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  1. Nyxda added a post in a topic Striker extended trailer   

    Lol you're forgetting something pretty important, the TW server allows everyone that doesn't have a native server aka China, you'd have to be stupid to ignore the purchasing power that China has in MMOs. Most of the time the west makes some of the smallest revenue for eastern game companies.
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  2. Nyxda added a post in a topic Striker extended trailer   

    I like how arrogant you can be as a western gamer thinking an eastern game was developed for Western tastes. You can argue but they are asking for my money but most of their money is still from the east so they are gonna be it's main audience. 
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  3. Nyxda added a post in a topic Accuracy on PvE?   

    Rangers usually settle for 1 tri rce, a tet zarka and bhegs for their 'optimal' accuracy point.
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  4. Nyxda added a post in a topic BDO makes a truly wretched first impression   

    Lol let's not kid ourselves here, pve is basically no different than dynasty warriors. It's not that fast paced either more so when you get to a gear point of just nuking mobs in one shot. 
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  5. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    So you're telling me an item that is basically sold out most of the time isn't undervalued? That in a different game with a free market the price of items that are frequently sold out wouldn't rise in value? Most people understand that prices are locked in this game but that doesn't change the logic of supply and demand. Enough of us hoarders understand that enough to not throw away money by selling for something they obviously aren't worth. We're better off leaving them in storage or using it for whatever alt instead.
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  6. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    Say whatever you want but until they increase the rates they drop or increase the value, people with stocks won't bother to move them. 
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  7. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    When you have an item that can almost double the value of a piece of equipment for only 4 million. I have pretty good reason to believe they are worth more than that. 
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  8. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    Well let's get this out of the way first in no way am I against making them more available through drop locations and rates or increasing the market value. Because either way the market value will reflect the worth. 
    Second being that I'm in full tri gear which is good enough for sausages and I only grind an hour or 2 tops. I enhanced it myself with more passes than fails. 
    Third being I gather an hour a day usually to burn my energy, I usually average 4-6 shards. 
    Basically I'm rng carried. 
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  9. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    Say what you will, but in a game that doesn't appropriately award value to things that are tedious to get like shards and t8 horses. It's better that they just stay empty and force people to do it themselves. Not to mention that you aren't thinking how limited shards is actually nice for me. Less people geared up, one less person to compete with over a grinding spot. 
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  10. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    Basically you'd have to be crazy to actually sell shards for these prices. They are worth double the listed value at least. 
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  11. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    The current prices for them in no way reflect how valuable they actually are. Either they have to be as avaliable as normal stones because of how low their market value is or the market value has to go up to reflect how valuable they really are. 
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  12. Nyxda added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    The solution is pretty simple increase the value of them. If they could actually be sold at a higher price everyone would be willing to move their personal stock. 
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  13. Nyxda added a post in a topic So, no armor/weapon progression...   

    Telling him to enjoy something he enjoys, a strange insult. 
    The biggest disappointment in this game is the lack of fashion, can't freely mix clothes as much as other games. I've been spoiled by how good it was in vindictus, being able to combine stats with looks. 
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  14. Nyxda added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    Idk man pve is pretty hard because the servers are junk so you'll ghost around or get delay cc'd by mobs, getting you killed as a result. 
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  15. Nyxda added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    This is pretty inaccurate because people don't bother going beyond Valencia. Most people are told to just stop at mediah and live the rest of the time at sausages. Or maybe when you progress enough there go to pirates which is part of calpheon I believe. Valencia is basically a brick wall for progress for most people because you can actually progress more by not wasting your time there. 
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