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  1. Blaabaer added a post in a topic Gear advice   

    Alright thank you I think I'll do the ogre then get double tri red coral earring and blow up my 2 duo tungrades, if one succeeds I'll see if x2 or x1 benefits me the most. 
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  2. Blaabaer added a post in a topic Gear advice   

    No this isn't a meme. Since I don't do pvp I'm not exactly in a guild with people in a similar position so I don't really have anyone to bounce ideas off. I've seen some videos & streams of people grinding kamasylvia with some using a more hybrid gear setup & others using a kutum with full on AP accessories. 
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  3. Blaabaer added a post in a topic Gear advice   

    Alright thanks for the thoughts guys I guess I'll try to get that ogre and a red coral earring for some accuracy. 
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  4. Blaabaer added a topic in Warrior   

    Gear advice
    Hello guys I'm a 60 warrior and I'm looking for some advice on what to go with next as my upgrades.
    My situation is that I don't do node wars or sieges, what I mainly do combat wise is grind and skirmish around grind spots. I like to do "challenging" stuff like Pila Ku when I do grind. With Kamasylvia on the horisont however I'd like to itemize my gear around that content.
    This is my current gear http://bdoplanner.com/s/x7BuIa9I & I also have a TET nouver.
    My main question is wheter or not to go for a TRI sicil's or a TRI ogre. Kamasylvia is supposed to be fierce, so getting more dp might not be a dumb decision.
    The second question I have is related to the earrings, should I acquire manos earrings for DP or get double red coral earring for accuracy? Cause for accuracy I could just run elixirs.
    Anyway any thoughts you have on this is very much appreciated. 
    Edit: Working on getting a sharp protection stone for it aswell.
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  5. Blaabaer added a post in a topic Gear and gem advice   

    Alright thank you appreciate the response. I was thinking about making a tungrade in a few weeks when the market hopefully gets flooded again and I certainly plan on pushing the boss gear pieces to TET soon. I had a kutum before and I really liked it, but decided to give the nouver a try cause I saw a lot of people were doing it. The extra AP didnt feel too noticeable though whereas the survivability aspect definitely was lacking. 
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  6. Blaabaer added a topic in Warrior   

    Gear and gem advice
    Hello everyone here is my gear http://bdoplanner.com/s/F8d9v7f8 and I currently have 1,2b, have a few assests that's gonna put me up to 1,7b this weekend.
    I have a few questions I'd like to get an opinion on. First of all I'm looking to get an all around TET offhand, either Nouver or Kutum. What do you guys think about this?
    My second question is I'm looking to replace my TRI blue coral earring with another one, I'm debating a TRI whale molar for more survivability or acquiring a duo tungrade. Thoughts on this is very much appreciated. 
    My last question is related to the gems in my chest piece and boots. Currently I'm grinding towards 60 so I find the crystals in the boots useful, but once I hit 60 I'm thinking of replacing them with the +2 movement speed +5 resist from Pila Ku & changing my chest crystals from evasion towards the top tier Cobelinus crystals. 
    Any thoughts on this is very much appreciated and I hope you guys can help me make an informed decision as to what path to go down. 
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  7. Blaabaer added a post in a topic Did trading get nerfed ?   

    I think it's a shame they nerfed it. I never did rolling but my guess would be all you do is to stack all the items in your inventory. So why not instead of punishing us people who enjoy trading on our elephants make it so you can only carry one trade package at any given time in your inventory? That seems to make a lot more sense to me over this direction. 
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