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  1. Kejara added a post in a topic Best class for perma red -1mil karma.   

    Berserker hands down.
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  2. Kejara added a post in a topic Chimeras not spawning Serendia 5   

    Massive chat lag.  Mob respawns massively delayed.  Servers are taking a dump.
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  3. Kejara added a post in a topic PSA: Night Vendor Prices Back to Normal   

    I feel blessed that I was able to snag a Nouver dagger for 150m silver.  I was rolling all of the energy I could.  Never saw the Dandelion I was looking for though. 
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  4. Kejara added a topic in General   

    PSA: Night Vendor Prices Back to Normal
    For those of you that don't visit Reddit it appears the unannounced night vendor discount has ended.  It would have been nice if they announced that this event was going on to the community. 
    Sorry for those of you that were unaware that this was even a thing. It was a great chance to purchase a Nouver, Dandelion, and/or boss armor at half price if RNG blessed you. 
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  5. Kejara added a post in a topic Server instability and AFK horse leveling   

    I'm not getting disconnected.  The servers are lagging out causing a load screen to pop up.  Months ago when this happened you would remain mounted.  In one of the patches they added in a "feature" that would cause you to load into the game off your mount even if you logged out while on it.  Whenever a load screen happens, even if from lag, you load in off your mount.  The servers have been choking here lately and when they choke really bad the game does a load screen.  You will not be disconnected.  You will just no longer be riding your horse or wagon.
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  6. Kejara added a post in a topic Server instability and AFK horse leveling   

    So this just happened on Valencia 5.   Channel lagged out.  Nouver killed me.  Lost out on my loot because it was still bugged and the only fix was to relog.  A few minutes after death people were still on my screen that weren't there and every mages lightning pet was spamming its lightning ability.   That stability of the servers is pathetic.  

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  7. Kejara added a post in a topic Server instability and AFK horse leveling   

    Different channel every time.  I don't really stay on any one channel.  I hop around as needed.  
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  8. Kejara added a topic in General   

    Server instability and AFK horse leveling
    Four days in a row now I've come back to my character running into a wall or just standing there when I left her leveling my horses on a wagon.  I've witnessed what occurs when this happens.  A serious lag spike occurs and causes the game to do a loading screen.  Any time the game does this it causes your character to dismount and you lose your auto-path.  The servers or the network path to them has been incredibly unstable for over a week now.  I've spoke to various people in my guild to ensure that it is not my end and confirmed that they all experienced the spikes the same time as me.  This needs to be rectified as soon as possible as you cannot reliably level horses at the moment.  I've also heard its extremely dangerous to do any of the desert dungeons due to these lag spikes or server issues resulting in expensive deaths.  
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  9. Kejara added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    Okay, my bad. I just assumed because it was a direct quote.
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  10. Kejara added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    This is you that posted in the following reddit thread, correct?  
    HotboxiaNA 61 <lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI> 1 point 3 days ago 
    The class is just not that effective in siege wars which is the only content that really matters to me these days. I do not enjoy playing it and wish I played a much more impactful class like warrior, sorceress or berserker. It's pretty rough rerolling from a 61 ranger so think about what you want to do because at some point down the line, your decisions might come back to bite you in the ass.
    Rangers farm extremely fast, but not as fast as sorcs. Rangers are extremely good at 1v1, but not as good as berserkers. Rangers don't really have much to do in anything more than like 5v5 combat. They are heavily CD reliant and hit and run, as well as being extremely fragile. I have 224 AP and it's no where near enough to be effective. You really need maximum top gear to have fun in my opinion, and for that you need to be extremely RNG carried with your enchants.
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  11. Kejara added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    Agreed.  Black hole and warrior ult doesn't dps buildings down.  What it does is kill groups of players giving them all increasing respawn timers.  When nobody is alive to defend structures you can kill the structures with whatever you want.
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  12. Kejara added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    Definitely agree on zerker.  Thought I was fast on jungle route until I partied up with a zerker from Gravity.
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  13. Kejara added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    Pretty sure the guy you are responding to is Hotboxia from Barcode.  As far as I know they have more geared rangers than any guild on the NA server.  I'm sure they know the power of 220+ AP rangers raining arrows on their enemies. However, their current ranger heavy composition doesn't seem to fair too well against other top tier guild's composition.  Sure a bunch of rangers using descending current hurts and can be game changing but a single black hole from a single well geared sorc can be decimating.  A group of sorcs using black hole is far more catastrophic than a bunch of rangers using descending current.  Same could be said for warrior ultimate.  All that said, I'm a bit out of my depth here.  I don't compete at that level so my opinion doesn't really carry a lot of weight on the matter.
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  14. Kejara added a post in a topic Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?   

    Hotboxia? I believe I read your opinion on the matter on reddit or something.  I have similar stats but am I not competing at the level you are.  I have noticed that we are a bit lackluster in larger battles and that warrior, sorceress, and berserker seem to provide a more meaningful impact to large scale PvP. 
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  15. Kejara added a topic in Ranger   

    Top Tier Rangers Changing Classes?
    I think I am noticing a common trend here lately.  It seems top tier rangers are swapping classes. I've seen several rangers attempting tet on dandelion greatswords and scythes.  I've seen many tet dandelion swords being sold. What gives?  Is it due to the current meta?  Rangers seem like a pretty good class overall but seem to lack a significant contribution in large scale PvP. Is this perhaps the reason?  It could be nothing but it does seem as though many rangers are jumping ship.  Thanks!
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