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  1. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    I have to agree with SillySin, you really need to see someone. Horse breeders don't only breed horses and nothing else. They also play the game and grind, farm sharps/hard, cook, do all the other lifeskills. Some of them are well geared and have been playing the game for over a year now. They spend alot of real money on the game buying their own pearls too and they list other items on the marketplace. 

     If someone lists a T8 and you manage to buy one, then good for you. They obviously listed the horse knowing the risks now or just because they wanted to sell it for the gold. Either way, nobody really cares whether you get one or not. It's just turned into the same situation as with boss gear now, but you don't go into every thread about that with your hatred and really weird skewed up views. You have some weirdly vindictive attitude against horse breeders but besides finding you toxic, none of the horse breeders really care about you or whether you can buy a horse or not. You don't come in with a valid argument, you don't discuss stuff. You come in full guns blazing hating on everyone, even though the majority of people, myself included, don't sell horses for pearls... You need to take a long hard look at yourself and act like an adult, because at the moment all of your posts in horse threads have just looked like vile hatred against people who you just assume ask for pearls or a teenager throwing a tantrum because they can't get one.  There's no need to get that worked up, angry and hateful over a game.
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  2. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Managed to level up one of my t7s and he's missing these 3 skills. I know most people don't usually use coupons on anything under T8, however given my RNG, I'm likely still a long shot off of T8 still and this is the first decent T7 I've gotten in terms of skills. Would it be worth it to try for Sprint and IA at this point? I've read about people saying to swap out a harder to learn skill first and then forechop for the second one. Any recommendations on which skills would be best and how to go about it?

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  3. Kaythulu added a post in a topic No. Games that ignore their customers die. Every time.   

    Honestly, has every post you've made over the last few days just been complaining about the game?
    People say BDO is not comparable to other mmos, so you literally find another game you believe is comparable and give reasons why it's better. A game which you initially stated was dying/dead in your first post... So why are you not playing that game and instead here, complaining every single day about bdo? It's impossible to take you seriously when all you do is spam post after post about things you clearly haven't even researched well. The gamescon post for example was just an embarrassment. Even if you had good points, people who have seen the level of spam and posts like the aforementioned one will just write your posts off as nonsense.
    Again, making it impossible to take you seriously. If these forums were moderated properly, many of your posts would of been closed/deleted by now and rightfully so.
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  4. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Players Killing Other Players' Horses   

    I've seen a few posts with people saying they couldn't kill another players horse no matter how hard they tried. They were trying to grief a player who had taken their original grinding spot. A few replies said other players could only kill the horse whilst they were on it. Not sure how accurate that is or whether the player was just under geared. Definitely hear about people being pk'd/charged off their mount whilst afk leveling them though. I have a character kept at level 49 for horse training, trading and fishing which sorts all that out anyway, so you could do something like that if you're concerned.
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  5. Kaythulu added a post in a topic best way to get 30 fs   

    For me personally, weapons seem to gain failstacks better than armour. Could always just be RNG but I've been pretty much going for 25 - 28 fs on a +14 of whichever weapon is cheap and in abundance on the MP. Usually something like a Krea longsword, there's 600+ on the market at 34k. Better still if I can pick up a blue one. So I'd make a couple +14s and keep them for whenever it's failstack time. That might not be the best method but its's getting me enough failstacks to duo my gear at present. Have heard horse gear is good too.
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  6. Kaythulu added a post in a topic How to Silver Embroidered Fisher's Clothes +2?   

    If it hit +4, it would of used the outfit which was in the slot ready to enhance with. How did you click again with no item in the slot to enhance with? You'd have to manually put another outfit in the place and manually click to enhance again after that, as they don't stack like blackstones?

    On topic, I use +10 failstacks for +1. I make 5 - 10 outfits, then  make +20 failstacks and attempt to +2. This method has been working pretty well for me so far. Nearly never fail +1s and it takes around 4-5 attempts to +2 for me at present. 
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  7. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Shills can memoryhole this all they want, but I want everyone to remember the leadup to awakenings.   

    They obviously changed the dates, fair enough. Issues come up and there would of been a reason of sorts for it. I'm guessing they never said anything about it until they had a new planned date, which was then for around Christmas time. That's where the problem seems to be at. Like with the boss event recently, where people were waiting over an hour for them to spawn etc. There's just a complete breakdown of communication.

    What people are looking for is something along the lines of, "There's been unexpected changes, delayed until further notice" type of thing. Even if the changes mean that they, themselves, do not know when the issue would be fixed. This may be something they aren't allowed to do though. I've worked in a few companies before where you weren't allowed to openly admit changes/mistakes etc in case it caused a liability. If you did admit it, you had to say it was your personal mistake and dissociate it from the company entirely. In this case, it may be that the publisher won't allow it in case it comes up as bad advertising etc. You see it on mmo sites all the time, "MMO update delayed etc etc." They might think this is bad for bringing in new players and such and then when a mistake is evident you get the backlash of compensation beggars. It might be something else entirely. The CMs/GMs are obviously active and about, if they aren't saying anything it will likely be because their hands are tied by the parent company/publisher. It's unlikely that any amount of forum complaining will help the matter. 
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  8. Kaythulu added a post in a topic New KR Costumes for March (All classes)   

    I can't be the only one who sees this right? The male cape looks exactly like my grans white mesh curtains. 
    I could probably even find the exact same pattern if I was up for a bit of googling, but you get the idea. 

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  9. Kaythulu added a post in a topic tier 7 horse   

    There's no point in replying to Harow, he shows up in every horse related thread to spout some nonsense about how the horses you spent real money and time on aren't your actual horses. Also, how it's not up to you to decide whether you want to sell them or not and that you shouldn't be allowed to buy items off of other people because you won't sell your horses. He has some very skewed views.
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  10. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Open letter to the game creators   

    I agree in part with what some people are saying though. The game is doing well financially and for the merged company Daum Kakao, that's probably the bottom line. The developers and GMs etc might want people to have access to all of the available content and not feel cut out by pricing differences. It will be the person at the top who manages the financial aspects of the company, ceo other otherwise, who decides on what happens with cash shop pricing in the end though. It would be ideal if they had some sort of localised pricing when you buy daum cash via specific websites, with a type of country verification to prevent people being fraudulent. Or some other means, I believe some games have it so you can buy their "daum cash" equivalent via physical cards in certain stores etc. It might be that it's too much money/effort to implement something secure like this for what they would get in return or something else entirely.  I don't think they will lose a huge portion of players solely because of this decision though. I do think it's unfair and imbalanced but I acknowledge it's a company at the end of the day, they'll do what's best for themselves and their interests.

    What I do hold issue with, is the people who only see it from their perspective because they don't face any of these issues themselves. You should be able to use common sense and realise that it's not as proportionate or easy for everyone across the board and understand where they are coming from. It only takes a little bit of thought and instead we get "hurr durr work more... game is perfect.. blah blah" instead from a large group of people. Or other people trolling/baiting arguments thinking they are superior instead.
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  11. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Open letter to the game creators   

    If what the op is saying is true, that he is sitting in a Czech guild where only one or two people have paid for pearls... Then in that instance, people from that minority are not willing to pay "$600" or the higher price. There's a complete difference to charging me in the UK $600 for a car, where it would be half of my month's salary, to charging someone in that guild $600, where it would be over 1 1/2x their monthly salary. You can't just go and tell people to work more when they could be in a country where they are working full time hours and still not earning enough to support themselves/family and spend money at the same rate as people from another country can, because of the wage differences. Most other games localise their prices because of this, for whatever reason BDO does not.

    These items are not 100% needed, but they do make a huge difference in game play and the majority of players appear to buy at least some of them. If you were unable to buy them because of a lower income wage (despite working full time) or being charged 4x the value that the majority is being charged for the same items, would you not feel upset by this? 
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  12. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Open letter to the game creators   

    It's the localisation costs which are bad for people like him. I'm sitting in the UK which has a minimum full time wage of  around £1140 per month. If he's sitting in the Czech Republic, their minimum full time monthly wage is around £285. That means the real cost of a cash shop item is 4x as expensive as it is for me, despite having the same listed cash shop price. That's pretty huge. 

    When a game comes out, they tend to localise and the game is sold at different prices in different counties. If they didn't do this, the game would barely sell in certain countries. They might not make more money by reducing the cost of cash shop items for everyone, but for all those in the Czech guild, the asking price is a massive portion of their income. Paying for a value pack for one year is nearly the equivalent of a whole months wage...
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  13. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    67.17 billion Korean won (however that translatates into the currency you use)  according to statista.com, which is dramatically down from the previous two years due to them investing in other ventures and expanding their mobile stuff overseas etc. Not arguing, just thought I'd drop that in there as I was just looking it up.

    I agree with the companies ability to survive via other means and I really do think the RNG based milking machine which it currently is, is off putting and a bit of a gamble fest. The thing is though, Daum Kakoa is a big company out there with the sole incentive of making money. They don't even specialise in mmos, it's not their biggest money maker, it's an on the side income generator. The people who will care, the devs/gms/mods etc, will have their hands completely tied. They can feed back to their bosses but at the end of the day, if the person sitting at the top trying to maximise profit thinks that the current model is working, they won't change anything.

    If they were losing profits from things like pets, they would change it. They aren't, so the don't. People are constantly saying, "they lose profit if they keep it at this price/this way." But you're talking about some of the best business minds spearheading a money making company, checking every prediction or target and whether or not it's met. They know what they're talking about and how to make money. And this whole, "they could totally survive on subscription/lower prices etc" - They don't care about surviving, they care about maximising profit which keeps them in their jobs and keeps the shareholders happy. The game developers might have a say in the content which is added or changed, but when it's comes to prices they're shut out and it's the company who pays them that has the final say. 
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  14. Kaythulu added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    On the calculator it doesn't show this for sure, however when breeding T5xT6 or T6xT6, I have never received received a single T5 back when leveling all horses to 30. It's nearly always T6 females for me with a few T6 males now and then. I'm sure other people have had the same results? When breeding in the lower breeding bracket however, bracket 15 I think, T5 females made up the majority of results for me.

    I'm generally under the impression that the calculator is accurate when giving the minimum/maximum possibilities however not accurate with the percentages. For myself at least I'm sitting at 0% T5s from 30+ breeds in bracket 16. I'm positive that I also read in a post a while back, a GM had indicated that our percentages don't follow the current calculator, as it was datamined results from another client... The Russian one I think? So whilst breeding rates were changed, they weren't identical. I think it's just used as a guideline for most really, though a more experienced breeders opinion would be good here too. When looking at the T7xT7 breedings for example, T6s are only supposed to be the result a quarter of the time and that hasn't been the general consensus in the forums for a few months.
    I started to do this last night, however by the time I'd hit my 4th T6, I realised there was much greater potential for it all to end in tears than good things and I'm glad I never went all in with coupons as originally intended. I'd wrongly thought I might've managed to pull  3 - 4 T7s back out of the 4 T7s going in, but early indications said no it's a straight up regression machine. I don't think it's just that the game doesn't reward you, I think it's deliberately set to extend your gameplay time, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. The problem is with the cash shop items and how it works, you immediately hit that gambler's fallacy mentality where you start to think, 4 or 5 bad results but surely the next one will be good. I don't mind it as much, having experienced it before in games. For many people who have avoided any type of gambling in their life and never expected it out of a purchased game though, i can see where it would start being a problem.
    I'm super super sorry guys, I know the sucky feeling when you've invested so much into it all. I've only managed 6 breeds in the higher brackets @ 3 months in now, so I am not entirely qualified to say it, but I think the majority of people in here will understand where you're coming from. I'm going to attempt to be as distant from the whole thing as I can and solely breed to stockpile a few T7s and switch to fishing/processing until the rates go up. It's just so harsh when they offer it up as a profession and you invest into it believing you'll find it enjoyable, only to be forced to do something else entirely as the outcome is vastly worse than any of the other options.
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  15. Kaythulu added a post in a topic T8's Breeding Buffed?!?   

    Nope, just RNG. Four T7 xT7 breeds last night rewarded me with four T6s. Congrats on the good luck though! Hopefully they get lots of good skills too! You're into the next section of the RNG game now.
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