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  1. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Maehwa   

    We are looking into this guys, we will let you know as soon as we have some news about it.
    Thanks for the patience.
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  2. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th   

    Freedom of expression. This is the reason dear Ghigi, otherwise, it would be unfair to them.

    Anyway thanks for your consideration about the content, it's really appreciated. 
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  3. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Nouveaux CM   

    Hello to everyone!

    We are sorry to keep you waiting, we are almost done with the hiring process.
    Don't worry, he will come soon as you all deserve it.

    Thank you for the welcome!
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  4. CM_Yukimura added a topic in Nouveautés & Annonces   

    [Maintenance] Maintenance Régulière 25 janvier
    Salutations aventuriers,

    Nous allons procéder à une maintenance dans les conditions suivantes.
    Date: Mercredi, 25.01.2017 
    Durée: 6hMise hors ligne du serveur:Mise en ligne du serveur:Global09:00 UTC15:00 UTCCôte Ouest (NA)01:00 PST07:00 PSTCôte Est (NA)04:00 EST10:00 ESTCentrale (EU)10:00 CET16:00 CET
    Raison : 
    Extension de MargoriaÉvènements de lancement de MargoriaSoldes du magasin de perle. Économisez jusqu'à 30% sur les objets sélectionnés.Note : 
    Les notes de patch incluant les améliorations et nouvelles fonctionnalités seront postées dans notre Forum à la suite de la maintenance.
     Suivez-nous sur Twitter/Facebook pour vous tenir au courant des dernières actus.
    Merci pour votre support et votre compréhension.
    À bientôt, 
    L'équipe BDO
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  5. CM_Yukimura added a topic in News & Announcements   

    [Maintenance] Maintenance January 25th
    Dear Players,

    We will perform our weekly maintenance as follows:
    Date: Wednesday, 25.01.2017 
    Duration: 6hServer Down:Server Up:Global09:00 UTC15:00 UTCWest Coast (NA)01:00 PST07:00 PSTEast Coast (NA)04:00 EST10:00 ESTCentral (EU)10:00 CET16:00 CET
    Margoria ExpansionMargoria Launch EventsPearl Shop Sale. Save up to 30% on selected items.Note:
    Patch Notes including improvements and new features can be found on our forum after the maintenance.
    Follow us on Twitter/Facebook to stay up2date.
    Thank you for your support and understanding.

    Best regards,
    BDO Team
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  6. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Well Eric,

    I appreciated your comment, and I have to say I agree with you about the "gamers" opinion. I never said if you don't know FF then you are not a gamer though ^^. 
    As long as you understand all the mechanics behind a game, then you might be considered a master (on that game), this doesn't necessarily mean that you know everything about RPGs right?
    That being said, here is BDO what counts. So I admit that I'm not as expert as you are indeed on BDO yet, but I can say having mastered thousands of games (like you said highest gear etc..), I can use that experience to quickly understand new ones, that is all I really meant. So I'm playing this game every day in order to be able to understand every advanced aspect asap, and don't look like a noob when I'll jump in all your discussion; this is something I would never forgive myself. 

    Be patient with me and I promise you will talk soon with a pro-BDO gamer ^^.

    PS: Is it possible to edit a RNG in your opinion?

    Ok then:

    1. Check. I need to have hard times actually, looking forward to reach OVER 9000!
    2. Check. So...... what do you mean exactly? Please explain in more details your thoughts. (see? ^^)
    3. Check. What?!! Dark Knight is already awakened?!
    4. Check. Just had it bro!
    Before you get pissed off, I'm joking of course! 

    Seriously, thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it.
    Actually I need more people like this, positive and willing to help each others. I'm so happy to see that there is still good energy in the forum, we all need to use it properly and remember that the purpose of all this is to HAVE FUN! 

    Thank you again Mishee
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  7. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic PVP/No Karma Channel   

    Hi Tinaral,
    It seems an interesting idea, we are not sure about the feasibility but we will discuss this idea internally with the team.
    Thanks for your suggestions we appreciate it.
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  8. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Party System need some Revamp   

    Thanks for the re-direction Chromas.

    Hello Ken,

    We take note of your feedback and will consider its feasibility with the developers.

    Thank you!
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  9. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Thank you very much for the tips!

    I'll pass most of my time in the forum, but according to what you are suggesting (and a little bit of wisdom), I'm not going to answer any comment unless I'm sure of the answer.
    This is to avoid to spreading any promise we cannot keep as it happened in the past, so please be aware that we never ignore anyone.
    My passion will never disappear, I play games since 24 years now and I am more than convinced that I want to do this 4ever, especially working in the gaming industry!

    Thank you again for your sincere words, I'll be positive anyway, and I feel all your concerns especially staying behind the scenes, everything gets even darker.. Still we will try our best, but do not think that reporting is enough to change stuff in the game. Developers need time to evaluate every move as we send them material every week and they are always working to fix new bugs and more ^^.
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  10. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    YEEEEEAAAAH!!!! Crazy like this?! 

    I'm glad to see there is positivity every now and then here, you know it's hard to build on a harsh ground... 

    You know my motto is: Be a Gamer for Gamers!
    Which means that my second mission (in my life) is to kick out all the fake non-gamers from every game company I meet on my road!
    I mean, I still remember when I asked info about Shiva EX to FFXIV cs and they answered to me something like "As the event name suggests, the boss is not available anymore.." and then I just collapsed on the ground...

    Thanks for the warm welcome and hope see you around!
    Ok let's be clear, I don't want to be Japanese, but I love Sengoku era indeed! I played all DW and Samurai Warriors chapters and went to Osaka Castle to see what was true behind the games (just showing how crazy I am).

    I would never close you anywhere, but since you quoted me and I still have to understand the relation between my mex and your, you could train me about the Warn System.. Eheheheheh of course I'm joking! Don't troll a potential weeb.

    Mr Yuki
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  11. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   


    When NW got changed, 2 hrs was a better choice according to the data gathered by the devs at that time (guilds, players, etc). Nevertheless, when the servers were merged, this change had a different impact then what we expected. Despite this, we care about your feedback and, thanks to your concerns, the NW duration is now under review.
    Once devs have all the new data at their disposal, we will let you know how and when this will be adjusted.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this might have caused as we want you to enjoy this experience to the fullest!

    Thank you so much for your patience.
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  12. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Exactly, we are going to avoid situations like that ^^
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  13. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    I understand what you mean, and thank you to share your concerns.

    We just want to make sure you know this guys: we constantly report to devs, but you may have to consider that unfortunately, most of the times devs can't do what we suggest right away for too many reasons. We try not to promise anything until we are 200% sure it will happen, in order to manage expectations and disappointment. Because we are always on your side and we know what players wish because we are players too. That is why we ask for some understanding, patience and support from your side, as we try our best to make everything smoothier and functional.
    That being said, we moved here to improve the communications and that is a promise, but we can't always promise that "What you say, we report it, they do it, you have it". There is an ocean between each step, but we can keep pushing our limits thanks to your support.

    Thank you again, your opinion is really important to us.
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  14. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Ciao carissimo!
    Tranquillo non fai figure nessuno è perfetto! purtroppo qui parleremo sempre in inglese ma non devi preoccuparti..
    Beh potrei essere una delle tue conoscenze chissà.. Ti ringrazio davvero per il supporto, ho lasciato il nostro amato paese esclusivamente per inseguire il mio sogno, ed è successo tipo il giorno dopo averlo fatto! Questo per dirti insegui sempre cio che ami. o ti perseguiterà a vita!

    PS:Ho cercato di aggiungerti ma ho solo trovato con successo "Shinigami" come nome esistente ingame.

    A presto!
    Ci voleva eh?! Tranquillo i migliori italiani sono sparsi per il mondo per un motivo: conquistare e onorare i nostri antenati!
    They bring the most powerful and glorious Vikings in the Valhalla, to drink together with Odin!
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  15. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Hello goat and thank you so much!

    What I'm going to say now is just my personal opinion about this topic.
    I'll answer with another question: what do you mean exactly with "win" on p2w? What do you win exactly? Is it more about being the 1st one or experiencing something unique?
    I've never played an action-MMO with so many activities like this one, especially considering the price and the amount of time I played without even realizing there was a shop with real cash in-game. (please remember it is just my opinion coming from my personal experience with BDO).
    I understand that "in the Western world" competition and PvP come first but here is the point - if you want to compete you look for something that other players might not have. This brings the most competitive players to buy new features and pushing others to follow them as a consequence. So here is my second question: who is pushing more the p2w way? 
    Of course that is what devs hope but think about that - if you spend 60 euro for a game beforehand and there are no additional in-game purchases then you will probably assume that the game will end up soon (even if you loved it).
    To wrap up: what I think when I play a (rare) MMO like this and I decide to spend money, it is never because something/someone is pushing me, yet because I want to have an active role and support the game itself and everyone behind it for the wonderful job they have made so far. In the meantime you can show your commitments and resources spent in the game and create a healthy competition environment.
    For those who are asking, here is my "masterpiece"! Joking of course,
    just tried my best while using the editor for the first time, I hope you'll like it.

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  16. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Well.. I'm here to help and especially to be helped to help you (not totally sure about what I've just said..)

    @Jeynar -  I would actually say that I can ride a horse as well now! So it only goes upwards indeed!
    @TeRRoRibleOne -What if it's going to be better? If not, I owe you a dinner (ramen of course) ^^
    @Tekeii - With this answer, I just got a bonus on my next salary! I promise you will see me tomorrow as well 
    @Ama - I prefer Lycans, but I feel you..

    Ok now seriously,
    Guys I want to make sure that you know I'm here to be here, this means I won't leave you. If you have patience I promise I'll do my best to be helpful and knowledgeable in order to improve our sense of "togetherness". So I hope we can have good times altogether, and thanks to all of you, we will try to change things within our possibilities.

    Ma si perchè no? Birra per tutti ci sta! 
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  17. CM_Yukimura added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    And so it begins. I've been thinking about what to write in this first message. You know - sleepless nights, bags under my eyes, etc etc. But I think I finally made up my mind and I will just type what my brain is suggesting right now. 

    My name is CM_Yukimura, one of the latest additions to the Kakao Games' team. I'll be working as a Community Manager and I am so looking forward to starting this amazing journey with the Black Desert Online tribe. I mean, what an awesome game! Guess I don't need to tell you that?

    Four things to know about me:
    1. Born and raised in Italy, I moved to Amsterdam 2 years ago to chase my dream of working in the gaming industry. Apparently it worked out!
    2. I'm a massive RPG fan, quite obsessed with Final Fantasy
    3. I LOVE epic metal, ramen (actually craving one right now) and everything related to the Sengoku period
    4. To create my first character on BDO I got inspired by Khal Drogo's look and it took me 4 hours to make him look alike just because, with all the features that the editor has, I couldn't stop refining him. Highly addictive..
    What about you? Any anecdotes that I need to know?
    Ok. Back to fishing now.. Cheers!
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