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  1. Adelise added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

  2. Adelise added a post in a topic Keep Trade Rolling or unfair   

    The people who do rolling to level up trading are the grinders who don't like/enjoy trading in general because master 2 trading makes pirates more profitable than sausans. So, what they're doing is speeding up an almost required game play mechanic to stay competitive. In the end, the grinders who have done it will be making double the money that nontraders have. It makes the climb to the top much steeper as those in the larger guilds will inherently make more money than newer players who don't use this exploit, saving them time. As it is, a large group of people don't enjoy trading so they most likely won't ever get to master 2.
    In this game people exploit the weight of horses, multiple boats, and multiple characters to never have to move from pirates, so rolling isn't much different in the larger scheme of things. Not to mention the server merge where people exploited multiple characters all doing the dice game and daily lauren boxes for triple the income.
    Integrity in a game isn't what you are really defined by and people don't really care how people act in video games. And who are you to say what is moral? Ultimately, it doesn't matter and as you stated before, it's a pretend video game and people play to have fun, if they have fun by being competitive in pvp, so be it. Let them skip the boring parts and play how they want. Instead of forcing them to trade in a wagon to be competitive.
    Oh yeah, here is the top PVP guild trading(as it goes to show how important trading is to stay competitive):

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  3. Adelise added a topic in General   

    Dark knight Awakening(Trailer)
    Here you go!

    The full video was apparently taken down and this was leaked by accident.
    EDIT: FULL TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo-mjxHnGfw&feature=youtu.be
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  4. Adelise added a post in a topic Dark knight Awakening(Trailer)   

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  5. Adelise added a post in a topic Dark knight Awakening(Trailer)   

    Hopefully we get the awakening soon!
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  6. Adelise added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    Valkyrie is way worse than Sorc. Grinds slower, worse in siege, worse in pvp, worse in PVE, clunky, slow, chugs sp potions like crazy. So many rerolled valkyries, valkyries aren't even accepted into most top end guilds anymore.
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  7. Adelise added a post in a topic Valk Awakening and SP Sustain and general tips   

    Against most mobs you don't need a tri kzarka, a +15 bares or something will do just fine. Unless you're farming Pila Ku or valencia mobs you will be fine with Rosar or Liverto at +15(since they have two gemslots).
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  8. Adelise added a post in a topic Gravity Dodges ManUp to pick on little brother Iconic   

    So let me get this straight. You're avoiding pvp because you can't win against them and hope that you can win by getting them bored without castle sieges? In a few weeks, all the major castles will have no pvp, leaving all the PVP in nodes and Balenos/Serendia in that case. Inevitably, gravity will be in the same position as man up.
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  9. Adelise added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    Average per tri, point is you can have full tri gear in a week if you know how to get shards properly. People don't tend to join servers with less content than current servers unless it's a translation/localization process. Even archeage, with their new fresh start server had everything released at once. Even then, the best way to gear up with how the game came out is to just not play until artisan memories go on sale and awakenings come out. It's possible to gear up way faster now than it was in the past. 3-4million an hour use to be crazy with grinding(since grinding loot was doubled post mediah). Now you can make 20million or more, easily(not to mention the attendance rewards). You can get full tri+59 in about a month without trying too hard. There are new players that reach 190 AP within a month of playing as it's not very hard to make money. Point is you'd just play a nerfed version of yourself with how slow you'd be killing mobs in comparison to how you're use to with awakening and 16+ gear. Regressing isn't very fun. The only reason for this "freshstart" is so that you could catch up to the current elite players, but let me tell you, some of those players didn't play at launch and started late or quit for a long time and came back.
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  10. Adelise added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    There will always be someone farther ahead of you, even if there was a fresh start server, I'm willing to bet you'd be behind people who knew proper grinding/life skilling routes to optimize and play the market. There are people making a billion silver a week and everything you've lost is so minimal compared how much money you can make now. In the end, there's no point.
    Also why start a new server and withhold content? That doesn't make sense. You won't really get another chance to gather before +20 comes out even on the fresh start server. Even if you did, you can get 20-30 shards a day if you optimize everything which is the average per tri attempt. .
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  11. Adelise added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Yay! More old costumes!
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  12. Adelise added a post in a topic REDUCE COOLDOWN ON CHANNEL SWAPS   

    Probably to stop one guild from controlling multiple channels, as it's unlikely one guild will channel hop to each grind spot to help every single one of their guildmembers. This is for bosses too. It makes it more likely big guilds will stick to one channel and creates a community with that channel. Such as the RP channel, people will be less likely to grief it if this is the case.
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  13. Adelise added a post in a topic Iconic Shows The New Server How It's Done   


    Both sides trash talk, whatever.
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  14. Adelise added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

     The fact that the other guilds are non-participating means they shouldn't be able to participate. Just because a CM/GM says that it's not an exploit, it really is. The GM/CM of this game only said that to appease the player base or so they have a reason to not fix the problem at hand. It might be a "creative" use of thorns, but you could say that about any exploit. 
    LoTD sure did find a creative way to get around a wall. 
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  15. Adelise added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

    Did I say this wasn't an exploit?
    Either way, no point is talking about it here. 
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  16. Adelise added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

    They're both exploits. Even Vertias admitted to the giant thorn ball being an exploit. One is glitching through walls because of lazy programming. The other is using an item to inflict damage in a situation where you shouldn't be able to. Both are exploits and if you don't think so, you should read what an exploit is. 
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  17. Adelise added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

    If you put a giant I WIN button in the game, people will keep using it. This game has been available in KR for a long time, do you think in the history of the game this method has never been used? Do you think the developers are just now finding out about it? Show this to the GMs or start a separate thread. 
    A lot of people spectated this fight, you could see it just running around the field. I don't care enough to video record it and it's far too late to do so. In the end you're directing this at the wrong people.
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  18. Adelise added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

    Probably not, but this is on daum to fix the exploits. If there is an exploit in a game, players will use it until it's taken out. Note the giant deathball with thorns from non-participating guilds. There were some players hiding in masses of non-participating players today, a number of which had thorns. 
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  19. Adelise added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

    If you watched the fight, it didn't really change much. By the time that exploit was done, the first wall was already down. That exploit only bypasses the second door which never got taken down.
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  20. Adelise added a post in a topic Anyone who joins the Veritas alliance is a coward and should get zero respect   

    No guild in the alliance ever had to rely on another guild for their fights -- really? Even back when TBT and DVS existed? Those guilds would like a word with you. 
    The anti-alliance that stacks multiple guilds per territory are just random guilds that decide to fight for that territory. Aetherea hates Flex, but there's no point in attacking them because of how the mechanics of the game works. You go for the biggest threat in the area, which happens to be the mega alliance. The thing about the mega-alliance is they see anyone who challenges them as part of the anti-alliance. Vahlok for example was threatened today after the castle siege and decced on by Veritas. FoE, LoTD, Flex, and many of what you would consider part of the anti-alliance don't even talk or communicate with Vahlok for the most part. 
    Look at it this way. Lets say there was no mega alliance. Veritas tries to go for calpheon, but so does Luciform, Flex, LoTD, and FoE. Now, which guild would most of those guilds attack first? Obviously Veritas because they are the strongest. Now Veritas sees the other four guilds as part of an alliance. That's the scenario happening here. No one created the problem of alliances besides the alliances taking place. You only create an alliance to consolidate power over a territory or to challenge it. So don't go acting like you're the victim in this.
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  21. Adelise added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    That was the joke. Mega alliance assuming everyone in an alliance is against them when it's mostly just people disliking them and just so happens contests them. It's like being in laughing coffin and assuming everyone is in an alliance because a majority of the server hates them.
    Edit: Also, void was in the fight for five minutes and had around ten people with no buildings or defenses. The fight between flex and black took two hours. I doubt that those first five minutes mattered at all. It was a good fight, and doesn't need to be soiled by some anger-fueled blame-fest.
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  22. Adelise added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    It was literally, "Lets go stop luciform from doing whatever they're doing today." Turns out several other guilds wanted to do the same. We weren't on comms with FoE or LoTD. They just happened to be there when we were. When you're a big guild, you become a target. That's all. In fact, we still PK each other and steal farm spots. The actual scrim today had about 30 paintrains helping Luciform and voids as well. So it was more like a 3v3 than a 1v3. Void and paintrains were just eliminated and Luciform was isolated.
    I also still don't think if FoE, LoTD, and Flex joined forces that it'd be zergier than the Veritas alliance consisting of Veritas, Legatum, Dommestici, Romanum(might be dead), Black, Luciform, Paintrain, Paintrainz, and several other smaller guilds that they have a neutrality agreement from the sheer size of the alliance.

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  23. Adelise added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    Does that mean you'll give us our own channel to farm?
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  24. Adelise added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    Yeah, if you joined luciform, you coulda had your own farming channel too.

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