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  1. Harow added a post in a topic kamasilve part II + Monk class will be reveal on the 8th   

    let me guess ... a horse breeder ? i can smell your kind flawless logic miles away, tell me how's the pearl business going ? 
    go ahead threaten you gona quit breeding, and tell me to brid ma own horses.

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  2. Harow added a post in a topic Perspective of a returning player   

    very interested  on this part, can you elaborate ?
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  3. Harow added a post in a topic kamasilve part II + Monk class will be reveal on the 8th   

    already done .. it's just blow my mind how selectively disgusting this forum "ToS", and from the moment i got the double ban all i see around are peoples breaking the so called left & right, and nobudy is giving a sh*t. while i accept my ban 100% for using "hypocrites" and "scum" in a discussion with the honorable breeders who kept calling me names like ahole, retard and all that good stuff, i just can't accept how this rules apply to certain individual and not others.
    #rules .. 
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  4. Harow added a post in a topic kamasilve part II + Monk class will be reveal on the 8th   

    this forum is such wow place ..
    call a horse breeder asking for a fat bribe on top of the horse price an hypocrite, BAM posts deleted + 24 hours BAN.
    bash an entire religion system because you believe whatever your corrupted media is feeding your dead brain, BAM post kept + Love displayed.
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  5. Harow added a post in a topic How To Make Silver   

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  6. Harow added a post in a topic DK Awakening next week 12 April   

    next week huh ? 

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  7. Harow added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    clearly you don't care, that is why you post a wall of your completely "unbiased" point of view. 
    and i honestly do not care about getting tier 8 from this change, i only wish to destroy the breeder pearl business. 
    I was an average joe not too long ago, and you know what average joe top priorities are ? Not Horses.
    For a new coming player, with an active play style most of the concern is building up gears and improving weapon damage in order to survive the savages waiting in the wild, ie monsters and other players, and a horse will do none of this things, a player interest shift towards horses only after achieving the previous objectives and getting extra money, and both of this criteria doesn't apply to an average joe.
    What about those with a passive/life skill play style ? you said it yourself at the end : life skill is afk, so why would a new life skiller care about a horse with instant acceleration, drift and all that ?? if he ever travel, he wouldn't care if he get to the destination in 2 min or 10 min, he would set an auto path > press T > go afk.
    your statement a new player demand a perfect high tier horses is completely ridiculous and easily destroyed.
    you #2 statement is training horses require pearl investments, correct ?
    take a look at grinding, see how you earn looting for yourself ? and even after investing 1000+ worth of pearls into getting tier 1 pets, it still ridiculously slow, go a head DO IT, i was an average joe at some point and i know, getting higher tier 3/4 is a heavy RNG investment that is also both convenient & mandatory! add to this aspect weights as well!  #notjusthorses.
    take another look at banking investment, and tell me how much you need to spend for top contested town in order to get a rank 1 house ? an arguably mandatory aspect of the game that require heavy pearl spending to get the benefits, #notjusthorses.
    what about enchanting ? repairing an item durability is another heavy investment through artisans memory, also a convenient & mandatory for those with not much time for scrolls. #notjusthorses.
    what about fishing ? pearls investments for inventory slots. #notjusthorses!
    Processing ? outfit for longer processing sessions #notjusthorses!
    Cooking ? pearl outfit of short time/higher profits #notjusthorses!
    need more examples ??
    don't put words in my mouth mr "i don't care"
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  8. Harow added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    and how did you all came up with that conclusion ? wait wait wait, let me guess .. were the RNG results actually RNG ?? omg the HORROR!! #Logic ..
    no they were data mined and present the most accurate informations atm, and it was done by professional peoples who value the meaning of honesty & sharing.
    Did he ? all i saw were a bunch of random bs i didn't even bother to reply too.
    nope, your cuter! 
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  9. Harow added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    You do realize horse training is done entirely afk ? meaning if your doing other activities then your not  100% efficient at breeding and have no place to judge if the activity is profitable or not, you don't call yourself a horse breeder just by riding a donkey for messily 2 hour a day.
    Demand someone else respect, proceed next to call them aholes .. that the kind of logic i dealt with in every horses related topic. 
    the max chance at tier 8 from tier 7 is actually 28% = 21% Males + 7% Females
    using tier 8 is 32% = 24% Males + 8% Females.
    using tier 6 and 8 give 28% = 21% Males + 7% Females.
    even mixing tier 6 and 7 with the current low rate of breeding, have an 8% chance of getting a tier 8.
    >>> So why are you Lying on this subject ???
    And i already said a new player doesn't care about tier 8/9, so why are you even bringing this up ? and lying about it on top of it ??
     i laugh at this statements every time .. if there is 1 benefit to the horse market situation it's that it cannot get worst .. getting back to that #logic thing.
    also, i love how none of my counter arguments have been addressed, not that i expected anyone to address them .. because #Logic, it just shows how flawed the current case of horses, and i don't hate horses breeders in general, only those demanding absurd numbers of pearls for what it's supposed to be everyone in game mount, if you (generally speaking) feel any tension reading my posts in horses topics then clearly your one of those.
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  10. Harow added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    Don't bother man, this "peoples" don't use their brains, if they did they wouldn't have chosen horse breeding in the first place ..
    After getting in a lot of conversation with their kind, i realized they have no argument to back up their practices and all they are trying to do is justify their selfish greed.
    common entitled horse breeder argument : 
    - "Go breed your own horses" < their motto, what would happen if the butcher, the grocer, the carpenter, ..ect. all tell you "go make it yourself", wouldn't that be fun ?just like every person in life have a purpose and a job, the same thing happen in game, that food you took to buff your char didn't spawn on the MP, so is the black stones, and the gear, and the tools, and even the horse saddles and shoes your using on the horse your riding!
    don't want to sell your products ? fine, then don't buy the community product either - pearl items included! #justice.
    - "Effort and RNG rates" really ? what fking effort do you speak of ? leveling a horse is the most afk activity in the game, it require 0 skill, 0 investment and 0 time management, also your think RNG is tough ?? try farming for end game accessory, enchanting past safe zones, gathering shards & hards, or even landing a proper CC in pvp, it doesn't matter where you turn your face in this game, RNG will be there waiting to say howdy! 
    don't want to sell your product ? fine, remove those notification on enhanced gears and accesoires! #justice.
    - "breeding take pearls" no it doesn't, the choice of using pearl or not is 100% to the trainer, and 100% convenient, if you choose to gamble your way through skill change then take the responsibility for it and don't make the player pay the price of your addiction! also a normal player doesn't care what skills a horse have, he simply want a fast decent tier horse, so the entire bullsh*t about tier 8 or future 9 is out of the window.
    new players doesn't give a sh*t about tier 8 or 9
    - "Silver too low" the only legit complain, it can be solved in 2 ways : getting na/eu specific price raise in market, and apply value pack effect. 2 solution that can be worked on with proper communication of the issue in a civilized manner, and i can guarantee many non breeder are ready to give full support to this, including myself, BUT what did the community of breeder do ?? boycotted the community, stopped selling horses from all tiers and started demanding crazy number of pearl in order to get a chance to buy their precious horsy .. wtf ??? 
    so are you selling horses ? or just want an extra fat bribe on top of their price ?? is that what you want breeders ? i mean, just look at this 2 : 

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  11. Harow added a post in a topic Server Lag - Any solution coming soon?   

    Sadly this game have no respect toward it loyal players .. welcome to the horror. 
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  12. Harow added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    Oh wow .. out of 3.7k+ posts you produced a single picture highlighting the differences of price between market and imperial ??! something any human with eyes and a brain can tell, clearly you deserve a stand in ovation!! and here you go : 

    i hope you don't mind just 1 person, others kinda .. didn't get the point.
    the other guides you linked are either outdated or short of crucial details .. and we are not really judging what your planing here but what your produced already and so far it is 1 picture .. out of 3783 post.
    waiting for your updated completely optimized calpheon crate guide.
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  13. Harow added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Plunge : how about you create your own guide mr constructive criticism and fill it with your own all-knowing informations about the subject, accompanied by a perfect optimized set up for base/worckers/nodes connects and stuff .. huh ?
    But we all know you will NEVER make such a thing, i can see your the type who brague about their knowledge but NEVER  share it, a completely disposable member of the community, so how about you get out of here while showing more appreciations for the OP effort in helping the community ? at least he did contributed something whitin 12 posts, unlike you mr 3779 ..
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  14. Harow added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    The timing of this demand is just so hilarious and pathetic at the same time. 
    Please explain to me how that would change the situation for other players ? guess what ? it DOESN'T, but how about you ? no more guaranteed pearl for your precious! and pretty sure the pearl business for your kinds is going to jump of a sweet nice hill < which is mainly why i am excited about this change!
    as for the rest claiming "we no sell, go brid ur 1" then feel free to stock those horses on your ranches till it explodes, or sell to imperial for a nice ~20+% lost of silver, but know this : When ever you try to sell a horse for pearl or to "freinds" we are going to be there on that moment at the horse market, and we will make sure to fk your sht up. 
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  15. Harow added a post in a topic Forum Mods and You!   

    This +100. in the last 2 weeks every single post i made expressing my opinion about horse breeders practices has been deleted by a completely "unbiased" CM, my posts had nothing but my personal opinions backed with logic, and the most offensive words they contained were : scums (in 1 reply, after getting provoked and called a retard) and hypocrites.
    i am 100% positive this forums use much more offensive words on a daily basis, in great abundance, but when your target a specific grp then all your posts get deleted and you'll be given a 24 hour ban because someone decided to apply the "rules" specifically on you.
    Another example was how certain mod decided the statement "low life trash like peon" is offensive and decided to delete it because ?? idk fan girl maybe ? i received 0 explanation, and the my post had 0 REASON to why it was edited.
    getting back to the entire "rules" subject .. flame bdo on a daily basis, make videos full lies about a "p2w" change, and ask your 300k+ subscriber to boycott the game, just like peon did is not considered breaking rules according to this company, but if someone call peon a "low life trash" because of his actions, then he get 24 hour ban because he broke the rules ... #logic.
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