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  1. MeDad added a post in a topic Enchanting failure rates   

    I stuck with one stack and got the liverto staff to flip from 14 to 15 at +32 stacks. Now...what will it take to go to PRI and then DUO?
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  2. MeDad added a post in a topic Enchanting failure rates   

    I now have a +30; +26 and a +25 set of fail stacks trying to get the Liverto Staff from 14 to 15. I'm using a blue item of lower value to get a stack of ~+20 then switch to the Staff and then continue. Those 3 FS's are the result and it's still 14. I don't remember it being this way until the last month or so. Besides, this staff is getting expensive at buying liverto's and using artisan stones....
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  3. MeDad added a topic in General   

    Enchanting failure rates
    Feels like, for a while now, the failure rates enchanting items has gotten worse. I've been trying to get a +14 Liverto Staff from 14 to 15. I ran up a +30 fail stack and stopped. I started another fail stack and got to +26 and stopped. The amount of money I've spent is incredible. Feels like either certain items or enchanting in general has gotten harder with much higher fail rates.
    • 25 replies
  4. MeDad added a topic in General   

    Veila Fishing Hotspot?
    Appears the hotspot in Veila is no longer there? Anyone have info?
    • 4 replies
  5. MeDad added a post in a topic Lvl 49 Musa rotations?   

    Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.
    I tend to use Quickslot keys routinely. Following your advice what would I put on which key in what order?
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  6. MeDad added a topic in Musa   

    Lvl 49 Musa rotations?
    Got a Musa to 49 in less than 2 days. going to keep it at 49 to farm and not get ganked. will switch from grunil to rocoba and get the weapons up over time.
    For rotations to farm can I get suggestions? I have 291 pts to use atm.
    • 5 replies
  7. MeDad added a topic in Berserker   

    Awakened rotation?
    Hit 56 and now have my blaster. Looking for a guide or guidance on what skills/rotations to use post awakened. Seems like the guides are old and outdated.
    So no suggestions? No guides?
    • 1 reply
  8. MeDad added a post in a topic 53 Wiz   

    Thanks for that. I tend to use the Qucikbar a lot. Can you tell me what you would use in what order #1....#2...etc.?
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  9. MeDad added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    53 Wiz
    Ok...I've played with several different builds on the Wiz but still looking for suggestions on rotation for Media. Helms; Manes; Rogues and the like. AOE focus that cleans the deck. Here's my gear atm:
    Grunil +15 helm
    Grunil +14 chest
    Grunil +15 shoes
    Grunil +15 gloves
    Liverto Staff +13
    Steel dagger +7
    2xMesto Ear
    2x Outlaw Ring
    Ancient Belt and Neck
    Ap 108 Dp 179
    Wiz costume for pluses
    555 points available at 53
    Looking for input on best mix of abilities and rotation
    • 6 replies
  10. MeDad added a topic in Berserker   

    Lvl 50
    Ok...I hit 50 so it's time to get serious. Can someone suggest what abilities/skill at 50 and walk me through what to get up to awakening? Armor, weapon, accessories, etc.?
    So far just winging it I've gone through mobs rapidly but want to make sure I'ms doing the best I can.
    Appreciate all suggestions
    • 1 reply
  11. MeDad added a topic in Warrior   

    Hit 56 and finishing Awakening - Appreciate input
    I slogged through to get to 56 last night. I'm looking for guidance on everything: What to respec to for pre-56 and Awakened. Suggestions on rotations (mostly PVE). Using a Pri Grunil set now with red coral rings; witches earrings; Ancient Core Belt/Neck and a Krea LS/Shield Pri. 
    Are there any current good guides?
    • 4 replies
  12. MeDad added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Accessories at lvl 50?
    • 3 replies
  13. MeDad added a post in a topic Detailed 0 to 200 AP Gearing Guide   

    How can I get this large enough to read it?
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  14. MeDad added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Young Wizard
    I have a lvl 18 Wizard that's been sitting around. Suggestions on armor, weapon(s), skill's and rotation? Any guides are appreciated.
    • 1 reply
  15. MeDad added a post in a topic Lvl 52 and need help   

    I see that there is a skill set I can choose after lvl 50?
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