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  1. Tyrfing added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    God forbid us being happy about getting our greatsword. We cannot have any positivity at all. Hoping the greatsword stays sharp cleaving through all the salty tears.
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  2. Tyrfing added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Without debating the actual change, how do you justify it by making "what BDO has to offer" available to all? What about the hundreds of hours you have to grind the same mob, the RNG, the fact that awakening sets are gradually unlocked at levels a lot of people never reach? BDO claiming that all the content is accessable to the average player is laughable.
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  3. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Greatsword: Green vs Blue vs Yellow?   

    It would be interesting seeing the actual scaling on the awakening set. It probably boils down to the AP modifiers. How well does the green weapon fare in PvP?
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  4. Tyrfing added a post in a topic 35% tax with Value Pack?   

    Any value pack. Bags, store or the current event for example.
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  5. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Feel like Rerolling   

    No one can tell you what to play. It boils down to what you want to in the game. Greatsword warrior is top tier and your feeling is completely off. If you want to re roll into a ranger to farm better, that is also your choice to make. They are two entirely different characters. Making a ranger to farm if you plan on leveling your warrior is not worth it. Better spend that time farming levels on your warrior.
    Sticking to warrior during the hard times is what makes warrior special \o/
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  6. Tyrfing added a post in a topic The current Endgame Content of BDO: I dont like it   

    Content in games like these would be the farm. Adding more upgrade levels and some new zone with more mobs you can mindlessly farm for weeks straight is the content. You PvP eventually, but the vast majority of time you spend in the game is farming for more.

    This kind of content is cheap, but I don't see that changing at any point. I guess it boils down to preference. 
    I do wish they were taking balancing and bugfixing more seriously.
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  7. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    Thank you for the effort you are putting in. Even if nothing that actually makes a difference happens, all credit to you for trying to address this. Good luck trying to talk reason with the developers, I have a feeling you guys are going to need it. 
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  8. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    The only thing that can really help the class until greatsword is released is more damage. Increase the damage.

    1. Scars of dusk needs more damage in both PvP and PvE. Either lower the cooldown or increase the damage, not both. 
    2. Spinning slash needs to hit harder for the amount of WP it consumes. Lower WP cost or increase damage on the skill itself. 
    There are many good ideas on how to make the class fun or whatnot, but if we are going to be realistic we need to stick to numbers. Numbers can be tweaked on a short notice, animations or complete reworks of skills can't. 
    We need to be able to farm faster. We have no sustain nor do we have damage to speak of. The only thing we need is a boost to the damage output on one or both of the skills above. These are, of course, just my opinions, but more realistic than some here.
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  9. Tyrfing added a post in a topic That was the last drop   

    The way they removed the combo last time they made a change makes me think they want the warrior to be shit tier. PA is busy improving the ass graphics and being ----- whipped by pixels

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  10. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Warrior damage change Hello ?   

    While I agree with your point on the communication, I have a very hard time believing that Daum is the one handling the content being released. If this is anything like all the other games in this genre, they get the patch from the developer in asia(PA) and translate it here. This way causes a hell of a lot of delays and seemingly a lot of miscommunication.

    Awakening in one batch is a choice made by Daum most likely. I agree that this is causing issues mainly because some classes rely a lot more on awakening than others. This is, in my opinion, a lazy design flaw in the first place. The sets already here should have been balanced instead of putting the entire "balance" on awakening sets. 
    I also doubt that the patches are being tested properly seeing as a lot of info escapes the patch notes and the fact that daum doesn't seem to know the actual state of each class, or the game in general. I think the overall communication between the two is terrible as it is now, and this is not the first time I have seen problems exactly like this.
    As much as I hope for a proper warrior tuning, I am not banking on it. The overall game quality is pretty lackluster. There are a lot of things they should have improved that they have not for some reason. Class tuning seems to go under the category of not being important enough to spend money on. They would rather release a new mob or increase weapon enchant caps to continue the endless cycle of "content". The mentality is rotten in the first place.
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  11. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Warrior damage change Hello ?   

    I share your irritation when it comes to the treatment of warriors, but I hardly think shooting the messenger is the way to go. Warrior is in a hole of shit at the moment, sorc has one skill that needed tuning(not really). All in all this is standard asian developer <--> eu/na publisher communication. PA gives me the feeling of caring more about adding a new mob you have to farm for 300 hours, rather than improving existing issues, such as warrior, when it takes actual effort. I blame PA entirely for the lazy attitude towards the overall quality of the game and the fact that communicating with them seems to be a work of art.
    Have to add that the way they treat class balance in this game has to be the dumbest shit I have seen so far.
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  12. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Found an interesting animation speed up   

    Can we have one thread not derailing into a massive "my ----- is bigger" contest? Hardly anyone cares.
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  13. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Would bad RNG make you quit the game? [POLL]   

    RNG is like drugs. 
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  14. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Yuria vs Liverto again, but with some numbers now (Human damage test)   

    Get liverto if you don't mind the cost, keep Yuria if you do. 

    That really is all there is to it. Liverto is better for farming non human mobs, which is very common in valencia. If the tests are true you will most likely not even notice the difference in PvP. If you feel you want a better PvE and you justify the upgrade cost, liverto is for you.
    I think the constant debating on which is better has been concluded with the testing that was made.
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  15. Tyrfing added a post in a topic Warrior damage change Hello ?   

    This kind of communication is highly appreciated. Thank you!
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