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  1. Zann added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    Here's a better idea than dividing it by server or channel.

    How about, and this is a really out-there suggestion, we have safe zones and combat zones in game? That way, you can be safe! And if you're willing to take more risks, you can get more profit/xp/etc.

    Wait. This is already in game?! Hot damn!
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  2. Zann added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    Any suggestion that divides the channels based on playstyle is bad.

    Making some of them more PVP friendly is no different to making some more PVE friendly, it's polarising and splits up the playerbase, and it removes the element of risk from the normal/pve servers.
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  3. Zann added a post in a topic Broken pre-order?   

    Only a portion of listed items go to pre-orders, in order to stop people with the most silver dominating the market for hard to get items.

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  4. Zann added a post in a topic Buying pearl shop items from market place is nearly impossible.   

    "Every time someone beats me to it it must be a bot, or rigged."

    Yeah, no. The speed-based bit after the winning bidder doesn't respond isn't plagued by bots, it's 'plagued' by people who can by it stupendously fast by clicking and hitting buttons, heh. Bots might exist, but they don't account for most of the pearl item from market buys, because those tend to always get sold to whoever wins the RNG bid. 

    Personally, when DK came out, I saw plenty of costumes listed for it - the demand just massively outstripped supply. It always will! You're getting items that usually cost real money in exchange for in game currency, unless they set the silver price so high only the top 1% can afford it, then they will always be snapped up super fast. This goes for all pearl items.
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  5. Zann added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    Can you buy or otherwise obtain relic fragments?

    Yes. You can.

    Can you convert those into memory frags at a reasonable rate by doing relic scrolls?

    Yes. You can.

    So no, the availability of them isn't limited. You're just lazy.
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  6. Zann added a post in a topic Non pvp channels   

    No, because doing so would fundamentally alter the game in a way that would be detrimental and take it in a direction many players would dislike.

    Scarcity and conflict are part of the game as is PK, and in order to give you what you want, the game would have to move in a different direction - Dev time would have to be shifted to working on fixing the pure PVE problems, the unified region-wide servers would have to be split.

    Notably, both the NA and EU versions of the game started out with split servers because people made a huge fuss. It turned out the people pushing for that (Much the same crowd who want PVE chans/servers!) was just a vocal minority, and the divisions were done away with and the servers merged - Not due to any population dips, mind you - and retained the same number of channels.
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  7. Zann added a post in a topic Player Trading solutions ?   

    If your solution makes "My friend could trade me X more easily!" possible, then it isn't a solution at all, and it's exactly that the current system is designed to stop.

    The moment you enable a way for one player to ensure another gets the item is the moment RMT becomes an issue, and it's also the moment the progression system in BDO ceases to have any meaning. The game is actually moving further AWAY from being able to ensure certain people get an item, or mount - Just look at the horse market changes we got recently!
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  8. Zann added a post in a topic Griefing auto-fishers   

    Yet another thread that starts out with the view of "People who PK me must be degenerates!" and opens up with insults and nasty remarks about other players.

    Here's a thought: Like you, they are playing the game the way it's intended to be played. PVP/PK is an integral part of BDO, coupled with the deliberate scarcity of certain resources, which means that people are going to want to fight over them. Yes, this includes things like fishing.

    If you don't want to die whilst AFK, do your AFK activities in a safe zone. You get less risk, and less reward, but hey, at least those wicked mean horrible freaks won't get to kill your pixels, right?
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  9. Zann added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    And there he goes again.

    Using 'random pkers' like it's some kind of slur whilst acting like he's somehow been victimised.

    Do you play chess then cry when someone takes your pieces, because you just like moving the little pointy men around the board?
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  10. Zann added a post in a topic PVP Server   

    No to this.

    Reduce the karma penalty and make it have a cooldown per target, leave everything else as is.

    This game should not be split up into discrete groups, as doing so would cause a plethora of issues.
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  11. Zann added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    This is exactly the kind of attitude I'm talking about.

    Instead of accepting that the game has PK and that people who PK are playing it as it's intended, you're denigrating and insulting people with passive aggressive questions that suggest their motive for killing you is tied to some kind of inadequacy.
    I am, primarily, a life skiller. I have reasonable gear on my boss alt and any alt I'm levelling, but I do sometimes like to fight for grind spots. If you turn up where I'm grinding and try to take the spot from me, I absolutely will try to chase you off. If you're at a spot and I decide I want it? Same thing.

    As for why people like you ruin the MMO genre, it's because you try to push every MMO to fit your needs and what you define as a 'good MMO'. It's typically found in any MMO that deviates far from WoW - "This game should do X like WoW, this game should change Y to be like WoW!", when the WoW formula is boring, unchallenging and out of date. I play BDO because it's different to WoW. I have played numerous MMOs over the years, only to see one after another fall into the same cliches WoW began: End game raiding, a gear treadmill, PVP neatly tucked into one corner. The very things you laud as positives, as things BDO should emulate, many of us see as negatives.

    We don't want that crap in BDO. We don't want it to have segregated PVP, or a focus on raiding, or fast travel. We want the world to feel big and scary and wild, not like Disneyland with shoulderpads and swords and shiny trinkets for everyone. 

    If you further neuter PVP, or add PVE channels, that's moving the game in exactly the direction that we do not want. 

    Yet you're acting like we're being rude, being plebian or somehow unfair to not entertain your 'suggestions', when all you've done throughout is label us, denigrate us, and act like we're somehow morally questionable because we play a game differently to you.
    So long as you keep using "random pkers" like a slur, so long as you keep saying "You've no right to post in this thread", people will treat you like you're an ass because you are being an ass.

    The suggestions you've made both run counter to what the rest of us want for the game. What I love about BDO is that the once-silent majority are now willing to speak out against this nonsense and push back, and it's glorious and hilarious watching everyone of these "Wah wah wah I got pk'd" threads get absolutely hammered by logical denials and counter-arguments.

    I say nuke the karma penalty. Make it like KR so we don't lose karma murdering the same person again for a while, and bring back the penalties for dying in PVP.
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  12. Zann added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    So if my opinion differs from you and I had the sense to actually learn about the game before buying it, I'm not entitled to even comment on the issue and all you want is the 'right kind' of people who'll echo your opinion in the hopes that you appear to be achieving some kind of group consensus that will push kakao to do what you want?

    I mean you see it time and again in threads like this, attempts to shut down the other side of the argument with sly insinuations about 'those kinds of people' and less sly comments about how anyone who does enjoy PK is somehow degenerate or otherwise not entitled to comment on the matter.

    To this attitude my response is: Piss right off. You don't get to shut down dissenting opinions just because you dislike them, nor do you get to frame this as some kind of bug/issue/design flaw with the game when it's a deliberate design choice.

    Stop trying to force things to be changed to suit you by framing this as some kind of mistake or problem. 

    Stop trying to shut down dissenting views by stating that 'those people' don't get to voice their opinion. 
    WoW didn't prove ANYTHING about open world PVP. Slowly neutering and segregating PVP in WoW was a bad thing for a large part of the playerbase, and as a result of that slow decline, people like me who do enjoy pvp but don't focus on it have learnt that when these whiny threads turn up, we should share OUR opinions, otherwise the loud, whiny "Omg I got hit" minority might get their way again and ruin a game we enjoy.

    You want segregated PVP and utterly optional conflict? Piss off back to WoW.
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  13. Zann added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    Yeah, it's not random PK if you're grinding. It's someone taking your grind spot, or chasing you off of theirs.

    You have no 'right' to grind without being ganked in this game. People want their rotation of NPCs clear of other players and have a way to enforce that.

    It doesn't matter how entitled you feel to play the game 'your way', or to grind without being attacked, because that isn't how the game works. This fact has been clearly stated to you numerous times by marketing, by ingame notifications, and now by other players. 

    You don't get to whine and demand this aspect of the game goes away, or changes. That's not ok. It's selfish and rude and if you really cannot handle the game having PK, then this isn't the game for you. 
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  14. Zann added a post in a topic Scroll for House Spawn   

    This item already exists and can be obtained.

    It takes so much grinding and effort to get that only a few (Like 3, if that) people have them on EU/NA, and I might even be overestimating that count.
    The game is not designed with accessible fast travel in mind, and it makes the world feel larger as a result. It means having a good horse matters, and gives purpose to movement speed as a stat outside of combat. As such, it would be a travesty if they did add accessible fast travel in any form.
    Want to get home fast? Get a good horse.
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  15. Zann added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    No, we love killing other players at grind spots because the game is built around a scarcity of resources and competing for them.

    Why are you playing a sandbox MMO built around resource scarcity and competition if you don't want to fight over things? Why are you playing a game with open world PK if you don't like that?

    It's like you ordered a cheeseburger and now you're whining about the fact it has cheese on it, when you knew full well it had cheese when you ordered it.
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