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  1. Shdw added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    The video above shows that Mind Training does affect Awakening skills though, right? I mean it's not by much, but it does.
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  2. Shdw added a post in a topic I think blizzard/ultimate blizzard have their cooldowns reversed.   

    Blizzard III is still 1min 20 seconds and Blizzard: Ultimate is 1 min.
    When you cast Blizzard III it shows 1min, but it sits like that for about 19 seconds, as the cooldown timer won't show you the additional 20 seconds left (my guess is it would make the cooldown timers too cluttered -shrug-). Blizzard: Ultimate however starts at 60 seconds when you cast it, so you know it's a 1min cooldown for sure.
    I'm personally okay with the cooldowns being like this as you'll always have Blizzard: Ultimate available whenever you use Blizzard III. Since you cast Blizzard: Ultimate off of Blizzard III, I like that you can always use the Ultimate whenever you cast Blizzard III.
    Just my opinion though, quack.
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  3. Shdw added a post in a topic NVM - It's still broke ==> OH MY WAND!!! Has Godr Sphera been fixed!?!?   

    The problem with what you're saying is that the skills aren't actually broken. Neither the Godr Sphera Training or the Summon Guardian skills are. Worded unclearly? Definitely, but not broken.
    You even agree that no skill specifically states that it requires a certain amount of time to cast/use and this includes delays. Sure the Summon Guardian skills don't specify that they cause a 1 second delay, but neither does Flow: Aqua Bomb and both can't be evaded out of or chained into another skill. So complaining about a delay that you can "fix" from your side isn't very productive.
    As several people have already mentioned, the quick fix method is to just lock the two summon skills and then you're set. An alternative I already mentioned through question is just left click instead. I'm still unsure as to why using RMB for basic attacking is so important to you.
    After all that's been typed here, I don't believe I need to respond beyond this post, but if you want to continue saying it's broken, then go right ahead. I'll just continue not having the same issue as you, as I've already "fixed" the problem on my end.
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  4. Shdw added a post in a topic NVM - It's still broke ==> OH MY WAND!!! Has Godr Sphera been fixed!?!?   

    You're taking what I typed out of context. I didn't say the skill says anything specific like what you typed out, I even said it should be clearer, but the fact is the Summon Guardian skills all state that using RMB while they are summoned will trigger their special attack.
    Additionally, why does using your basic attack with RMB matter so much? Why not just use LMB? For me it wasn't using my RMB basic attack that was causing my issues, it was accidentally trying to use Flow: Aqua Bomb while it was still on CD. In this case I just locked all the Summon Guardian skills so it wouldn't happen anymore. Sure I couldn't quickly re-summon them with F, but that doesn't matter too much for me.
    Does "any" skill say that it requires a specific amount of time to finish casting/using? As far as I know there is not. So saying that it doesn't specifically state it will take 1~2 seconds to finish its animation means nothing, since nothing in the game does. Testing the skill myself has shown that it at most requires 1 second while stationary (why are you standing still?) and slightly less time while moving.
    I don't know what you're trying to prove, but my previous explanation didn't "ELABORATE" anything in your favor.
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  5. Shdw added a post in a topic NVM - It's still broke ==> OH MY WAND!!! Has Godr Sphera been fixed!?!?   

    The base skill may not have it, but the summon skill does. Just gotta read everything, I was wondering what was causing random motion my Wiz would make on right click. Read through all the skills and found it. Sure it could be clearer, but this isn't something that's broken.
    And I'm pretty sure @xcandykitten read the skills, so no need to go caps-locking at people. The summon skills do in fact state that rmb will indeed activate the Special Attack.

    So yes, it's not on the main Sphera Training skill, but it is listed on a skill already.
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  6. Shdw added a post in a topic Your daily fame   

    Patch notes, before they were taken down stated:
    "Logging into the game between UTC +0 and Maintenance start time will be counted as logging in for the day, and will not allow you to collect a daily benefit."
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