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  1. Taylorrswift added a post in a topic LvL 56 Sorc PvE grinding rotation   

    Yeah try using Violation off frontal guard CD, and you'll get cc'd real quick.
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  2. Taylorrswift added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard WAY TO OP   

    Honestly the Witch vs Sorc matchup just comes down to how good the Sorc is. The Shift F > S + F combo is very obvious opener from the Witch and needs to be baited out constantly and if the sorc gets knocked down it's basically game over. Now with all that The sorc needs to keep constant pressure on the Witch because as soon as the Witch gets away she will just full channel a lighthouse back to full. It's honestly a fun matchup. 
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  3. Taylorrswift added a post in a topic Suggestions on keeping/removing my gear pls   

    Why would he make it all tet? That's such a waste of money and stones. Heve is the best choice because the bonus aren't based on which piece of gear you're wearing like grunil. Just focus on getting it to duo, fail stack with it while getting boss gear and your ap up and you'll be fine.
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  4. Taylorrswift added a post in a topic Gear dependency   

    You'll never see a maewha grinding pila ku efficiently unless they're lvl 60 210+ ap, same with any of those classes on that list for that matter. Besides Warrior, Witch Wizard, maybe kuno with good gear. Musa doesn't clear anything with high hp pools effectively. Giant same issue as Musa, I don't really know much about Tamer and Kuno to comment on. 
    Unless you're lvl 60 210+ ap with Kzarka and Bhegs there are other places you should be grinding that are more efficient that are straight up better than pila ku. At lvl 60 in Pila ku 3 of the mobs go from red > white, which is why you need 60 and not 59, and if you're 59 you probably need kutum and a rce or 2.
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  5. Taylorrswift added a post in a topic Best Class for Grinding   

    Endgame grinding like Pila Ku/ Aakman Sorc and Witch/Wiz are the best but against squishy mobs Musa is pretty good but sorc is still better imo. 
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  6. Taylorrswift added a post in a topic Really most annoying system of the game   

    That's becuase that's their next gear upgrade? When you're full Tri you have no where else to go but Tet lmao
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