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  1. Sitama added a post in a topic New outfit isn't for Kuno, why?   

    Kuno is the red headed step child of the BDO world. But don't worry, soon we get to have an armored literal catsuit wearing a tutu.
    Also they fixed the CD differences between Lunar Dash and it's Flow only to ruin it not a month later >>
    (RIP stealth. It was nice to think you actually existed.)
    PS please give us a premium slootsuit because for all it's flaws I love Kuno and would like to enjoy it as much as possible 
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  2. Sitama added a post in a topic Bad Luck RNG Comfort Thread   

    Been having super horrible fs luck since the enhancement changes, couldn't get past +11 with anything. Got to +11 using grunil 'durable' option (bs) and was desperate enough to get the rest of my needed 15 fs off a PRI Grunil.
    DUO grunil shoes with +11. 
    Rebuilt to +11. Sacrificed all my DUO/TRI fs gear to get from +11-+27 and was desperate enough to TRI my awakening that I actually sacrificed my DUO muskans for the cause.
    TRI muskans with +27. >> Yay though, I guess?
    Next time I'm attempting TRI on my awakening with 25 fs. Now, if I can just get that many...
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  3. Sitama added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Apr. 5 - 2017 *Update - 4/13*   

    Also got stuck here, and here. Horse is currently on boat. Will have to remote collect boat. Rip horse, you will be remembered. Also for some weird reason, I couldn't flag up in that area. Not that I would have. Because killing random people is rude. 

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  4. Sitama added a post in a topic Pirates Sinkhole 2.0   

    Found another one.
    Gonna have to remote collect and abandon my horse to the sea. This sucks.
    Edit: On a side note, for some reason I can't flag up to PvP.

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  5. Sitama added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Pirates Sinkhole 2.0
    Was rounding Pirates to park at the beach when suddenly I got hit by, I got struck by, a smooth sinking hole.
    In other words, my boat is stuck with all my life's work on it. Send help.
    Avoid sinkhole. 

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  6. Sitama added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cannot zoom camera in or out
    Very frustratingly, I can't zoom in or out on my character AT ALL unless I have the cursor mode enabled. If I'm moving around, I'm trapped with my character zoomed in so close the feet are hidden behind my skill bar. Almost got me killed at bosses because my camera was constantly zoomed on their crotch. (At the time, I hadn't realized I could zoom in and out with the cursor on). I've tried restarting the game, but that didn't fix it. It's extremely annoying to not be able to adjust my camera while in combat unless I just stand there and use cursor mode. I know that doesn't sound like it'd take very long, but it's dangerous having to do that during a boss fight. Is anyone else having this issue?
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  7. Sitama added a post in a topic Which Class Should I Reroll to?   

    Kuno's insanely long awakening animations are so bad you can easily get killed with bad timing during PVP or boss fights. 10/10 would not suggest until they apply to NA the anim adjustments that they have on KR. Sincerely, someone who loves Kuno and refuses to reroll, no matter how painful it can be Q.Q
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  8. Sitama added a post in a topic CANT PURCHASE GAME!!   

    Having this issue using Paypal. Help?
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  9. Sitama added a post in a topic A new year for BDO - your wishlist?   

    Let. Me. Turn. Off. Seeing. Parked. Horses. In. Safe. Zones.
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  10. Sitama added a post in a topic Stuck at "Now Proccesing"   

    Same here, and then on the rare occasion I CAN log in, I lose connection within 3 minutes and can't do anything at all during that time.
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