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  1. HuangHo added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    OP presents a topic to change some glaring issues in the game
    People disagree/agree, put their 2 cents in
    people tell OP to go find a different game because change would ruin the game it was meant to be
    Arguments ensue on things other than the topic in the OP, dragged on for pages with no resolve or compromise
    Shit posting goes from 0-100 
    I agree, OP, the grind is brainless and a tedious task. The game has over a billion things to do, 10% of it being relevant, 0% of them being fun at its current state.
    I agree, OP, it is a game and it should be fun, fun is subjective, though. The developers apparently catered to a large audience that gives them fun things to do, no harm in increasing that audience by improving on PVP, right? 
    I agree, OP, the game is visually stunning, but if it weren't for the graphics and animations I think this game would just be another Runescape/Wow/Asian MMO. that's all that is really separating this game from the other games, it's the visual appeal.
    I agree, OP, the games mechanics are flawed and have issues that are overlooked, perhaps too many mechanics exist in this game and the developers are too lazy to fix them.
    but really, how come people don't want PVP to be improved? open up to the idea that a better version of PVP can exist in this game, not the current one we have now. If your problem is with an improved PVP system having an affect on Node/Sieges/Large Scale PVP, then disregard this, since GVG is hardly PVP, more like a bunch of mobs dog piling on each other. A better approach to the PVP scene in this game will definitely liven things up. Look at Korea, they made an ARENA for PVP for small-scale PVP, they just had/are having a PVP tournament for small scale with casters narrating the matches. Why? Because that's whats exciting in this game, PVP is exciting to a large amount of people. So why not make PVP much more accessible to the players of the game rather than hindering them with a gigantic wall.
    thanks for reading  hehe
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  2. HuangHo added a topic in PVP   

    CC Immunity/Resistance, HP pots, accuracy/evasion
    These need to go when Arena PVP comes to BDO NA/EU
    add in a combo break/panic skill every class gets one on a X minute cooldown. so you can't spam that sht like a p00si
    CC immunity/resistance need to go, if u get initiated with a stun or knockdown you deserve to get knocked down/stun if you couldnt dodge it/guard it
    accuracy/evasion need to disappear from this setting, if im right in front of your face smacking the heck out of you i dont wanna see "MISS" allowing you to break free from my combo string
    now once these are finally in you can see how unbalanced skills are, if you couldn't already. Skills with a ton of super armor or CC skills that have low cooldowns should be reworked.
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  3. HuangHo added a post in a topic Striker Gameplay   

    it's missing the fact that you can't actually juggle in BDO or knock enemies high in to the air. BDO's "float" is so dumb. also the fact that enemies don't respond to getting hit, they're just sandbags that get pushed around a little. sound effects also play a role in the appeal. I agree Blade and Souls KFM is probably the best representation of a monk/fist class in all mmos to date.
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  4. HuangHo added a post in a topic New Striker class gets a devastating grapple move   

    translates to getting blown up in gvg
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  5. HuangHo added a post in a topic Striker Awakening?   

    these guys look straight out of blade and soul
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  6. HuangHo added a post in a topic Is Striker going to be more OP than DK/Wiz/Witch?   

    let me look into my crystal balls
    class was announced, and its not even playable yet
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  7. HuangHo added a post in a topic Want to return but have a question   

    bdo is a huge time sink, and if you care about being left behind, then perhaps it is not for you.
    take some more time off, bdo as a game is still in its infancy, come back when you're less busy
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  8. HuangHo added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    see thats the point. OP is saying the combat is so boring at the beginning why should he drag himself through it if hes not going to enjoy it any more than he does from sub 50? and then the solution you brought up about PVP being the challenging aspect... yeah good luck doing anything sub 56 or 60 where it's required nowadays or having enough gear to last in a fight. its poor game design.(bdos not everyones cup of tea, just sayin)
    btw i am uber elite, i pressed down+F on my wizard with 100% rage and only 100AP i think i wiped out an entire guild xddddd
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  9. HuangHo added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    i agree, op. sandbagging on brain dead mobs is not fun. 
    1 shotting a mob isnt that more enjoyable either, but gotta make the grind somewhat tolerable and that's how the devs did it. nerfed mobs until you can easily and effectively delete them in less than a second. gear up so you can delete the higher leveled mobs with ridiculously high HP/DEF stats within a few skills.
    its just a mindless grind once you've hit that gear threshold allowing you to not worry so much about face tanking heavy hitting attacks and doing enough damage that you don't need to worry about seeing the enemy even have an attack animation. most mobs move slow enough and have telegraphed attacks 10 minutes before it even becomes active so no problem dodging.
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  10. HuangHo added a post in a topic You Dont Know The Feeling   

    2 months xddd
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  11. HuangHo added a post in a topic Getting attendance reward without going ingame?   

    ill do it for you
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  12. HuangHo added a post in a topic Which character do you find the most boring to play?   

    dark knight
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  13. HuangHo added a post in a topic Why do +0 blue awakening weapons sell?   

    you can use them to repair your blue awakening weapon
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  14. HuangHo added a post in a topic most satisfying class to play?   

    i dont think any of the classes have that impactful feeling when u beat some enemies in, its all cutting through butter or cutting through air.
    BnS does this well i think.
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