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  1. Reddervish added a topic in Off-Topic   

    3rd party support website linked to ransomware virus
    at 11:59am US EDT the website blackdesertfoundry.com/housing/  linked me to a porn website that repeatedly (over 100 attempts) to download a known ransomeware virus.
    Luckily my antivirus program appears to have stopped it, and I'm currently running other system checks at the moment to make sure the virus hasn't hidden itself. 
    I have used blackdesert foundry in the past to research information about this game. But will use caution in the future. 
    I will be glad to talk with any moderator from blackdesertfoundry about this, but suggest other players here use caution with this website, and keep your anti-virus sw up-to-date. 

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  2. Reddervish added a post in a topic Node Name & Node Manager Master List   

    Hex Stone Wall has an Iron Ore node. BDO Tome shows 2 Iron Ore nodes, but I haven't found the 2nd one if that is correct.
    Is this still being updated? 
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  3. Reddervish added a post in a topic How to get rid of L50 congrats popup?   

    sorry kakao - this IS NOT FUN, is not needed, makes me want to go do something else
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  4. Reddervish added a post in a topic How to get rid of L50 congrats popup?   

    I'm L52 now and its still popping up.
    I've looked at edit UI and can't see anyway to disable -this- popup. I just disabled -game tips- which is below the chat window.(not in center of screen)  
    Maybe that will work. we'll see? Nope. This popup is still there.
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  5. Reddervish added a post in a topic How to get rid of L50 congrats popup?   

    It hasn't happened in combat recently. Its definitely not a positive game attribute. 
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  6. Reddervish added a topic in Technical Issues   

    How to get rid of L50 congrats popup?
    I leveled up to 50 yesterday and L51 today.
    yesterday I immediately started getting popups in the middle of my screen. I was killed fighting the Catfishmen at Lake Kaia after turning L50 because my screen was blocked by this popup. It won't go away (ie: will keep coming back). I finally saw (when it popped and I wasn't in combat) a X to not show again TODAY. But there is no option to never come back. Even after clicking the X to not pop up again today. it came back multiple times, usually when I was doing something. I just leved to 51, and the popup is back. I looked on the ESC menu and UI and Settings and don't see any way to get rid of this large and invasive popup. btw. I did finally click on it and looked at it for a while, hoping that would make it go away. No luck.

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  7. Reddervish added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Epheria Sailboat multiple issues
    Can not climb a ladder to board an Epheria Sailboat if wearing a Trader backpack and walking (on your feet) in shallow water. Workaround is to go to a ladder in deeper water where the swimming animation is in effect, then one can board via the ladder.
    Have had several instances where the inventory on a sailboat became confused and showed items that had already been removed from the sailboat's inventory. This happened if leaving the sailboat, and then returning. Channel hopping or logging out/in seemed to restore the correct inventory.
    It is almost impossible, and usually very frustrating, to get in one's boat and find the helm/boat-UI when wearing a Trader's Pack and multiple boats are stacked on top of each other (happens at both Epheria wharf and Velia wharf that I have experienced).  Serious game design problem: The way multiple sailboats stack on top of each other while parked needs to be fixed or changed. I suggest that in harbor areas, a unique wharf for each boat be created for spawning, docking, loading and unloading cargo. Currently it is difficult and confusing and very time consuming to get aboard your boat and sometime impossible to even get the pop-up to take command of the boat and move it away from a wharf when multiple boats are spawned or parked there. Workaround is to summon your boat at a wharf while NOT wearing a Trader backpack, and move the boat away from the wharf and away from other boats. Then go get the trade items and load them on your boat (not at a wharf with multiple boats).
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  8. Reddervish added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat : Boatman   

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  9. Reddervish added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat : Boatman   

    Thx RedT,
    I admit I haven't fired my cannon's yet. They are still the 'as-issued' cannons and I haven't upgraded them to the one's sold by the various Wharf Masters (5m if I recall correctly).
    I will admit to being a bit put off by the idea I have to renew the contract of my boatman. He wasn't easy to acquire in the first place. Does it cost the 500k each day of renewal?  I did get Bravant before my sailboat was finished and had him ready to add to the boat.
    I'll give it another try to reach Ratt in my own boat today after I get a few rl chores done. I guess I should buy some cannon balls before I cast off. TY for the hint about climbing on the storage box and changing channels if needed to get away from the Phantom Ship..
    Oh yes, the Phantom Pirate was a 'purple' and he killed me easily, but I admit I haven't been doing anything except professions/crafting/fishing since I hit L49 over a month ago.
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  10. Reddervish added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Gathering tree/log not working ok after logout/in
    I'm gathering chopping trees around Velia. Plenty of bag space and energy and axe tool is ok. The game has stopped giving me the loot popup after I chop a tree. The tree then still shows that it is lootable. I did an hour ago, buy a new 90 day pack and 16 more bag space slots. character reddervish/gripiron on velia5. Berserker L49. Artisan Gathering. I had the bonus loot active. Other buffs had 'just' expired like gather speed food buff and a warm milk. I disconnected and logged back in, now it seems ok
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  11. Reddervish added a topic in New Adventurers   

    [solved] daily quest not appearing after switch to new system
    edit: This issue appears to affect all daily quests (or at least the ones I checked).
    The two daily hunting quests do not appear when I have switched to my laptop. I'm not certain whether or not other daily quests are affected the same way and will try to experiment to determine if that is so. Everything else (it appears to me at this time) seem to work ok when I logout of my desktop and move to my laptop, and re-login. I copied  the game directory via usb copying the game directory. Maybe BDO puts some files elsewhere that also need to be moved? Has anyone seen this and have a solution before I log a CS ticket to try to get some help.I'm able to repeat this situation multiple days. ie: quest appears on my desktop. Logout. Login laptop and quest does not appear. Do some other things on laptop like gathering, move to another zone and return, talk to npc's, come back to quest giver, and still no quest. Logout of laptop and login to desktop. The quest is still there for the desktop.
    I am just experimenting for now, but being able to move to my laptop when my desktop game system isn't available would be very useful.
    edit2: I just found some BDO files in my system documents directory. I'll see what affect moving those to the laptop have on the situation. 
    putting those files on a usb stick and copying them to the laptop magically made a daily appear that wasn't there before. So for now, I guess thats the answer.
    I'll note there was a brief pause while the game started up with a black screen. I wil guess that some xml or config files were re-computed and maybe a few of my UI settings aren't 100% the same, but so far looks OK.
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  12. Reddervish added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat : Boatman   

    I was killed on my Epheria Sailboat  by the Phantom Pirate. I had tried to reach Ratt once on a regular fishing baot previously and was caught and killed by 'regular' pirates in the small sailboats with black sails. Maybe I just have bad luck, but I had wanted to stay at L49 and avoid pvp until I had finished with all the content around Calpheon and Heidel and gotten all the Energy and Contrib points available there. I used building an Epheria Sailboat as my level-up focus project.
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  13. Reddervish added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat : Boatman   

    I've obtained Bravant via the amity game and added him to my Epheria Sailboat, and presume I get a 1% speed boost. I'm still at beginner Sailing but have the needed 1000 amity with Philberto so he talks to me about the Boatman training and says I should return when I am Skilled. 
    From this thread I now see what the quest to upgrade Bravant will be. This looks to be overly complicated, time consuming, and expensive. And if the upgrade to the Boatman's level has to be renewed repeatedly, I will likely not do it, and doubt many others will either.
    I see a mention in a previous reply of sailing experience being achievable more easily, as in all sailing should award some xp. I agree.
    So far, I've tried 1 trade run to Ratt and was killed by a Phantom Pirate. I kept getting 'Evade' messages, but there didn't seem to be any way to evade. I then tried to fight, but was already in low health by that time, and it was impossible to steer my ship away. I see a note that suggests I may be able to use my cannon on his ship and may try that if necessary. note. I'm L49, and don't know if that makes the trip to Ratt impossible via my own boat? I've been there on the ferry and have Ratt on my world map now.
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  14. Reddervish added a topic in Suggestions   

    Hunting suggestions maybe bugs
    Leveling up hunting on my only alt, a L49 berserker. current hunting level is skilled8. Using a Skilled Musket +2 to hunt. Wear armor with two +3% hunting Dim gems.
    Bugs (I consider these bugs). At the island in Lake Kaia where npc hunter Leo Laurie gives the daily crocodile quest.
      a) there are spots where the freshwater crocs (not quest bull croc) swims around the island, and shots have no effect on the croc (at that spot)
      b) there are multiple crocs (up to 3) at one time frequently, and if I change targeting from one croc to another sometimes the first shot or two does not seem to do any damage 
      c) if I have just changed channels, I have to wait for a minute or two before any shots at crocs will damage them. Other actions like gathering work ok immediately
    Bug with hunting everywhere.
    d) If the red hunting target mark > <  appears, then the player should be able to assume that he has a clear damaging shot at the target. But there are places where the target mark appears and shots will NOT hit/damage the target. This is wrong.
    The two quests to shoot birds out of the sky (Sea Gulls at Velia and Eagles near Heidel) are harder, and more time consuming than the quests given by the hunter npcs (Laurie brothers). But the 2 bird quests only give level +1% skill-up while the easier hunter npc quests give about level +10.5% skill-up. I've quit doing the 2 bird shooting quests. Maybe thats intended? 
    Hunting smaller whales from a fishing boat. These give the same hunting level+1.2% skill up as shooting the freshwater crocs at Lake Kaia, but take much more time to hunt, and put expensive usage on a boat. There should be some compelling reward for hunting small whales vs crocs. Probably 2 or 3 times the skill up and maybe a daily quest at Epheria or Velia  (or both)
    Both the movement of hunting with a gun and swimming in the water are a little clumsy. And hunting water beasts (crocs and whales) , which are the ones that give hunting skill is double clumsy. Anything that could enhance the UI and movement would be appreciated.
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  15. Reddervish added a post in a topic Horse Drowning   

    don't forget the donkeys too! To make matters worse, if you mount up near the water, and turn, they may move into the water and drown. 
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