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  1. Antoniius added a post in a topic Marketplace: Has Something Changed?   

    Imho marketplace is not very good, but its much better than in other MMOs.
    The only thing i do not like is the pearl gifting. If they could remove it (but it will never happen) it is much better.
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  2. Antoniius added a post in a topic Things were better without pearl gifting   

    Dear friend, if you havent red or understood a post, do not answer (you risk to seem childish).
    The contract can be legal, some parts can be simply as "non existent". That has nothig to do with the "nullity", but with the non existance of some specific parts, EVEN IF there are no laws counteracting them.
    If "the contract you signed with Kakao is totally legal, nothing in it can cause nullity, parties are legally able, there is no vice or alteration of consent, no hidden default, no illicit cause or object" is not something you can state, does not depend on your opinion and your opinion counts zero.
    So do not give it as absolutely sure 100%
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  3. Antoniius added a post in a topic Things were better without pearl gifting   

    for game balance, better in your warehouse than spread around for pearls. This is exactlywhat p2w means: buying ed game gear for real money 
    thats THE point. Pearl gifting will remain and the game will slowly die ad it always happens
    this kind of interpretation strictly depends on the law system you are in. For civil law systems that is not correct. You can put whatever you want in a contract, but that does not apply if It is contrary to common sense, laws, rules, habits (depending on the country)
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  4. Antoniius added a post in a topic Perspective of a returning player   

    I never interrupt other rotations and i usually do not fight back (i am a PvE player :P)
    You can just let them kill you.You loose nothing and you can come back there again, and again, and again. The one who kills you get karma malus and, above all, he wastes his time as he has to fight you so his rotation is ruined anyway.
    Actually Pkilling does not repay efficiently in this game
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  5. Antoniius added a post in a topic Karanda loot table - plz fix   

    I always (almost always) get drops from bosses. You can get crap stuff (1G bars, seals..) but its very unlucky you get 0.
    Unless you really do 0 damages, are very unlucky or there is a bug you should get something if you start the fight from the beginning.
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  6. Antoniius added a post in a topic Confused and frustrated about money making.   

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  7. Antoniius added a post in a topic Is repairing items changed???   

    You are mixing "normal" repair and recover "max durability" repair.
    - if you loose max durability you need to use same armour pieces to go back to 100% (you loose max durability when you fail to enchant items)
    - if you loose durability (but not max durability) you can just pay silver (you loose normal durability when fighting)
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  8. Antoniius added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    I am not sure people from Norway, Denmark, Finalnd consider themselves socialist.
    Should ask them
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  9. Antoniius added a post in a topic Latest PvP change in kr   

    i dont dislike the idea that much, but will be a indirect buff for wizards imho
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  10. Antoniius added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    Every game free-economy fails too. Never seen a game that has a working economy after few a couple of years. Games have no lack of resources, they ave a costant influx of new resources.
    Socialism doesnt work in RL (unless the country is VERY VERY rich), but works perfectly in games.
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  11. Antoniius added a post in a topic Open up the market.   

    Actually i like the market system as it is right now.
    There is little inflation and, actually, the economy works perfectly from the demand point of view (if you preorder with high price you win preorders, believe me) while lacking from a offer point of view but thats not so important imho.
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  12. Antoniius added a post in a topic Bosses giving you some guaranteed decent loot if you do enough damage   

    I get your point. I agree it is more RNG than everything else, but to have a proper answer someone should do some statistics using large amount of data.
    Somewhere i red (i do not remeber the source) that killing a boss you go in some sort of "RNG table" that depends on damages dealed to the boss: the more damages, the better loot table, the higher chances to have better loot.
    Obviously if the % are very low it is hard to notice any difference as RNG rules the drops (i.e. to notice even a +100% increase in drop chance is very hard if basic chance is 0,5%)

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  13. Antoniius added a post in a topic Better Servers   

    I am not completely sure, but if other players do not have the issue (as i do not) i think it is not a server issue. Try checking your cpu usage %.
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  14. Antoniius added a post in a topic Horse skills   

    Drift is good not because you turn faster (you dont turn at all, if i remeber) but because it  "resets" the sprint skil, so you can spam both
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