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  1. Shiyo added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    It's always, always, ALWAYS better for people to quit happy that they "ran out stuff to do" than quit in frustration.
    You will come back remembering happiness, you will never return remembering frustration.
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  2. Shiyo added a post in a topic Disable pearl gifting   

    It's a problem because there's thousands and thousands of people wanting pearl items and they can't afford them, thus this is the only way they can obtain them. On top of that, silver has no use after a certain point because it can't really buy anything useful to someone very far into the games gear progression.
    Silver becomes pointless, cash shop items are more in demand as there are MANY MANY super convenient to the point of "must have" features and most of them require cash only.
    There is nearly no supply, and huge demand. Probably 1/10000th ratio of supply vs demand.
    Fix the supply - remove all pearl - > marketplace restrictions and perhaps up the amount of money required to buy pearl items for silver by 100%. Also add the ability to sell pearl boxes on the marketplace.
    What does this solution do? Silver now has a use, you can buy every pearl item, and there's LOTS of pearl items to buy. You'll constantly want to be spending silver on those pearl items and silver will be useful and in high demand again..
    What else does this do? It ensures the supply of pearl items can stay relaively equal to the demand, instead of being only able to supply 1% of the demand.
    This will in turn, make the game have an actual, good economy for everyone involved and remove nearly ALL pay to win.
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  3. Shiyo added a post in a topic Live events, lets get real   

    Here's a great example of a post that probably doesn't violate any rules, but it's VERY blatant shitposting and contributes NOTHING to the discussion.
    Posts like this should be moderated, even though they break no rules, they are pointless and is just an example of the type of posts that can "bypass rules" but still be garbage posts.
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  4. Shiyo added a post in a topic You KNOW the marketplace is screwed when...   

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  5. Shiyo added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    Not everyone has that much disposable income, or is smart enough to realize $30 isn't a good investment for a single costume on a single character in a single video game.
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  6. Shiyo added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    Anything that allows you to get more cash shop "mandatory" or cash shop items in general without paying IRL money and simply by playing the game is good for me.
    I like it. The publisher should too, they'd make more money
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  7. Shiyo added a post in a topic We need a "Re-roll Ticket" in the pearlshop.   

    Can't really have balance in a game where someone can outgear you so much their character can literally 1 shot you.
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  8. Shiyo added a post in a topic We need a "Re-roll Ticket" in the pearlshop.   

    Anything that encourages and caters to FOTM rerolling is bad.
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  9. Shiyo added a post in a topic If you want to stop gifting on items, prices need to be raised significnatly on market place   

    The best solution would be to open player trading and allow gifting pearl items for silver CoD with no restrictions.
    If you're so scared crapless of gold sellers/RMT that you intentionally sabotage your own game, idk what to say.
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  10. Shiyo added a post in a topic This forum needs better/actual moderators   

    Nice stalking. By the way, when I said "delete post" I was talking about >>MY<< post. I made a pointless post by accident and I don't know if you can delete your own posts or how to, so I edited it so a mod would delete it or something. Also, opinions are allowed and never against any forum rule on any forum. Is english your first language? If not, you are being extremely rude, stalking me, and personally attacking me. There is literally NOTHING wrong in any of those quoted posts, I am simply stating my own opinion on things. So either english isn't your first language or you are intentionally trolling and should be punished.
    @Ayl  is stalking of this magnitude and personal attacks + ad hominem allowed? This is pretty rude and just trying to personally attack me, so..
    No, I should not have to do that. The forums should be moderated so that people are allowed to have opinions without being flamed and personally attacked.
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  11. Shiyo added a post in a topic Auction House takes the Fun...   

    i agree with the OP 100%. The only time I've had zero fun in this game is whenever I try to buy something off the marketplace. Sitting there waiting 5-15 for the item to show up, spamming bid. You'll probably lose the item, then have to repeat this mind-numbing process over and over again until you finally win or lose the urge to even want to play the game anymore.
    The entire system is NOT fun, video games should be FUN.
    The problem? Too low supply, too much demand on nearly EVERY damn item.
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  12. Shiyo added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

    Don't bother posting anything on a games reddit, they're completely illogical 100% of the time.
    Actually, don't ever bother posting on reddit. It's garbage.
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  13. Shiyo added a post in a topic The bidding system needs a failstack mechanic   

    If they are not going to fix this games HUGE GLARING supply/demand issues on literally every item in the entire game they need to add a failstack system so if I fail at winning an item 100 times, I'll eventually have a high enough chance to get it.
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  14. Shiyo added a post in a topic Crafted Economy still poop   

    I don't think you're actually supposed to "trade"(sell) things between players for profit like ever. This games economy seems to be set up in a solo based way where other players are basically "npcs" that can sell you goods for "reasonable prices" on the marketplace but are rarely up because they aren't worth being sold.
    I dunno, from what I've seen like nothing is worth making or farming to sell via crafting/gathering and you should just make and farm your own stuff so you can make your own boats and wagons etc. Thus nothing is ever up on the marketplace to be bought so there's no actual economy of craft/gathering goods.  The only things worth selling and buying are combat equipment which actually exist on the marketplace.
    It's intended design, I think.
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  15. Shiyo added a post in a topic This forum needs better/actual moderators   

    Well, Ayl is a volunteer moderator and seems to be doing a great job.
    So that is a start. thank you Ayl!
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