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Don Giovanni

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  1. Don Giovanni added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    Can't even get PRI failed 8 times in a row starting at 23 fs multiple characters. Out of all my PRI tries it is about 1/5 success rate starting around 20 failstacks. Also DUO i only got 1 success out of 24 attempts resulting in multiple tet stacks on couple characters, all starting around 27-28 after PRI fails. My only successful DUO enchant was at 45 FS. Cancerous system making me want to quit. Seems like the game want me to force PRI -> DUO -> TRI and swipe the credit card for artisans for 300 durability repair. Can't even get shards with gathering. Every day 285 energy gathering and usually only one hard per session not a single sharp ever from gathering. Marketplace is also impossible, yesterday 34 shards placed at once and not a single bid won. I can't even imagine trying a TET enchant, even TRI is not worth it because my abysmal success rate for DUO (people talking DUO is easy like it is a skill to roll the dice for the number you want). Probably luck is a hidden stat as well as HP per level up used to be (for my second character at launch i kept track of it and almost every level was +1 or +2 hp only couple +4 or +5 hp), because some people are consistently lucky or unlucky, with enchanting but also drops and shards/hards from gathering etc. Life skilling and combat is fun such a shame everything is behind an RNG wall and everything is made to cashgrab. Seems like there are a lot of players like this who are trying to progress but the RNG wall just doesn't allow it, even buying the gear is locked behind an RNG Wall. I already have a pre-order for double the price of a DUO shulz belt for 2 weeks (can't get it by enchanting neither by bids). Because there similar people with abysmal luck who saved money so pre-orders on all pieces of gear are huge. That everybody is trying to buy gear is a clear indication how crappy the system is. Because enchanting should be better as you can progress in small increments but if the game doesn't allow it the only other option is buying.
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  2. Don Giovanni added a post in a topic Liverto +0 to +15 upgrade guide   

    Already 50 durability lost at +10, which cost 18.75 mil to repair without artisans and the value of the item is 11-12 mil (so spending 4 mil on repair is staying even for buying at +10). It's already not worth to continue as the cost to repair is more expensive than the enchanted item itself. And livertos are available for all classes except DK on the marketplace.
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  3. Don Giovanni added a post in a topic Best weapons investment   

    There was a TRI green awakening for sale, so i bought that together with a tri liverto.
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  4. Don Giovanni added a topic in Berserker   

    Best weapons investment
    Right now my berserker has a PRI yuria and DUO green awakening, i got ~450 mil to spend because i sold the weapons of my sorceress as the class was not for me (just didn't click especially in PvP i failed miserably against equal geared). And the berserker was my main before I quit around musa/meawha release still have the most SP, lifeskills, weight, strength/breath training etc. So i can do two things, buy a TRI liverto (~260 mil, lots of for sale so can get for min price) and farm with this and the DUO green awakening another 100 mil voor TRI ultimate awakening (also not hard to get on marketplace). Or buy a DUO liverto, sell the DUO green awakening (~70 * 0,85 (free valuepacks active) = 59 mil and buy a TRI ultimate awakening. 450 - 320 = 130 mil + the 59 is enough for a duo liverto (not widely available like TRI, and have to camp marketplace).
    I like option 1 because then i am done with the main hand for a long time, TRI is the biggest increase in power and i don't like enchanting it myself to TRI, because i failed 18 times duo in a row on armor eventually getting fail stacks for TRI on multiple characters (which i still have). And a DUO green awakening is not bad for Mediah mobs. I know the main hand AP also counts for awakening for about 40-50%. I tested this myself by using a +0 yuria and attack green mobs and the damage dropped significantly with awakening.
    Option gives me the best awakening i can get with my money right now. Dandelion I won't get and able to enchant for a long time so getting TRI ultimate awakening makes sense. The only thing i don't like is sitting with a DUO liverto. However i can attempt TRI with failstacks, but getting it back to DUO then will probably cost a lot of money.
    I don't mind camping the marketplace for a bit because right now I am improving life skills and focusing on investing contribution points for extra profits.
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