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  1. Iscoed added a post in a topic China will force games with loot boxes to publicly expose their drop rates and probabilities   

    Agree I can't really see this effecting BDO as has already been mentioned, we don't pay for loot boxes, either through real cash or in game currency
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  2. Iscoed added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    I suppose they could make a PvE channel but all xp from grinding and lifeskills, drops, return rates, would suffer a deduction. A sort of opposite of the Oliva channels.
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  3. Iscoed added a post in a topic Buying Gear and Selling It   

    You can't sell on MP, but can sell to an NPC
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  4. Iscoed added a post in a topic Game... Objective?   

    That IMHO is the main problem with the game.  They herald it's end game PvP and that's what the games all about, but make the actual gearing path so toxic, it's virtually impossible.
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  5. Iscoed added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    There surely must be a way to make people who are fishing, processing afk non attackable, a button to switch on etc, but soon as they move from their spot, the button switches off, so it can't be abused.
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  6. Iscoed added a post in a topic 200% xp channels   

    You can't, they start running from when you first log back in.  You can't log in and do afk fishing etc, then log onto xp channels and start grinding, expecting to have 30 days on them. I'd just do the opposite, get a character and grind for 6-7 hours till you hit 56, then do another character till 56 etc etc, then when 30 days runs out, decided then what afk'ing lifeskills you want to do.
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  7. Iscoed added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Guest Pases
    N8V5VMS-JFSQN93-VKR4CRG-LMFKV    Unused        
    B841VA3-K16DS2E-7MVHC9D-GPS6B    Unused        
    SAH5JFU-BRFIQDB-C01DT37-F27F6    Unused        
    TE8LF3T-CBHTEKL-CK0N62D-9UP88    Unused        
    LAHBQ5B-CA3EO22-ULAANFQ-E4OIO    Unused        
    DF00MMF-UQL3CAL-8JFIPT1-9ES8S    Unused        
    5RP9LKK-K8G7CG2-R3ERH8J-43K75    Unused        
    FP3V0SG-K077SC7-PU89JHB-S6NUM    Unused        
    22HF33S-V90N75Q-5OLRK90-6EAM    Unused        
    PCAP7OG-UJIG3J7-KFCQ7NK-S3BMM    Unused        
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  8. Iscoed added a post in a topic Benchmarks for gold-making, farming, etc.   

    I make around 6-10mil a day, with around 3-4hrs play.  Depends on what farm spot I do in the morning, this allows me to stack my auction house for when I'm not on line.  I'll come back from work and will have somewhere between 10-20 sales, so thats around the 2-3 mil mark, and will re-stock at least twice in the evening, getting me another 4-5mil.  So all that plus loot drops, hand ins etc I will get around 10mil a day.  Then a couple of times a week I'll drop Grunil Armour onto the market, mainly over the weekend and make an additional 10-15mil a day.  I don't afk at all really, unless I'm processing, so will minimise and watch TV or do something else.  But no overnight AFK or when I'm not at home.
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  9. Iscoed added a post in a topic Ah guys.. My character is stuck...   

    ^^We've all been there
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  10. Iscoed added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    How can you disagree with everything he said, are you telling me you can't tell the sex of a horse by looking at it?
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  11. Iscoed added a post in a topic Cooking is no longer very profitable   

    It would help if they'd class chicken as meat for starters. Or make the node an egg farm, with chicken as a by product.  And add in a few more chicken products, fried chicken, chicken noodle, pot pie etc
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  12. Iscoed added a post in a topic Best piece of advice for a new player   

    Take your time, it's a marathon not a sprint
    Get a few workers gathering potatoes and wheat, make beer
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  13. Iscoed added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    ^^I wasn't actually referring to the botting, just the whole "Well I worked for my Tri gear, you should work for yours"  As I said there must be a better and fairer way to upgrade than basically chance.
    The way I see it, the more people with better gear, equals better PvP, which is after all what the developers keep telling us is the "end game"
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  14. Iscoed added a post in a topic Please Implement a Non-Rng involved/Quest-grind way of upgrading your gear to PEN   

    And whats the problem with that, even playing field and all that.
    Lets all be honest, the only reason the guys with Tri/Tet gear don't want others to get it, has nothing to do with what it cost them, it's down to the fact they won't be able to "one shot" people anymore, and they'll actually have to use some skill to PvP
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  15. Iscoed added a post in a topic Passive income?   

    ^^Me too
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