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  1. Startracker added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    So this might not be relevant research info cuz i didnt take screenshots but I was farming sulfur mine at some 196 ap, and after a while, my accessories broke (2x witch II and the serap II neck) losing 34 ap in the process. As I continued I didn't notice any loss of damage, every group took exactly the same combo to kill, (shift+lmb>s+f>shift+rmb). 162ap would definitely not be enough for them with that combo say a month ago.
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  2. Startracker added a post in a topic How to level efficiently   

    If you're in a group (which are damn easy to find on pirates), you'll hardly get overweight, and if you're on pirates, vendors with exchange are near - dump bandanas/coins in boat, the rest will be sold by auto sell. If you're solo, well, get a villa near your favorite valencia spot. Personally I don't bother with sausans at all - too crowded and i get full in like 10 mins. I earn far more xp/money on group pirates or solo valencia spots. Your gear/level should be fine for a group at pirates, and trust me, you'll level up and make money in no time!
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  3. Startracker added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Need advice on pets progression
    So, let's say I decide to buy 10 cats. What is the best way to use them to get the best results? I'd like some experiences here, approximated % of upgrading a tier and stuff like that. Cuz I might get myself 10 cats if I actually know how to use them. Do I level them? Do I smash only t1+t1 or t2+t2 etc. How do I get t4? Much appreciated for all the answers you can possibly come up with. (I also like the parrot so I might buy a few parrots too)
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  4. Startracker added a post in a topic How to deal with PKers in Sausan?   

    They do if it's part of their rotation. But if they're independent groups far away from rotations, they simply won't be bothered to waste a second of their precious rotation just to chase you.
    The funny thing is, once you piss them off and they flag, they'll chase you and miss their rotation like twice even if they can't ever catch you (i used musa specifically for that).
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  5. Startracker added a post in a topic How to deal with PKers in Sausan?   

    I was like you at start, but then I realized most higher leveled players just see you as an additional mob with absolutely zero respect. Let them kill you 5 times (don't use elion's tear, just respawn at node) and then they'll stop. However bear in mind it's impolite to ruin someone's rotation when they were there before you. However if some bully comes after you just to kick you out without asking for a group, do the above, after he kills you 5 times, he'll have to stop or everyone will go after him and he'll cry. Usually after that they switch or change rotation.
    As for getting you low and letting the mobs kill you.. well that requires some practice. Once you get the hang of the mechanical aspect of the game, you can easily bait them into instakilling you (most of those players have 200+ ap which warranties an instakill if you lower your dp a bit). You can take off armor mid-fight, or just come armorless when they charge you. Or if you are a blocking class, block the mobs and let the guy flank you and shoot you to death. Or if you notice he put a damage over time on you, run and let it kill you. There's a lot of tactics how to avoid getting killed by mobs (even against infamous berserkers who can grab you to death). It just requires practice and will to teach bullies a lession. Btw they call this karmabombing, and many guilds frown upon it since it's considered griefing, but I personally support it. After all, the small people need to bite too! 
    You'll also receive a lot of hate mail and messages if they go under 0 karma and their name starts being permanently darker red (making them attackable by anyone without penalty or flagging). It just makes everything more fun! And if you completely want to be in your own world, as someone mentioned - Elrics till 56 and after that Valencia spots. Tbh as of late, I only come to Sausans when I want to teach bullies a lession and only when i want to waste time. The efficiency of that spot is minimal due to a huge amount of people wanting piece of the same cake. And if you just need the quest done, well, there's parts of that fortress where no one farms (like near the sea), or near the gate, at the wall, or on the hilltop encampment.
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  6. Startracker added a topic in New Adventurers   

    About pets
    How do people get t3 pets? I tried doing 2 cats at t1 lv10 and got a t2, then tried a t2 10 cat with a t1 cat still got the same identical t2. Just RNG or do i need 2x t2 cats? Or maybe i shouldn't have checked the 'keep appearance' button?
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  7. Startracker added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    If someone goes perma red, pure respect for those people. I accept defeat when PKed by them, they're livin' on the edge for pure PvP and they risk a lot.
    Funny thing is, I've never seen a red person ever since I've started playing (few months back).
    The pretenders who just kill a few times and then flee with their lives just 'cuz they can', are the worst scum. Go all the way or just share. If you wanna be a ----- and kill a leveling person just 'cuz you can', you're getting bombed, and I'm sure majority of the community agrees (and according to many threads popping up to vote karma or not, majority wants karma).
    This form of griefing on the other hand - well, as griefing/trolling goes in online games - feeding the troll just makes him stronger. Usually they give up after a while, since they're wasting their own time and not even enjoying the game anymore. As long as you give him attention, he'll keep doing it. 
    Besides you're making an interesting story and a name for your guild and online games should have more interesting stories, no matter how good/bad for certain people they might be. Infamous people, guilds, entities - you remember them, and events related to them. The rest of the 99.99% of the game you'll just forget after a while.
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  8. Startracker added a topic in Musa   

    Need overall help with Musa
    So I recently rerolled to musa, I have 180/202/222 and compared to when I played Ranger, everything instakills me, centaurs, basilisks, even Cadrys. So my question is simple:
    How to play Musa, survive and kill stuff fast? Combos, skills i should use, playstyle? Don't tell me I need TET armor just cuz Musa is unable to survive otherwise
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  9. Startracker added a post in a topic Requesting a Calpheon Crate Guide.   

    I have a question though. How do you pack the crates on the horse? It always says too heavy for me. Was it fixed? There's no way I'm transporting thousands of crates 50 at a time.
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  10. Startracker added a post in a topic Awakening weapon? Dande vs kamasylven sword?   

    From what I've found, mostly from playtesting, not real stat tracking, III dande is pretty much equal to IV green in terms of PvE. I don't do PvP much, nor do I care about it, but I take it the same thing goes for the blue sword, maybe blue has a little edge over dande if IV vs III. If PvE is all you care about like me, invest in a IV weapon, you can easily sell it when you get your Dande to III. It's quite cheap for a IV weapon anyways.
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  11. Startracker added a post in a topic Server Channel PvP/PvE tendencies   

    Dunno about NA but on EU avoid Balenos for anything. It's the new Barrens chat, full of trolls. Other than that I had most pleasant experiences on Serendia overall, especially if I want to be alone on a hunting ground. Calpheon works too. 1 and 3 mostly (more people on 2 cuz of horse races).
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  12. Startracker added a post in a topic World Boss Loot   

    It seems that the Field bosses retain the older 'grading' system where your loot depends on your grade vs the competition in the fight - so the top few get 7 seals and 7 rolls on the loot table, the weaker ones get 6 etc etc. If you don't qualify for even 1, you cannot loot. However such system was frowned upon for World Bosses and as far as I see it, it's enough to tag it once-twice during a fight and you can still get the box, where you'll get a random amount between 2-4 seals, the higher number usually having more rolls on the loot table, but not damage dependent (had fights where i fought the entire time and had only 2 seals, and fights where i hit him only once and got 4).
    Unfortunately to complete my tests, I'll need a 220 ap lv 60 character to see their loot tables on World bosses throughout a few fights. I'm far from that, so the only thing I can say is keep trying and don't compete in fights with 40+ people. That's why I mostly do Kutum since the number of people is almost always below 40 guaranteeing loot. I believe the loot is for 40 people (10 of 4 10 of 3 10 of 2 and 10 of 1 seal) but I cannot confirm this until I see loot drops from very strong people if it's any different.
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  13. Startracker added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    So far I see only two sides, two different points of view - the level 60s who want to rule over everyone and everything - and those few who wanna spite them. Since those capable of ruling over everyone else are the minority, and so are the stubborn 'karmabombers' like me (someone mentioned kill them 5-6 and they give up, I don't ever-give-up), I think the game is fine as it is - since the problem isn't related to most of the people.
    This game is a lot about perseverance, in most of it's aspects - grinding, failing and blowing up hundreds of items, grinding horses, grinding life skills, in the end, those who come out on top are those who had the nerve to keep going and not get bored or give up. Same goes for the karma conflicts - those who really wish to display true power will go perma red and once they've had their point, they'll hide near outlaw town and grind it back up at Fogans. Those who want to stay but are weaker, they'll keep letting themselves be killed by the pretenders, and the pretenders will give up in the end, because they aren't strong enough themselves to go red. 
    And finally, people fail to realize over and over again that this is pretty much a sandbox -- it means everything and anything counts. As far as that explorer who just sails the ocean for little profit is concerned, you can be lv 62, you're still not better than him. Cuz his goals are something else. So having high gear/level doesn't mean you win this game. No one does. You win for yourself if you attain your set goals. Don't play a sandbox if you need goals given by the devs and written with huge letters. I mean, there's plenty of themeparks in the sea, and last time i played WoW, it wasn't bad, it was actually fun (Pandaria). And you might start having more fun if you stopped grinding and chasing 61-62 and billions of silver if you realized you haven't been to 80% of the world.
    I seriously think people should stop listening to streamers/youtubers when it comes to game opinion, goals, and even mechanics... just because they got tons of subs, doesn't mean they're right. Thanks to them we have people thinking this game is all about getting gear and going node wars and nothing else. Thanks to them we have people believe Sausans and Pirates are the only place to be in the game. Open your eyes people, and start enjoying the game!
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  14. Startracker added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    This is a good approach as well. The Sausan problem is due to it being one of the few very efficient leveling places under 56, especially for alts. I went Valencia as soon as I got 56 on both of my characters. And since then, I never had any issues. 
    And no, I wasn't directing my answer to any specific person on the forum, or in game. I was talking about the pker mentality in general. Honestly, when you see people in those camouflage suits running like bats out of hell on you just for existing in a hunting ground, you can't think more of them than poor frustrated people who really need to grab onto a straw to show a display of fake power for a second. And I'm pretty sure in 100% of the cases I had pkers flag up without words and kill me, you would see those same people trolling in channel chat, flaming general chat, especially if killing you isn't working as their allmightyness imagined. Maybe 20% of the cases is 'talk first then kill' and usually it comes to 'leave or die noob'.
    The people who'd actually try to come to a gentlemen's agreement wouldn't flag up in the first place - and somehow, even Pirates are very contested too, whenever I usually went there, people would run to me, full of enthusiasm and say 'join ussss', 'lets party' etc. Everybody wins.
    Maybe pearl abyss hid some mind controlling thing in the Sausan garrison, giving 50% increased chance of being a jerk there
    Oh yeah, in Valencia I had maybe one situation of instant flag up and attempt to kill (after all, in Valencia you don't oneshot people anymore, now you twoshot 'em :P), cuz I was killing an elite, and someone wanted it for himself. Fortunately, situations there are very rare, and almost entirely based on Gahaz bandits, pretty much because it takes a few months for the general community to start hearing about new hunting grounds (even if they were around for far longer), so for some people those bandits are the new Sausans. (I personally profit far more on Cadrys and anyone who turned up was nice, it was either party, or they take one side and I take the other). 
    And as far as respect goes... well, Koreans always took it to much higher levels in every game since forever, and for us, it kinda broke back with Barrens chat and hell knows what else back then. So the survivors of Barrens chat and the similar stuff combined with the younger super toxic League generation - kinda hard for most of these guys to know respect in the online world. Especially when they had none whatsoever. But that isn't to say it doesn't exist. The game mechanics just don't require it to succeed, unlike some economy oriented mmos where respect can mean everything. 
    You can always find like-minded people, at least that isn't an issue  
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  15. Startracker added a post in a topic             

    I think it eventually gets to people... the competition, the constant failing in enhancements, losing ranks, being killed all the time, so they forget what having fun means. For many of them, they just see those rotations as means to an end, they don't have fun. They'll repeat it 8 hours a day, like a real life job they hate. That feeling is very familiar to me, having done competitive in various games in the past, it's very frustrating, and very small things can irritate you - for them I think, just another white dot showing up and not even killing anything, is enough to irritate them so they'll just flag up full of rage to kill it, so they can just continue the endless circles of mobs.
    The mindset they come bringing with them as they enter the hunting ground is just 'lets get this over with' so 8 hours later they can blow up another Ogre ring or two and repeat the rage cycle again. They've come too far getting their levels 60 and they can't stop now, the grind of competition is grinding them like they're between gears in a not-so-well oiled mechanism. As I stated before, if they actually started enjoying the game again, we'd see a lot less of whining posts on the forums. They can blame the devs, they can blame the game, they can even blame themselves, but the magic just isn't the same as it was when they created their first character. And unfortunately this sad story appears in many games, even a lot of real life situations, and it's hard to rekindle the fire that there once was.  
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