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  1. MadMel added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    ive played for 4 months now, and it truly doesnt bother me that its a weekly occurence, this is still so mcuh better then the 3 previous titles i played. id rather they patch and patch it again, then patch once every 3-6 months and then no fixes inbetween. my god. in AOC i went almost 2 years on hype "we promise this or that or jsut you wait youll see how awesome it will be" 

    at least here they do tons of lil fixes that actually help. and i welcome that. and id rather have them doing 2 hour emergencies then leave it for an additional week hey?. 

    its when they stop doign anything that i get pissed. 
    ive played for 4 months now, and it truly doesnt bother me that its a weekly occurence, this is still so mcuh better then the 3 previous titles i played. id rather they patch and patch it again, then patch once every 3-6 months and then no fixes inbetween. my god. in AOC i went almost 2 years on hype "we promise this or that or jsut you wait youll see how awesome it will be" 

    at least here they do tons of lil fixes that actually help. and i welcome that. and id rather have them doing 2 hour emergencies then leave it for an additional week hey?. 

    its when they stop doign anything that i get pissed. 
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  2. MadMel added a post in a topic Weapon repair balance discussion and polls   

    Just between my warrior and ninja, with similar primary awkaened blue, both at 35 durabiltiy (im a poor bastard) my ninja, has to repair almost twice as often, personally i think its rediculous. its roughly every 20 minutes, for me. the warrior gets about 40-45 minutes at my current clear speed.
    i can definatly see myself spending the money on brand once i get to tri or higher. as well as a costume for an extra 10 % reduction
    Just between my warrior and ninja, with similar primary awkaened blue, both at 35 durabiltiy (im a poor bastard) my ninja, has to repair almost twice as often, personally i think its rediculous. its roughly every 20 minutes, for me. the warrior gets about 40-45 minutes at my current clear speed.
    i can definatly see myself spending the money on brand once i get to tri or higher. as well as a costume for an extra 10 % reduction
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  3. MadMel added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    this is kinda unfair - literally a race for a title?. lots of people will be left out. without a chance to compete. rethink this series for next time. you end up pissing ppl off and leaving the game with these kind of limitations. 
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  4. MadMel added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    Oh my there are a lot of whiners in here!. sure there are things that are worth complaining about. IE high prices on cashshop, and lag/discconects and the aweful reliance on rng. but patch times is really not one of them. BOO HOO you cant play for a few hours in EU, go get a job or do something else. its 1 outta 7 days. get a life. At least they are patching the game, and my god they bring a lot of patches, fixes, updates. the amount of updates over the last 5 months is wonderful. ive played games that are just dead. empty promises on new content, right out lies. 5 months with this game, and im still having fun, and i can see that they are going to actual effort to make things better. they do good work. Not everything is they way i would design a game.you want new stuff and fixes. your gonna have to allow them time to patch it. and test it. or maybe you think you could do it better for a game with this amount of content and detail? if so go ahead. become a freaking millionaire and show us how to do it. 

    Besides we arent gonna get everythying we want by crying about it. and i hope to god they dont dumb this game down like many other games ive played.

    thanks for the updates guys, and the work, a few misses or mistakes when you bring out THIS amount of fixes is perfectly acceptablet to me. especially since there is no " monthly fee" not saying there arent things to fix. but with the amount of stuff coming in some of these updates. im just gonna give you a pat on the back and be patient!. keep it up!
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  5. MadMel added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 12th   

    so the striker looks bloddy awesome, id love it to come soon, BUUUUT whats its awakening, seems a shame to waste its awesome hand to ahnd with some potential ranged or two hander or anything really
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  6. MadMel added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    makes sense to put patch notes in after acutally. 
    in case some feature or thing did not make it in properly. and had to be removed. far bettter to have "revised patch notes" than to have ones that show stuff that didnt happen.
    this means they would have to check in with the testers and patchers. and make patch notes after. its not rocket science. or do you guys expect every patch to be absolutly flawless without testing? without feedback etc? hmm?
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  7. MadMel added a post in a topic Valkyrie The Innocent Godness   

    geez some toxic feedback here. 

    personally i like designs that are further away from the base standard.
    they eyes i liked. she looked innocent and sweet. the nose was a lil small for my taste but overall its a pretty face.

    looks very young, if thats what you were going for. well done. 
    overall i think its a very nice build. i would have liked it more if it was even more unique somehow. but i coudlnt tell you how
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  8. MadMel added a post in a topic Patch time   

    a few points. 

    1. Weekly maintenence is a good thing!, ive literally played games where the fix. is a restart of the servers.. thats all. on a weekly basis. and the restart alone takes two hours!. 

    2. for 3 months now, every week, has seen additions, events, downloads for data, and smaller fixes. they cant fix everything at once, again ive played games that have gone over a year without a single fix. consider your spoiled selves bloddy lucky. even if you dont agree with what they are fixing.
    3. they do the patch mid week, during WORK hours. this means they are acutally doing their job!,
       benefits of this :
          - they have staff to handle any stupid issues.
          - they can repatch the next day to minimize downtime/issues.
          - they take extra time to make sure end of day things are working as good as they can.
       again ive played games where it has gone up to a week for a fix to come along. so far the patching process, the results, and the work is way ahead of the last 2 mmos i played.
       also remember that we here in EU are dealing with the publisher. not the actual devs. I think the publishers are doing pretty well. even if there are many things i would have          changed had i been in a position to do so. Im still greatful for all the real effort they do put in. 

    looking forwards to patch notes!!! and to play again! 
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  9. MadMel added a post in a topic Was expecting sales today but seems that Kashkao is definitely going full greed mode   

    the ingame items are great, very nice, but i do agree a sale would be amazing, id easily drop more euros if the there was a propper sale. i just cant jsutify spending 30 euro on a single item set of one chracter, i do feel that is super greedy, 

    but i have to say, its still better than AOC from funcom, last years anniversary... nothing, no items, not even the usual yearly event, there was just.. nothing. they said we celebrate 8 years, and there was like one box with a random item. that was it. needless to say after that many people just gave up on the game. 
    we gamers are a greedy bunch in general, and we will flock to where we get the most for our money, its that simple. given two games of the same quality. you will opt for the one with more stuff. or the one that costs less. 
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  10. MadMel added a post in a topic Nexon or Kakao   

    both are still better than funcom, funcom literally promised revamps for 3 years before finally saying that its been dropped in a random dev post on the forums. thats just one of the things they did. kakao is leapyears ahead, just saying, it could be worse. but they arent really heading the right way with these events. 
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  11. MadMel added a post in a topic Best Event Ever   

    This is one of the crappiest events i have expereince in an MMO, its akin to what i have expereinced as end of beta random fun. 

    some feedback. 
    1) plan ahead for HIGH and i mean HIGH logins, the appaling errors with the first boss spawn is atrocious. the way it makes the company look is just horrendous, you want a good feedback, just plan ahead a lilttle. it was nice to fight the boss without penalties, but it is amongst the cheapest of things you could possibly do. it felt like it was literally planned the day before. and the execution showed nothing but laziness. yes I am harsh but here it is deserved. if your gonna market an event like this put some god damn effort in guys. 

    2) the randomness of rng and the rewards were horrendous, some ppl got rewards worth less then even the first five minutes of the game, thats not a reward, thats a joke, while other people rarely get something tahts worth 10 eu, or at least a million gold. you have a value difference of over 1000% or more. thats not a celebreation. thats a slap in the face to people who arent lucky, and it will instead of encourage players to play, it will make a lot of players loose interest. generesity at anniversaries is a big deal. 
    3) the lack of actual sales for an anniversary event is to say the least suprising, and bdo devs, and game in general is beign further and further painted into a corner smelling of a lot of greed. yes you have a gorgeous game, with unique wonderful mechanics, but like many other MMOS ive played, the very very apparant money grab, is starting to turn me sour, and it will lead to less sales overall. I cannot understand companies who overcharge. it doesnt make sense for a product that can be infinatly privided. you are far above a truly successful price point for microtransactions. it will work, for a while. but in the long run you will loose customers for it unless you can really keep bringing the new content and cosmetics. 

    next year be more prepared, and be more generous. MAKE EVERYONE who takes part of your events feel on equal footing and that its worhtwhile. drop the stupid rng at least during the celebrations, it wont hurt you at all. and for goodness sakes its the perfect time to really really sell big. make the sales higher, like 35% or more, and watch the sales go up, you may end up making more money with higher levels of sales at cheaper prices than you will by making your content exclusive to those who have more money. this is really not rocket science guys. there is no reason for this over priceness even on an economical level. 

    anyways good luck, thankyou for the daily rewards, they are great, thankyou for trying to get boss spawns working and trying to do something, that is appreciated. I did expect a little more than gm spawning in bosses though. thankyou more so for the great amount of patches and stuff coming our way, that is wonderful to see, I think thats a good level of support there. 
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  12. MadMel added a post in a topic We need some kind of change when it comes to pets(auto loot)   

    ... rofl. "your range sucks dont blame the game?" the range was programmed in, the rng is a VERY VERY VERY big part of this game, hes perfectly right to blame the "game" for that. I aboslutly HATE lotto things in game, it seperates one players efforts from another. one player can spend up to 10x more time and money, to get same results as another player who got lucky, we arent talking "ah hey you got unlukcy and had to grind an extra hour" we are talking rng at the level of absurd in this game. I dont get people who defend rng, It always causes more people to leave games than keep them in the long run. 
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  13. MadMel added a post in a topic Dark Knights Male version   

    Male variant would be wonderful, me and my wife would love to play two dark elf knights together. stop the gender locking, it does hurt sales, over christmas 3 friends said now specifically because of gender locking, another 2 tried it and said no because of lack of customisation, one friend joined, but dropped off a week after due to grind. in my circle of gamers i am now the only one still playing. and its very hard to help drive sales for a game that wont give players a very basic level of freedom of choice for immersion. 
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  14. MadMel added a post in a topic An Improvement in the Trade System   

    Your idea sounds fun in theory, but i do not think it will work, because of the way pvp works, and the disparity between gear between players, this would make everyone easy pickings for high level long term players, which in turn woudl eventuyally drop off the casual playerbase. this has been proven the way things go in several other online games. 

    the tradeing system does need to change though. having everyone just try to click fest the broker for certain items, is really annoying. 

    there needs to be a way even if limited to X items a day, to trade with your friends, to help eachother achieve. 
    Maybe implement a in guild trade system, and have cooldown on changing guilds after a trade set to 1 month or something silly like that.

    or allow a certain number of trades per family per week. just as  you do online with certain amount of costume buys. 

    Being able to choose WHO you trade with is a standed thing for many players. 

    we need to be able to specifically help our friends, so that we can enjoy our time with them in the game. 
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  15. MadMel added a post in a topic gender locked classes   

    The Gender locking is silly, i see no reason for this mechanic in a western release at least. in fact it has been a hindrance in getting both male and female friends involved in this game, they loved the graphics, but the lack of freedom in customisation in general, has put them off a sale. 

    When you compete with other games where visual character customisation is a big deal, BDO falls way behind, gw2 is great here, even if their graphics are outdated, it allows a sense of immersion through customisation that is very good and addictive, as well as the prices for items being slightly more in line than bdo's over the top costs. 30 euros for a full armor set, makes people gag. with the world looking the way it is now, people arent going to spend 2 to 3 movies tickets on a single costume for their character, espeically when people like to change costumes and armors all the time. 

    in general bdo has a very low in game customisation that goes from its genderlocked character design, all the way through to its ín game item visualisation choice, and its dye selection. something needs to change to make this game competative in a visual character customisation. overall its an ok design, but not thought through to maximise spending from free to play and paying customers. 
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