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  1. FilthyFish added a post in a topic Gear advice   

    Can't tell if this is meme. This post is like someone showing a screen shot of all PEN gear and asking what they should do next. If you are being serious, Tri ogre then Tri tungrades. If you have enough ap you don't need the accuracy, specially since you don't pvp (btw I think it's stupid you don't) Although, I'd get two tri red coral earrings for pila ku and kamla
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  2. FilthyFish added a post in a topic Swap key   

    If you dont know the secret, good. less people who know, the better...
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  3. FilthyFish added a post in a topic Gearing Advice (200+ AP)   

    Swap to Tri red coral ears x2
    get shultz belt to tri 
    swap to duo ogre (or tri sicils, what ever you think is more obtainable)
    Suggest going Kutum over vangertz (if you're NA, or just keep using Nouver)
    Maybe start going for a Tri Cres
    Start getting tet zarka and boss armor
    Do all that, you will be sitting with some pretty good stats
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  4. FilthyFish added a post in a topic Swap key   

    Lethal, hold Q and get used to tapping C. You can swap back and forth with 100% guard up time. I usually hold down on Q or just constantly hover over it. Get Kutum, best overall shield. move to nouver/rosar (if you think nessasary, or just stick with kutum) when we start doing 1v1, gvg, etc 
    btw, vangertz is garbo shield mm kay
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  5. FilthyFish added a post in a topic Next?   

    Id say that this is a good guide line for gear progression (up to about 200 ap) https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5rjk6u/my_warriors_gear_progression_from_sep_2016feb_2017/
    EDIT: with current meta, changes I would have made (have made those changes now) are:
    1) swap blue corals for red coral earrings
    2) go tri on red coral rings sooner
    3) get duo tree belt or basi belt sooner
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  6. FilthyFish added a post in a topic Warrior Gear Accuracy   

    Those gems make me feel like this is a troll lol
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  7. FilthyFish added a post in a topic x2 KD Resist +25% VS. x2 Movespeed +2 (Boots)   

    It's good for gap closing and getting out. I noticed that I wasn't having to relay on KD res because I was constantly blocking or using skills with super armor.
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  8. FilthyFish added a post in a topic Lvl 59 trying to hit 60 asap   

    Hey bro, just hit 60 yesterday. I've always done grinding the hard way so hopefully these tips help you out. (some of this stuff I only did after 70% and had 168 ap until 50%)
    -listen to music or podcasts
    -use your 200% every day
    -grind your hardest on weekends (10-15 hours)
    -grind fogans or gahaz
    -don't loot (from time to time maybe pick up a few things
    -find the best rotation of skills to use to one shot the mobs or kill in 2 skills (watch your cool downs and get into a rhythm)
    -use any exp thing you can (pets, crystals, elixers, costume)
    -set daily exp goals and push it if you are not tired (mine was 5% a day, would push to 7-10 most times, or miss the day of grinding)
    -hide your exp bar from time to time
    -do other stuff like node wars and gathering from time to time
    Went from 81% starting last friday and got level 60 mid day sunday. I'm 183/293, and got about .6% exp an hour on week days, and about 1 - 1.1% an hour on weekends at fogans and gahaz. Set goals and go hard, I myself don't mind grinding and enjoy it. GL man
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