CHARACTER   

    Putting warrior in mediocre spot is just stupid.. warrior outperforms in the tank/dps department with less gear than for instance ranger...  Depending if you are going for small scale pvp or gvg/nodewars , classes have diff roles.. 
    Big scale pvp: wiz/witch, war, zerks, sorcs and ranger are top tier. But all classes have their place and role. 
    Best advice you can give new players is play what you find fun. Check youtube of all the classes. I myself have 4 lvl 57 and 3 lvl 56 chars.. why you ask ? Because i find it fun, and since this is game, what you need to do as a new player is to have fun !!
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  15. kamik0z added a post in a topic Help on gear progression and grinding advice   

    Hi there mate. Welcome
    First off. Get mainhand to tri , should give you the single highest ap/acc increase.  Then tri your armor, then your offhand. Go from duo to tri with any failstack above 32 .
    Any stack you get above 40 you should save. 
    Grunil is fine for you at the moment. Dont do anything with accesories until you have armor/ weaps to tri.  But when you have , i would go for cheap duo mark of shadow ( around 100 mil per pre order on ah) 
    Also shultz belt duo and neck duo are quite cheap.. with duo witches or if you lucky gettingduo/tri red coral earrings , that in total should net you a nice ap uppgrade. 
    Since saiyer is about the best offhand in the game , you dont need bheg in the near future, but bheg/muskan are the 2 most important boss pieces. I would however reccomend getting liverto/kzarka before bossarmor since  more ap = $$$$
    Thats just my 2 cents 
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