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  1. Serendubious added a post in a topic Why I think BDO is not Pay to win at all.   

    I see a lot of pretty good arguments as to why it is pay to win, but to be honest, I have to stand by my point of, "people pay to catch up". The moment that there is an option to buy exp boosts for money I will say that the game is pay to win because grinding is a huge part of this game and what keeps the Neets on top ^^ (that and their awesome skills!)

    As it stands, though artisan's memories are REALLY valuable, but just a form of catch up, it lets you run RNG more times, but a good player who is experienced knows how to fail-stack effectively while making money doing it. the maids are great, and weight is nice, these things can be replaced by using your horse in the following manner:

    When you get full you stack the main drop (pirate bananas for pirates ext) on your horse, then when you are full, you withdraw the full amount, then stack the overweight amount, and repeat, you can get a stack of 10k doing this which negates the need for more weight to farm effective, but as always it is nice to have weight or a maid, but no game-breaking-strong in my opinion

    as  Artisan's memories, which does help getting durability back, and does not help any other player, so technically give you a fair advantage over other players of silver-saved, enchanting boss gear does not come down to durability in my opinion it comes down to RNG and effectively collecting fail-stacks on an alt to get it back up. Yes you can run a profit using Artisan's memories, so you can gain the bonus of this alone, but not really game breaking in my opinion and won't make you win since the profit takes time to make, and the time you spend working to get the money once again takes away from play time. But to be honest, to pull the silver our of the Artisan's memory you must sell and boss items do not really sit in the market place even at TET.

    Now as for horses, YES you can turn an huge profit resetting breading, but horse profit helps other players as you are selling that great horse to them and save them the terrible effort of getting a T7 horse with drift and instant accel without resets, so horses are not really helping just you.

    And I guess I'll add one more argument as to why this game does not have monthly sub, it is those 'whales' as some people call them, who really enjoy this game and want to pay to catch up.

    So if I missed anything else please be sure to let me know, I'll check in again in a while!

    AND thank you for responding everyone! I am surprised that this is still such a hot topic, but I think my case is still pretty good for now!
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  2. Serendubious added a topic in General   

    Why I think BDO is not Pay to win at all.
    I might be wrong, but here goes... my argument excludes pets because pets are too useful and effective (Pleaseee release ocean update so I can spend my time getting T3 pets from golden chests)

    People do play BDO and work (I know cuz' ppl say they do without saying they lie) Working cuts out your time allotted to play and get better at the game (this means learning how to deal with other players, mobs, how to farm effectively, research, messing around so that you can bring yourself to grind for 4 or more hours non-stop [ONLY BREAK NO STOP] and much much more, BDO is a huge game).

    Let's assume you spend 1200$ at 20% off buying value packs because Christmas bonuses are a thing I've heard and I REALLY want a value pack) You do this because you want to pay to win the game, you are a bad person! You bad person you! You sell 100 value packs at rounded up to 10m (because I am bad at maths) YOU JUST MADE 1Billion SILVER!!!!!!!!!! YOU WIN BDO

    Not really, here is why. you just gave 100 people 30% more income from the market place for 30 days and 10% value on their grinding time for experience some of these players are hardcore players who don't spend money on games because they do not have excess or are simply Neets who  need a new video card (440 GE-FORCE please halp...) who play for 8 hours a day or more instead of working 40 hours a week.

    If you want to talk costumes I make the same argument 10% experience gain plus other stuff, exchanging 30% from marketplace for vanity. YES for costumes!!

    Pets are indispensable so can someone spend 50,000$ on pets so that I can win 10 bids (I really want t3 hawks plzz)

    What I think people mistake, since you can never win a bid, is that when someone pays to win, they are at best simply paying to recover the time they could not spend on the game because they were working, they only do this they like the game and want to stay relative in the game because this game is competitive, and that is why WE PLAY SO FREAKING MUCH, we want to get good, and no amount of silver can make up for the experience and skills that you developing from actually investing yourself in the game and doing your best. That goes for people who put a few or a bunch of items in the Marketplace and who pick up a few or a bunch of items from the cash shop for themselves. The cash shop increases the value of your time and in my opinion that sucks, but game needs to live (P.S. please don't make things that cannot go to market like maid and fish costumeee). If you don't have pets the value of your time goes down, I think the more people who can get pets, the better, all game time should be of equal value in my opinion (P.S. Capitalism sucks)
    I honestly think that being able to buy cash items for silver is a REALLY GOOD THING (don't hurt me) I am vain in games, I want costumes. I don't like to spend a lot of money on games for personal reasons... yeah... paying 20-50$ is pretty reasonable to be since BDO is a great game and if you have not already, you really should get 3 pets and earrings and a maid costume.
    I would say that more than 1% of all items listed are asked to be listed by players in channel chatPearl tab of market is empty and is always empty so people clearly appreciate the help that people give by selling pearl itemsPearl items are price capped (Good work high-five!! Please fix normal market price caps too)Value of items is less than 1$ per 2 million silver and I would trade all my silver for money at half that rate if there were a game supported way to do it (90% of you would do the same [ADMIT IT!!!]Thank you for supporting both the game developers and players by using the cash shop, you rock! (POST 100 value packs please, or more. I think my luck requires at least 500 listed)
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  3. Serendubious added a topic in Suggestions   

    How and Why to stop Marketplace exploits
    I think you may have noticed, but items are going up or down 50-100% in the course of a few days. I am almost certain that people are exploiting the 'reactive nature' of the market place by buying all the items not at the max value and listing all of their items for max value and canceling them when the price goes up. Currently the ancient weapon core 4m-9m and ancient guardian seal 5-11m are being hiked up by a merchant guild or players and previously the red coral earrings were targeted and seem to be targeted again 2m-5.5m. I am sure there are other items that are targeted.

    Now, I am pretty sure that the market place being reactive to supply and demand is intentional, but I think that monopolizing the market this extreme is exploiting the system. I read that there was a big issue over this exploit regarding the Red Nose armor where the price when up to I think 95 million silver in the Korean server, that without a doubt deeply impacted the economy and the players involved effectively stole through their monopoly from other players because of the exploitation of the marketplace. 

    To be honest, I like playing with market places and making profit by watching trends in games and patches, but watching these current trends and hearing about what happened in the Korean server, makes me wonder if you don't think that this is an exploit of the market place.

    If it is not an exploit of the market place and and it is entirely intentional and just considered good business, then by all means let them continue, even though I personally a monopoly like this is stealing.

    But, if this is as I hope it is, unintentional, please do something about it, treat it like a bug exploit and give out punishments, because this is exactly what it is, or just Add reasonable limits to the items in the market place (I would say the price that the item has sat at or leveled at for 3 mouths 25% [I don't have the history of the marketplace, but I hope it is somewhere] on that, unless the item is unavailable [Meaning that it is Pre-Ordered for more than 25% of max price for more than 3 days] then add another 25% and so on (Yes there definitely is a better system than this)  (Yes this will fix a Red Nose armor exploit [because the cap price should not be 95 million], there is a reason that the price is not at 95 million like Tree Spirit).

    Items like the Nouver dagger which have Pre-Orders for over 130million (PS, buying Nouver Dagger 130m plzz), do not go past 95million in price, this sort of reasonable limit prevents the usefulness of a monopoly and saves us from this issue on the items people REALLY want (Boss Armor, ext).

    Now a little aside for people who don't understand monopolies, no you cannot reasonably prevent people in this game from hitchhiking with you in your price raising (If you realllly wanted to you could by flagging in every server and monopolizing spawns if you had the resources), but each and every item that they farm allows you to raise the price faster, you want people to farm, to see the price going up and sell now, you want to buy out everything there is, because only you and your conspiring members know when you are 'dumping' and if they hold onto the items they risk losing money, exactly like gambling, the game is fixed and the dealer is going to win, except most people do not realize it.

    And a final aside to people who are going to say it is not stealing from players. You are right in so much as players do not need the items that are targeted, but in my opinion the marketplace is there to allow you to buy things at the price which MOST players think they are valued at, this exploit takes away that opportunity, SOME (I) might say, they STEAL the opportunity from you or buy it without the consent of the majority.

    But this is just what I think, I obviously think I am right for now being as though I just wrote this post, but if you disagree I would honestly like to be wrong (Because omg.... such many silvers...much shine....much wants...  I can spend my old used silvers for moree old used silvers with no risk of losing silvers?!) Also I'll just make or join a Merchant guild and pay back the community by selling Pen Bares accessories in bulk! THAT IS RIGHT PEN ...green-ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Thank you for reading all of this, hopefully this can be fixed or clarified upon!
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