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  1. Rumiho added a post in a topic Please give us looping for autorun like in KR and RU   

    No, not at all my pc runs pretty much 24/7 and has for years with no ill effects. The only time I power it down is for restarts required by updates.
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  2. Rumiho added a post in a topic Soo... Welcome to KR v2?   

    b-but what about RU where it was free and we still have similar cash shop prices as they  do - the aggressive pay2win items?
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  3. Rumiho added a post in a topic What hair color will you have on release?   

    Going with a white-ish grey for now. Might switch it darker later.

    In cc

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  4. Rumiho added a post in a topic This is totally unacceptable. Demanding a refund   

    It's so funny how few people actually read before posting. Especially after in this topic in particular, the op already admitted to the obvious troll post but people are still reacting to it like they were serious ...
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  5. Rumiho added a post in a topic CBT2 Key Handout Thread   

    Awesome, thanks again :3. Been looking for one all night on Reddit and various sites with no luck.
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  6. Rumiho added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    They would sell so many more costumes and make so much more money than they will at the current prices if they had prices similar to LoL for skins and accessories. $30 for an outfit is absolutely ridiculous.
    LoL has insane profits and they don't charge ludicrous prices.
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  7. Rumiho added a post in a topic CBT2 Key Handout Thread   

    Would love one for a friend ty ^^
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  8. Rumiho added a post in a topic Re-do the DAMN Cinematic Voice Over!!!   

    It definitely was quite bad for English
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  9. Rumiho added a post in a topic bad buisiness call from DAUM   

    They made the pets so necessary with their terrible single item pickup loot system that if you don't want to die of boredom you need them.
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  10. Rumiho added a post in a topic Post your PC specs.   

    Yeah, they are quite nice. Excellent synergy with the HD-800's (at least from what I've heard). I still need to upgrade to the new multibit Bifrost but I'm still salty that they released it a little over a month after I bought mine so I got a bit shafted price wise ;-; (It costs me $284 to upgrade when if I'd just waited (which I would have if I knew it was being released) I'd have paid $80 more.)
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  11. Rumiho added a post in a topic Extra Beta Key? i'm giving mine to my son   

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  12. Rumiho added a post in a topic PVP Toggle Required   

    The absurd amount of flaming and meme spam to ideas people disagree with might be another reason people refrain from posting any opinions they have about the game that go against the very vocal members ideologies.
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  13. Rumiho added a post in a topic PVP Toggle Required   

    A very small percentage of people who bought the game are actually on the forums so we don't really know who's the majority. The pvp supporters are definitely very vocal about their opinions so that may be why they appear to be the majority (regardless of if they really are or not)
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  14. Rumiho added a post in a topic PVP Toggle Required   

    The only reason pvp would become scarce is if the majority of the in-game population preferred pve or just not getting ganked constantly. If there are as many people who love pvp as the pvp supporters say there is there shouldn't be an issue.
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  15. Rumiho added a post in a topic CBT2 KEY GIVEAWAY *for anime fans. (KEY WAS SENT)   

    I mean I guess if they actually played it off better and if the manga was like that I wouldn't mind as much. I have nothing against anime with sad or violent endings when done well.
    In the anime they just kinda took an easy way out to ending the series with one season by flashily killing off everyone.
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