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  1. Kendrox added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    GL HF everyone! unfortunately I have to work during the tourny, should def link the video or stream here so some of us can watch after!
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  2. Kendrox added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    There is no definitive number to when contesting a spot becomes karma bombing, but typically if you 1)Aren't willing to flag yourself, 2) are dying more than you're grinding or 3) Don't even fight back.. I'd say you're on a good verge of what most would consider karma bombing.

    I find that the problem is fixed if the person trying to take the spot is willing to flag to take it.. a lot of problems are avoided, of coarse unless you win and they don't recognize your victory and just come back to grind without contesting it back
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  3. Kendrox added a post in a topic Where to start?   

    This also depends on what you want your zerker to do, as a pure hybrid build is also viable..
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  4. Kendrox added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    I completely disagree, the sheer number of hours required to grind out a level, the abysmally low exp gain per mob where you're gaining 1% per hour solo at a main rotaion tells me we were not intended to share seeing as how just one more person can take that 1%/hr all the way down to .25%/hr and I"m sorry...  no one is going to be ok with that call it selfish, selfish, or not.. if we were meant to share it would  be easy to do so, instead the exp loss for "sharing" is so great that there is absolutely no reason to attempt to do so except in few areas. It's not to say that you shouldn't try for a party of say 2 but when you begin to have 3 people and 4 comes in and you're already getting garbage exp what are you supposed to do? "Sure buddy come on in I was only planning on grinding for 3 hours today for 3% but I'm perfectly fine with grinding 3 hours for 1% now that you're here!".. I think not.
    Also I don't believe the design of the karma system is to say that we all need to share at all.. since this is your opinion for their intentions I believe the karma system is there to keep people from just walking up and killing people all over the world over and over, then spawn camping them until they quit the game.. this can happen over grind disputes but I feel it is aimed at a wider scope of the world because without the karma system no one could leave towns.
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  5. Kendrox added a post in a topic Why Karma bombing is a good thing.   

    This is a questionable situation seeing as how some spots are easily soloable.. meaning that just 1 person stepping in on the area will disrupt the gain of exp and cause a decrease of income.. The mobs in this game are entirely too easy to think that we can all share, people are typically forced to grind in the same few areas for any substantial gains in exp to make it efficient and time worthy so when someone infringes on this situation and your exp begins to decrease, you bet their going to get upset. You can say that no one has a right to the spot, but if you are fishing in a small hole and someone else comes in and drops their rod in and begins catching all the fish leaving you with hardly anything at all, you may feel a certain way, now when there is a solution (Kill said person to get them to leave so you can maintain efficient exp) and that solution no longer acts as a deturant well... it becomes frustrating since there are typically other areas said person could grind on the same mobs but that person knows you have the most efficient grind rotation and wants it.. they (in my opinion) should flag and attempt to take it, not just roll in and screw the exp gains for the both of you. If the person who was there first dies, he comes back for redemption (Flagging himself to reclaim his spot) if he dies again well there's no point, if he wins and maintains it by a couple kills well... move along, either way one of them should leave as any more interaction is a waste of time on both of their parts and a massive waste of karma. If people entered the situation respectfully (Not karma bombing their way to victory) it wouldn't be an issue.
    Sometimes people just need to learn when to take the L and move along.
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  6. Kendrox added a post in a topic Looking for opinions for classes   

    By waiting dodging and reacting.
    Not at all, all I'm saying is I wouldn't be surprised if you get your ass kicked by someone who's less geared than yourself but knows how to play
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  7. Kendrox added a post in a topic Looking for opinions for classes   

    This is a berserker to a T. While witch/wiz is strong I don't agree with them being a great 1v1 class.. albeit they gained much more 1v1 potential after awakening but there's just no touching a zerker 1v1 in most scenarios unless it is  heavily outgeared (Which zerker mechanics help to lessen the curve on gear dependency) or unaware on how to play the class, it is good in PvE even though some would say a tad on the boring side until awakening, amazing at 1v1 encounters and still quite strong/viable in GvG/node wars.
    Find yourself caught off guard and you'll die quickly, wizards/witches are typically squishy and susceptible to CC's which = death. The thing that has helped them to remain alive longer now is their frontal blocks/superarmor in skills however the cast animations without cancels leaves them vulnerable if you don't have the proper mind of when to actually use them.. you could easily find yourself stuck in aquajail with no one in the ring all the while giving your opponent the opportunity to just walk up from behind and grapple/strike..
    The fact that you guys believe this to be a given fact is quite entertaining and almost tells me you're someone who relies on their gear/class to carry them and are lacking in skill yourself, I won't deny that gear and class mechanics are a very heavy part of the game but I've had many scenarios where someone who outgeared me on a class with iframes/evasive mechanics just plain out scrubbed their way to death under my pvp experience.. you can still outplay people in this game, all 3 factors are just as important, What good is a class if you don't understand hte mechanics and have the skill/knowledge to implement the mechanics properly.. gear can carry but only so far..
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  8. Kendrox added a post in a topic Gahaz vs Pirates vs Sausans   

    Pirates is comparable, however at the same time it is also well known and can be just as player dense/frustrating as Sausans, Bandits are comparable in exp if you can kill them quickly however the money is not worth it in comparison. Once you begin to venture into valencia during your earlier levels (56/57/58) you'll need to make the choice on what mobs you grind because some in valencia are decent money but lower exp while the higher exp mobs will sometimes yield less than adequate  money.
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  9. Kendrox added a post in a topic DisposableHeroes is Recruiting!   

    Full Combat Tree!
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  10. Kendrox added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    Honestly in this day and age the only thing you can do is find the game that has "P2W" values that you can stand, or get behind. Otherwise you're going to waste your life stressing over a games way of making money, for some the line of P2W acceptance is greater or less than anothers.
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  11. Kendrox added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    The most basic example of pay to win was offering something such as an advanced gear/mechanic that was exclusively obtained through IRL monetary means giving the people a clear advantage over anyone unable or willing to spend RL money.. Since this has become a commonly known problem amongst game developers and known to kill their games, they have begun to shift games to the more "Pay for convenience schemes" that have created loose definitions on what P2W is as it can mean any value to any individual that feels they can gain advantage by paying rl money, there is no answer to what is P2W anymore as companies try to find ways to make money without breaking/killing the game..
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  12. Kendrox added a post in a topic BEFORE YOU LEVEL YOUR MAIN CHARACTER   

    I would have thought this a better read if you would have taken all of the opinionated bias out.. it just comes off like every other post that says "This class is broke please fix" even though they just don't understand the class well enough..
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  13. Kendrox added a post in a topic New Player Looking for a Guild   

    Hey!, if you haven't decided on a guild yet feel free to check us out, DisposableHeroes has been around since Pre-Launch and has many knowledgeable players more than willing to give you a helping hand and answer any questions you may have. Check us out at our post below and feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns!
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  14. Kendrox added a post in a topic [NA] Orwen GF and I lfg   

    Hey there, if you haven't decided on an offer yet, feel free to check out our page, we've been around since pre-launch! We have females both as general members and in leadership. I wouldn't suggest the guild unless I understood your circumstance (My fiance also plays and is in guild) Check us out!

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  15. Kendrox added a post in a topic Are you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy   

    There are other guilds that still fall under this no dec rule,such as <Dollars> who have a lot of members but somehow still aren't ready for war even though maybe a month ago they dec'd on our guild. It's annoying since we were doing a guild mission and this guy from their guild came out of no where and started stepping into the rotation. (We left rotations for people to grind as we aren't complete dicks) we couldn't dec on Dollars or Daiiars (Capital I's) neither guild was ready for war.. >.>
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