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  1. Kurophe added a post in a topic Art for Gifts   

    Yay i'd love to ;u; sounds like a fun one~ any specifics on posing and all that ~? or specific details*
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  2. Kurophe added a post in a topic Art for Gifts   

    Ahh I knew I was forgetting something! Thank you for reminding me ~ I've added that now, I am on the NA servers ~ and thank you for the kind words! I definitely understand the hesitation for character art when playing a game ;; I feel like i'm also constantly changing/never satisfied ! I'd love to see some christmas deals going on~ I could use some more pets D: mine just aren't doing the job well enough
    Thank you ;u; ! I'm happy to hear you think so
    Aw yay! I'm glad to hear it~ s'sweet of you to say!
    Ahh poop ;; well hopefully if that is what this is considered they'll just remove it/ask me to remove it and no trouble will be found quq? It'd be nice if I wasn't breaking the rules/contributing to why gifting was disabled in the first place
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  3. Kurophe added a post in a topic Art for Gifts   

    Thank you ;u; ! I appreciate the kind words and your interest <3 It was nice to see the first comment wasn't nasty ;; was fully expecting someone to tell me off right away though i'm still bracing myself for it ;-; )/ so thank you for being sweet~
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  4. Kurophe added a topic in Art & Media   

    Art for Gifts
    First of all I apologize if this goes against any forum rules, I briefly looked at the forum rules post and didn't find anything against this, so hopefully I didn't miss anything .

    Since gifting has been temporarily re-enabled I was hoping to trade art comissions for pearl shop items as i'm broke and the Christmas items are adorable ;; (again I hope this doesn't go against any terms)

    I am on the NA servers (sorry for forgetting this little detail)

    Examples of art~
    Full body Full body 2
    Waist up

    Items wanted:
    Sorc Ghillie Suit
    Sorc Noel costume set
    Artisan memories out the butt
    Sorc Fish Costume

    *whisper* or you can grind me for xp while I draw ;n; )b i'mlazy and weak wristed ;-;


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  5. Kurophe added a post in a topic Ban appeal?   

    Which was what I was doing..Also why I sent in several email change tickets. They played my account and botted with the intention of keeping the account as every time I tried to access it the information was different.
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  6. Kurophe added a post in a topic Ban appeal?   

    All they'd have to do is look at the list of tickets i've been sending for a month+ prior to being banned regarding the compromising.
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  7. Kurophe added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Ban appeal?
    First of all I apologize if I shouldn't be posting this here, I'm just terribly frustrated with the recent customer support I've received.

    For the last month or so I've been sending in tickets to change my email address as someone has been accessing my account/getting a hold of my information and playing my account. Recently I tried logging in only to see that I've been banned for third party programs. I've never used anything outside of BDO itself, so I can only assume whoever had been accessing my account liked to bot or whatever it is "pyx" does. 

    So I sent in a ticket under "Ban appeal" explaining what had happened as well as addressing their attention to the tickets I had previously created regarding the intruder in the first place. The only response I get is "This issue will be discussed no further." ?? What's the point in a Ban Appeal ticket section if all I get is a copy pasted message letting me know they're ignoring my issue? I should also mention that I had sent in a couple tickets before the ban appeal one asking why my account was banned in the first place, all receiving the same response,with the addition of letting me know that "Pyx" was used on my account.

    Am I wrong to be so upset with the customer support received? Am I just salty that I lost an account I paid 100$ for in excitement and much more after that to enjoy the content/items provided? I would sincerely like to know! Thank you for your time, and again I apologize if I'm posting in the incorrect spot.
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  8. Kurophe added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  9. Kurophe added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    If I get the chance i'll definitely do that! Thank you again ;u; I appreciate it~ I tend to always forget the expression section
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  10. Kurophe added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    I will be sure to try that as soon as I can! Thank you for the tip~ I should have worked on this yesterday before the character creator went down ;; all the regrets with messing around too much! Unfortunately I don't have one showing the clipping at the moment, I didn't even think to do that darnit 

    I did notice your beauty over there though haha sometimes looking at creations such as your own makes me think I need to think outside the box a bit
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  11. Kurophe added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Fortunately it doesn't always show, but her teeth tend to clip over her upper lip when she smiles or changes expression~ not the most pleasant thing to look at so hopefully I'll be able to make it stop happening! 
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  12. Kurophe added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    The sorc is the one I plan on playing though I feel like I need to make adjustments to her ;n;

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  13. Kurophe added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Lucatiel
    Family Name: Thefak
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/mBpddvS

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  14. Kurophe added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

    My character for cbt 2 ~ I will be dying after it ends and the wait for launch begins ! So close yet so far

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