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  1. Shimnao added a post in a topic This game is a parasite.   

    That certainly can happen.. even more so to anyone not willing to really understand how to roll those dice.
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  2. Shimnao added a post in a topic This game is a parasite.   

    This game will certainly try your patience, and make you feel at times that you will never get one thing or another accomplished. But really, at the end of the day this game gives you more sense of satisfaction than any other I have experienced in a game. This is because there is no real way to just take the short cut path and buy your way through.  What you achieve, what others achieve, was obtained through actual devotion to the game.
    Some things are strange to get use to, and others even harder to understand the reasoning for being one way or another.. but, somehow things have a way of balancing out very well, in my opinion.. so far.
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  3. Shimnao added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Anyone complaining about this down time, or any other maintenance down time, is really better off not playing BDO.  I mean, this game is just going to continue dissapointing you guys..  they will never nerf that wizard like you demand, or run all new fiber optic lines direct to your house from their servers like you deserve, for god's sake.. 
    Yeah, you guys really should just leave, and watch BDO just dry up because you are not hear holding the very fabric of the game together any longer. You will be glad you left.
    And come on.. you all should know by now that they almost always only mention a little hint of the overall LIST of things that are within any given Maintenance. Grow up suckers, learn a little patience and human decency, for ----- sake.  It goes a looong way.
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  4. Shimnao added a post in a topic Night Vendor Price List   

    Ive had a couple black stone armor bundle's x5 packs on NA last couple days, and was also same 600k that has been mentioned without screenshots.
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  5. Shimnao added a post in a topic ty Kakao   

    Never like to hear of hacked anything, but do love hearing how the GM's (or whoever) go to BAT for the person hacked.
    Thanks for posting! There are, believe it or not, just as many folks around here that actually do appreciate the BDO team 
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  6. Shimnao added a post in a topic Enhancing the World Overview Map   

    Thank you for bringing that up!  Custom Icons/Markers was also part of this idea, so to be able to mark areas as you said and label them. A variety of different icon types as well as ability to hide/show the custom aspects just the same as the standard features allow.
    The overview map is such a staple to this game, and is already extremely capable, it just makes sense to add in a few more things to make it full circle 
    Another way of looking at it...  expanding the map in a way like this would prevent potential third party applications being created in the future to give players these kind of extra options for keeping notes and such on the BDO world map 
    It would be wonderful too, to have the node points that players place with mouse pointer to create travel paths on the map, were a little more forgiving when it comes to centering the main line on the nearest path, and then cutting sharp angle to make up for the offset of center the player may have clicked on, from that path..  its just so much work to try to create a smooth flowing travel without having these unnecessary 'jogs' off the path abruptly just to have the path return back, and sharp abrupt turn to continue down that very path...
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  7. Shimnao added a post in a topic Enhancing the World Overview Map   

    It would be nice..
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  8. Shimnao added a post in a topic Player <> Player Trading, Market Place Prices.   

    I had not really considered that..  a player to player trade window, being a single item market place posting in essence, between two players. 
    I think thats maybe at least thinking in the right direction, all things considered
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  9. Shimnao added a topic in Suggestions   

    Enhancing the World Overview Map
    I wanted to prepare this better before posting, however that gets put off and I wanted to get this on here. Hopefully this makes sense..
    Scenario: You are in Heidel and want to run to Altinova. You open the World Map, pan over to the town, place your target node for the node path and close out. (or however you go about setting your node path to your destinations..)
    Now, I would like to suggest adding in ability to save paths you set on the map to be able to quickly open the map, select your stored travel path, close out map and go.
    The storage feature could be something like;
    Name of Path
    Short Description of the Path
    Setting for Auto Path Enabled
    And able to accept multi points, for custom long distance paths.
    So in a nut shell, thats about all I have off top of my head, having not thought too far into it. It certainly would be beneficial, both to players and more so to BDO staff. The info would most likely be stored on the clients local machine, cached, low additional storage to the main servers, if Im right. 
    Hope that makes sense. Happy to answer any questions!
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  10. Shimnao added a post in a topic Is farming really worth it VS other lifeskill profits   

    Should our servers end up using the same ingredient tree KR has in place, you will need ingredients from farming (the byproducts) for upgrading your T8 Courser Horse to a T9 -Pegasus, Hell Steed, or Unicorn.
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  11. Shimnao added a post in a topic Party loot (relic groups)   

    Labeling something cancerous...  how ironic.
    Hes saying, if one member is level 51, and others are 57 and higher (over a 5 level spread gap between lowest level player and next higher) it seems the entire group gets Nada for loot.
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  12. Shimnao added a post in a topic <DarkHorses> guild spring stable cleaning   

    As of this moment of posting, Horses are being posted to the Horse Market! 
    Once the last horse we have to offer is listed, I will repost here again to let you all know we are finished for today.
    **Please note, there is now a 10 minute delay from posting a horse to its being visible to
     Okay peeps, The last of the horses have been posted!
    Hope some of you were able to fine one!  We would love to hear what you all think about this, and whatever feedback you might have about it!
    We will try to organize this again in the near future, so keep your eyes open around here for any announcements from DarkHorses!
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  13. Shimnao added a post in a topic <DarkHorses> guild spring stable cleaning   

    Theres no T8 that has yet been confirmed to be posted, but there could be.
    This is something of a trial run idea of DarkHorses Guild, and not all memers are prepared to or even know about this just yet, either. However, depending on how it go's, we would like to try and make something like this somewhat of a regular thing
    So bare with us on the overall amount of horses and what tiers, because it could get better the next time(s) around.
    There WILL be quite a lot of T6 horses, most fresh out of the box   More than likely some 4, 5s and possibly a 7 or two. Still a bit early to tell! (and maybe its a secret?)
    Please keep an eye on the World Chat, the first announcment was given at 4:30, and planning to start posting these horses at 5:30  (thats PST west coast time)
    GOOD LUCK, Hope it helps out a few of you all that are wanting a new horse!
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  14. Shimnao added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Its too bad.
    Its too bad so many people here have absolutely zero common sense or decency around here. Absolutely no respect for anyone else deserving, zero tolerance for anyone making mistakes other than themselves (because after all, if these people make a mistake, everyone should just accept that there was no avoiding it, it was necessary and most important, justified. So accept their mistake)
    Its too bad, that seemingly no one here can even entertain the idea that this post, regardless of how the mistake was made, will certainly be corrected and in the end, the correct reward(s) will be issued, and very likely something extra for the mix up.
    Its too bad that so many of the players here are under the impression that having played BDO since the 'beginning' somehow places you in 'the most loyal' or 'the most valuable' player group. (guess what, no amount of loyalty can ever outweigh the amount of disrespect and harassment that many do here. That idea is so delusional, its just flat out hilarious to hear people say)
    Its too bad that so many are so quick to just attack the BDO team for anything and everything they just decide is wrong or has been done wrongly to them.
    Bleh.. Its too bad that my posting this will be mostly reacted to as if I am some idiot troll, white knight or whatever the hell other names the real trolls start calling..
    Ah well, Its too bad so many of the people here are really just missing out on the good things in life, because they are just so devoted to pointing out anything they think is bad.
    But damn, Its really too bad that these people think they are the smartest ones in the room. Never spent a day doing the job that the ones with degree's are doing, but by god they could certainly step in their place and do it for them so much better!
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  15. Shimnao added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    I dont care what anyone says, this is a massive update!
    Its crazy how self centered and narrow minded people are these days.. Angry ignorance has become the new popularity it seems..
    Good Job BDO TEAM, thanks for the updates!  I might not agree with them all or like every one, but hey, things are progressing and the game world is evolving!
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