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  1. Ichijou added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    I wouldn't say it's something I'd personally pick but I'll give it a 7/10 for the eyes and the continuous colour scheme. Although I find the jaw a bit too sharp.
    This is my Beya

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  2. Ichijou added a post in a topic Oceanic based servers   

    I'm from Australia myself, and all I can say is, not gonna happen...
    Even though theres a lot of OCE people playing there isn't enough to create a server over.
    Lets be real, most are non mmo players or console scrubs...
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  3. Ichijou added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    So, I don't really mind either way... But thats nearly as much as the silver I have...
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  4. Ichijou added a post in a topic Dear Daum, Please be more consistent with your announcements   

    My thing with this is I believe that for some reason they aren't actually allowed to disclose this information because its basically a modge podge of different patches ripped and stuck back together. So I'm also okay with this not being discussed for various reasons but.
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  5. Ichijou added a topic in Suggestions   

    Dear Daum, Please be more consistent with your announcements
    Dear Daum, please be more consistent with your posts please, this comes after finding out that last night there was no maintenance.
    I went looking through the forums for patch notes or something, only to find out that this was posted only on twitter.
    Yet when the staggered maintenance came around you posted this everywhere. I value both these cases as important information but only one of these was posted on the forums.
    These are your official forums, as much as twitter is a great social media tool, I shouldn't have to outsource my information from several different places if I'm coming here to get it.
    This is why many were annoyed with the announcement of Musa and Maehwa as most of us heard from a third party site before we even saw it on the forums, which in many's opinions is quite poor.
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  6. Ichijou added a post in a topic Witches Earring/Mark of Shadows Droprate Nerfed   

    We had to do something similar at school, and flip a coin 100 times.
    While everyone else got heads 20 times more then tails, because apparently heads is meant to be more frequent... having like 65h/35t
    I got 51h/49t, meaning my scores were so 50/50 while other people were going to have more luck choosing heads.... it was just very close to a yes to no for me.
    So I guess I'm just cursed... Cause when they first buffed MoS, I got 2 within 3 hours... which I was happy about, now I go there a few hours each day and each time gotten nothing. 
    Before that patch farming Witches was annoying, got my first within 2 hours, then 6 hours the next day, nothing,  8 hours the next day nothing, came back later 2 hours after got the second. Went there for a guild mission yesterday, we were there for an hour or so there was 3 of us and none of us got one, and I got the least amount of drops with the second highest luck and the highest node.... so... I'm cursed with bad drop rng...
    I was the type of person in tera to roll less then 10 on an item everyone needs.... or I'd get a 99 and someone would get 100.
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  7. Ichijou added a post in a topic Breeding Reset not Working?   

    Blueis is a female horse honey....
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  8. Ichijou added a post in a topic "Escape" on Pirate Island (Kuit Islands)   

    I can't find it
    Honestly can you please provide picture reference i've been logging in and out trying to find it and i cant
    Nvm just found it (also picture wont delete)

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  9. Ichijou added a post in a topic "Escape" on Pirate Island (Kuit Islands)   

    what invisible wall?
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  10. Ichijou added a post in a topic "Escape" on Pirate Island (Kuit Islands)   

    Yeah same thing has happened to me...

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  11. Ichijou added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Help! Stuck in a rock Kuit Islands!
    Please Help!
    I used escape at Kuit Island thinking I was gonna get pulled back to the main land but it put me inside the formation of a rock and now I can't get out...
    please help!

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  12. Ichijou added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    @CM_Jouska I think I speak for a lot of us when I say we want more clarification on this topic as it is very vague.
    1. Is Tree Spirit Armor included in this?
    2. Does it come from the bundles as well?
    3. When is Patrigio coming into BDO as the fully functional black market to also buy boss armor from?
    4. Is it the scroll bosses?
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  13. Ichijou added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    Still no Vixen outfit... will throw money at you when you release it...
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  14. Ichijou added a post in a topic Kzarka 12hr window. Does it suck for you too?   

    I have the worst luck with Kzarka, and I'm Australian.
    I have missed him for two weeks straight either because of classes, being occupied with other life events, because he spawned 6 minutes before the server went down, and the last time because I was up grinding to 5am to level 55 and was too tired, a few of these times I've only missed by 30mins-1 hour and I'm annoyed because I really want to join in and do Kzarka but I always miss him by a small amount.
    I'm tired on missing out on Kzarka because I would really like to do it and I hate being so unlucky.
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  15. Ichijou added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Party Invite Glitched
    Since Maintenance coming back, I could not invite anyone to a party and could be invited. Because my party invite button didn't exist even if they were in the same channel
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