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  1. MindHax added a post in a topic Looking For New Player to....   

    I'm down, I'm pretty knew, fairly knowledgeable about the game from reading up on it when I'm not playing. I have a lvl 50 and a 49 currently but would be willing to start a new character.
    Family name - HonestGabe
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  2. MindHax added a post in a topic Warrior, Valk, Zerk   

    Valk is is good in team fights for supporting buffs and can lay some good area CC down as well as has a unique role in node wars from what I've read switching between front lines and back lines to defend your wizitches/rangers and can also go to enemy backlines as well, although, I think there are classes more suited for that.
    I wouldn't let what I said about having to master valk deter you from playing it though. If it's what you most enjoy, you will have the most enjoying grind while lvling.
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  3. MindHax added a post in a topic Warrior, Valk, Zerk   

    From my understanding there is no "tank" classes in BDO inherently, it depends on your AP/DP. Those 3 classes are just naturally tankier by a bit but it won't make a huge difference unless your gear is on par. Overall, it comes down to playstyle. I'd avoid valk if you want tanky, they are only good in a really skilled players hands, so if you want the most challenge, little reward, go valk. Otherwise, warrior is an easier playstyle and uses mostly (with some exceptions) their awakening weapon. I don't play Warrior but that's what I've read from others on the internet. Zerker is fairly easy, but can be a monster in a skilled players hands, their combo's can be hard to master but they have a lot of CC and more HP than other classes, I believe.
    Anyway, pick a class you enjoy, try all 3 to about 30 and choose which one you find yourself playing the most.
    My 2 pennies.
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  4. MindHax added a post in a topic Question About Classes   

    I'm no expert but an avid forum browser. From my understanding the classes you should stay away from unless you have a lot of patience to master them and gear them out completely are tamer and Valkyrie.
    Kuno, I hear is a good class if you can master the combos but is a very challenging class. Amazing 1v1 and for destroying enemy cannons and scouting and whatnot in node wars. Plz correct me if I'm wrong.
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  5. MindHax added a topic in New Adventurers   

    LF friends
    Looking for people to play and learn the depth of the game with. I'm a new returning player (only played a tiny bit when game first released and then quit) but I know a fair amount as I read up a lot on the game, when I'm not playing, but there is so much more to learn! I know absolutely nobody other than the people I've met in my guild. My highest lvl is only 40 and then some alts.
    I play on NA.
    Family name - HonestGabe
    IGN - DreadHead, Mind_Trix
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  6. MindHax added a post in a topic looking for friends   

    You're welcome to add me. My highest is only lvl 40though and then a bunch of alts around 30 but plan to stick to just 2 chars for now, as I tend to be a heavy altaholic and I'm trying not to lol.
    Family name - HonestGabe
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  7. MindHax added a post in a topic How much does this game cost?   

    NOTHING is mandatory. Yes, you will have a TREMENDOUSLY easier time purchasing certain items through the cash shop. But, unless you are an extremely hardcore player, you do NOT have to purchase anything with cash and can still enjoy the game, contrary to some people's beliefs. I know I'm going to have people on my tail for this, but it's the truth, whether they want to believe it or not.
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  8. MindHax added a post in a topic Question from a new player   

    I'm a fairly new player myself, having bought the game shortly after release but only recently getting into it. For me, there seems to be so much you can do it can be overwhelming for a new player so I suggest taking it step by step and learn more and more over time rather than trying to learn and do everything at once.
    One thing I will note, however, is that once you hit lvl 50, you can be attacked by any player anytime (above lvl 50 as well). So that means while you are out gathering you may be forced to PvP or give up your grind spot or vacate the premises :P. Don't let that deter you though, I think this game holds a lot more depth than most MMOs on the market and has more long term value as there really seems to be so much you can choose to do.
    Hope you enjoy your time in BDO. Feel free to add me if you'd like as I know nobody other than the guild I'm in.
    Family name - HonestGabe
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  9. MindHax added a post in a topic Attendance Rewards.   

    If you miss a day(s), you didn't "attend" and therefore cannot receive the "attendance" rewards.
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  10. MindHax added a post in a topic Rinnegan + Sharingan   

    Or Sasuke Uchiha
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