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  1. needagun added a post in a topic Moving ahead quest drop rate   

    kihomi you're a hero
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  2. needagun added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    wow so everything is sold out? that must be because the game is dead and there are no players
    if memory fragments were listed at min price and nobody bought them it would be a sign of a healthy player population
    how do you not forget to breathe?
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  3. needagun added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    if they are sold out because people need them that's not the economy dying, it would be dead if everything was at min price and never sold
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  4. needagun added a post in a topic Hate speech   

    gas -----s muslism jews and -----gots
    you think things don't be like they is, but it do
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  5. needagun added a post in a topic † V a r y a g s - Italian Guild - JORDINE/CROXUS/ALUSTIN   

    nice amon amarth lyrics
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  6. needagun added a post in a topic The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%   

    the thing is that bottom 98% contains people who barely even play the game
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  7. needagun added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    i bet you'd just as good as this guy but those damn afk fishermen
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  8. needagun added a post in a topic First 62 On NA!   

    i bet the people calling him "no life" have a comparable number of hours played but are trash so they waste their lives without even being good at some random game
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  9. needagun added a post in a topic Psycho-stalking arrogant grind-PKers   

    what's wrong with going red? if you kill weaker players why are you mad when stronger players kill you?
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  10. needagun added a post in a topic Really getting sick of this Feminist agenda   

     this is not a feminist agenda, a feminist agenda would be if the characters were fat and ugly and you could choose cyber pony as your gender
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  11. needagun added a post in a topic Dark Knight after awakening   

    berserker is not tier I 1v1? lol korea
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  12. needagun added a topic in Ranger   

    What skill is this?
    I started playing Ranger and I discovered an awesome skill but I don't know which one it is, even though I spent 15 minutes looking at the damn skill tree.
    Right click + A, S or D and then when you're in the air Left Click to fire a spray of arrows. What the hell is that?
    I think Right Click + A, S, D is Evasive explosive shot right? But the Left click while in the air, what is that?
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  13. needagun added a post in a topic A bug with marketplace search can have major performance impact   

    i mean it, THANK YOU
    let me say this again, thank you
    i actually wrote 2 comments but they got merged
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  14. needagun added a post in a topic ADVICE FOR A NOOB   

    i've been playing for 2 weeks and i think i can give you the best possible advice no joke: play witch or wizard
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  15. needagun added a topic in Classes   

    Does this game have a real ranged class?
    I have been playing this game for like 10 days, and I like it a lot. I started as a Ranger like I do in all games like this but it didn't feel very good so I switched to Sorceress and got her to lvl 56, but I still feel the urge to play some ranged class. However, I don't know which class that might be. From what I've seen and read the Ranger uses the awakened weapon more than the bow, which does shit damage.
    I see there are other classes that have bows as secondary weapons but from what I've heard they never use them.
    So to save myself the pain of leveling and then not liking the class, is there any really strong pure (more or less) ranged class? Is the wizard or witch ranged or are their spells just short ranged AOE nukes?
    Does the Berzerker's cannon do good damage? Is it good in PVE?
    Also I just read over here something about them adding a second awakened weapon... maybe there is hope. It just seems to me like all the classes in this game are actually melee. Even the range on the longbow seems too short nevermind the lack of damage.
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