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  1. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Wow, people really have real gripes with the game (as if I didn't know).  Read through the comments.  Why don't the issues such as FPS drops, server hangs, and Valk shield not get fixed?  I mean, the game has been released in the US for over a year.  With the amount of money people spend on this game, I'd think the game would run flawlessly.  But I guess since people throw Daum / Pearl Abyss / Kakao tons of money every month for costumes, value packs, quality of life items, etc., that, from a business perspective, "why fix it if it's not broken (broken being that the company is still making tons of money)?"
    BDO is going to lose some dedicated players, that's for sure, especially with awesome games like Ashes of Creation right around the corner.
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  2. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    How's this one?  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MQU72O9/ref=psdc_1292116011_t3_B01BCEYJPY
    Says 3000/2400 read/write speed.  Also, Thanks x400 Billion Gold Bars!!!  Did not realize how much of an impact an SSD would have on game performance- I just figured an SSD would make load times shorter between deaths in node wars, changing channels, etc.! (I die a lot...lol)
    Sweet!  Yeah, was dabbling about which mobo to get, but decided on the Auros because it has spectacular sound (supposedly, haven't heard it myself).  I have a decent speaker set-up hooked up to my PC and TV, and I plan on getting a beastly headset, so the Creative Sound Blaster was the selling point for me on this one, as I tend to blast my speakers when watching movies, playing games, and listening to music.  Super immersive when playing (feeling the bass when fighting really ups the intensity) and makes cleaning up after my daughter seem a lot faster with some good tunes
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  3. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    Probably going with this setup: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2PVxCy.  1080ti isn't very relevant to me since I will be gaming in 1440p for now.  Hybrid 1080 is very appealing to me for some reason...must be the great built-in cooling solution with the awesome exhaust fan and water block should be good for another 5 years or more, so Hybrid 1080 most likely.  Unless the prices of 1080ti's and 4k 100+hz monitors drop that significantly, I will be gaming in 1440p.
    Will BDO utilize 32gb of RAM at all?  I'm under the old school impression that 16gb of RAM is plenty.  If 16gb RAM is no different than 32gb of RAM, performance-wise, then I could opt to get 16, since it will suit my gaming, and recreational editing, needs.  Could always add more RAM later too, so if 32gb isn't utilized in-game, then doesn't really make sense to buy that much ram.  In my parts list, I added 3200mhz RAM, so speed-wise, it should be plenty (could go for 3000, or maybe 2600, but the prices are so close, might as well get the 3200mhz.  I can downclock the RAM if absolutely needed).  I left out the case, PSU, fans and HDD as I will be moving those over from my current build ($100 Cooler Master Full tower, 800w PSU).
    Oh, and I'm going with the Auros MoBo, strictly for its awesome built-in sound chip.  I don't care about RGB that much, so the lightshow is just a pretty bonus, which is why I'm saving a few bucks and opting out of the RGB Trident RAM sticks.  Too much light show gives me a headache lol.  Does anyone have any info regarding this particular motherboard, like how well it OC's?  Any and all would be highly appreciated.  Thank you awesome people.
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  4. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    Awesome thanks for the advice!!!  Kind of leaning towards the i7-7700k since $100 more doesn't seem like such a bad deal.  I mean, I do have a job lol
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  5. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    Totally understand, this issue was the one I've thought of a lot.  So being that there's no big difference, in terms of running BDO, would you say that an i7 would be better in the long run?  For future games and software applications?  i5 doesn't have hyperthreading, and if the overall benefits of an i7 are considerable, for, like, video editing, music production, graphic design, and games, then I'd go for that.  Price difference is only $100, and if that $100 could mean a few more years of relevancy, then it could be worth it.  Do you think it's worth it?  I do editing (video, graphics, and music) for fun.  As of right now, my OC'd FX-6300 runs those programs fine.
    Do you think a GTX 1080 will benefit me in other games at 1440p resolution?
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  6. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)   

    I'd like all your comments if I could, I got stopped at 10 likes (the more you know!).  Anyway, yeah I do plan on getting an SSD, then move my games over to it and use my HDD for media storage.  Thanks for all your comments, this helps a LOT
    1080ti founders edition doesn't really appeal to me for some reason.  I'm going with the GTX 1080 with the built in water cooler just because I think it's cool + the cooler will help when I oc it, if I even have to https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M4FMZYI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_10?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER 
    Price is no issue, but my arm and leg are LOL thanks for your reply.  I am going to overclock the i7-7700k
    But the water cooler though https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M4FMZYI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_10?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
    will oc
    I've been doing a lot of that over the past few months...really want this new rig to truly be a masterpiece.  SSD will primarily only be relied on for faster loading times
    Those seem to be acceptable frames on maximum settings, minus high end.  40 at Heidel storage?  That, to me, sounds unreal, since currently, I get 10-15 fps, on low medium textures there.  Also not fun when being engaged during node wars and the Valk charging me suddenly freezes the whole screen for about 2 seconds, and when the frames start going again, I'm dead-- absolutely nothing I can do.  And this happens a lot, which is why I've been avoiding one of the best (to me) parts of BDO.
    Only reason I'd go for best of the best is because I've always bought hardware with the "price-performance" mindset, and then being continuously being let down because of having to turn down graphics settings.  Gaming is my favorite pastime, besides my family and basketball.  I'm done skimping out and selling myself short of a truly immersive, engrossing, and surreal experience.  One lesson I learned while building my own rigs---- go big or go home--- unless it's a rig for someone else.
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  7. PeaceInChaos added a topic in General   

    Need expert opinion on hardware choices for this game (CPU, GPU)
    Sorry to arise a topic from the dead with this one x_x, but I'm currently in the market to (finally) upgrade my rig.  One thing though, can't decide what to get based on these questions; which I hope any of you hardware + BDO experts can provide.
    What is the best performance CPU to get for BDO?  I plan to snag a 1440p 120+hz monitor, and I do plan to overclock the CPU.  i5-6700k or i7-7700k?  Ryzen is not in the picture, since Intel will most likely beat it in gaming, performance wise.  Price is not an issue, I've saved a lot for this rig.  Tired of settling for "price-performace" parts and not seeing results I want.  I understand the game is highly CPU bound, but will getting an i7 really edge out and overclocked i5 with water cooling in this game that much?  I do video editing for fun, so it's no issue between i5 and i7 in that regard.  Just for running the game, but if the performance increase isn't that much between the two, I think I'll go for i5.
    GTX 1070 or GTX 1080?  I am not going SLI Titan X's, haha...that's a bit much and it'll eat a lot of electricity, so single GPU it will be.  Between the two, is there much difference at 1440p?  Higher resolutions tend to require a stronger CPU, so GPU-wise, will a 1070 allow me to run the game smoothly (60+ fps open world, 40-50 in cities, 30-40 in GvG) at maximum, or near maximum settings?  Sorry to ask this, I'm sure many have.  Can't find a up to date opinion about this on Google, so figure I ask people that play this game today.  Thanks for your input.
    P.S.- Yes, I do play other games.  BDO is probably the most intensive, though, besides BF1
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  8. PeaceInChaos added a topic in Guides   

    Is there a better potion to craft besides H.C.G.J.?
    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a better "HP potion" to craft, aside from Highly Concentrated Grain Juice.  I know there are dishes you can cook, many of the dishes I've encountered, though, have a looooong cooldown, 20-30 mins.  
    Thanks in advance for any help! 
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  9. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic The Horse Market is a FAILURE! (current state)[rant + solutions]   

    ..wonder how much it would go for if a bid was placed.  My estimation = 150 - 175 mil silver
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  10. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic The Horse Market is a FAILURE! (current state)[rant + solutions]   

    How much do you think a, say, T7 horse with Spint-Drift-IA, no deaths with breeding attempts and resets available should cost?  Right now, I think it would go for about 70-100 million (just an approximation based on my observations, I could be wayyyy off).  To me, even if my approximation could be wrong, this doesn't seem appropriate for the amount of time and effort put in to getting to this point (from a breeders perspective, those that actually caught their horses in the wild and grinded for their T7's and T8's).
    How about if the prices of what your horses sell for on the market scale off your Training level?  Sounds weird, but it could make sense--- high training level = more time and effort put into breeding, thus, granting higher return VS a skilled 5 trainer buying T6 off the market, mating it with their other T6 they bought to produce a T7.  This way, time and effort is rewarded.  Just spitting out ideas here, ideas make the world go round
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  11. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic The Horse Market is a FAILURE! (current state)[rant + solutions]   

    I see what you're saying, very fair and straightforward explanation.  But that's the thing...players who have a lot of in-game currency have invested more time and effort in the game, so to make available a high demand item to everyone, including those who haven't grinded as hard, is kinda unfair in my opinion.  If I work my butt off for something IRL, say a new car, I wouldn't want that car to be available to someone who sits on ass playing video games all day.  Point is, people grind hard for their money.  Their efforts should be rewarded with this power of being able to buy what they want, as opposed to someone being able to buy the same thing with much less effort.  Just my opinion though.
     Makes sense.  Kinda sucks that it screws some players over.  Kill one to save a million, right?
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  12. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic The Horse Market is a FAILURE! (current state)[rant + solutions]   

    In a normal market where demand is high and supply is low, prices for the supply skyrocket.  Why it isn't the case in this "sandbox" game is beyond me.  Not saying I don't love the game, breeding, etc., just saying-- there are possible improvements to be made to the current horse market system.
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  13. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic The Horse Market is a FAILURE! (current state)[rant + solutions]   

    I'm glad the community is as adamant about this as I am.  And so is JayLeno

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  14. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic The Horse Market is a FAILURE! (current state)[rant + solutions]   

    Been playing for about 2 months so I'm really new.  This is all great info guys, thanks.  Bred my first T7 with a T6 level 25 and T6 level 30 (one of them even had a death! Lol), Training is like Skilled 3 I think (along with getting Awakened and a decent gear set I guess for a newbie).  I really enjoy many aspects of this game.  Horse breeding is one.  How about trading?  Not trading as in autopathing across the map, but like a legit trade (press F5 next to other player or something).  That way this price, sale and the buyer is guaranteed.
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  15. PeaceInChaos added a post in a topic The Horse Market is a FAILURE! (current state)[rant + solutions]   

    Wow everyone, thanks for all the great posts!  I really, reeeealllly hope the devs take this topic seriously and look out for the breeders in the game.  Beauty of forums is because you can see what PEOPLE want, and to deliver a truly great game, you gotta give people what they want, bluntly stated.  I've quit my fair share of MMO's because of a lack of dev abilities to deliver a great game.  This game is amazing, and has sooo much potential.  I am hoping this is the MMORPG I can play for many years to come.
    I think the introduction of bidding on horses would be the perfect start.  And how can the devs lose pearl sales?  More breeders = more skill change coupons (becasue of bidding, people will definitely pay top silver for a Sprint-Drift-Instant Accel combo horsey, or a Charge-Kicks-Roar battle mount) and more breeding resets (more people breeding).  If its about the money, which I'm sure it ALWAYS is, then stimulating players to pick up selling horses will only lead to more sales, as there will be more active participants.
    How else can we solve the lacking horse market system?  I personally don't see any other way to encourage breeders to do what they love and gain the same satisfaction as someone leveling up other than this.  A min - max system maybe?  But then, the amount of time, effort, and pearls spent to produce a truly awesome horse will be predetermined, and what if it's still undervalued?  I sold a level 30 T6 horse with Drift-Instant accel for about 20-25 million silver.  Let me repeat, 20-25 million silver.  enough said.
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