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  1. Sells added a post in a topic ATTENDANCE rewards last week so much effort?! LUL   

    Better than nothing... and it was nothing for quite some time.
    They only added the 5th row recently.
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  2. Sells added a post in a topic Anyone notice that their workers keep failing promotion exams?   

    Must be all that beer you are feeding them with
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  3. Sells added a post in a topic Awakened DK Build - Rotation?   

    If you want to be lazy like when vsing a field boss, you can hold Shift + RMB + S. This lets you repeat Shift + RMB faster.
    You can also hotkey it and spam the hotkey to get faster casts, but holding the 3 buttons is easier for me.
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  4. Sells added a post in a topic House Fame Event Prizes   

  5. Sells added a post in a topic Last pve filler skill to grab?   

    Ravage rake looks really slow and repeated annihilation doesn't have a down/air attack modifier.
    I've been using slanted balance + enforcement
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  6. Sells added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Nice event!
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  7. Sells added a post in a topic ult repeated annihilation   

    You can apparently cancel out of some animations early when you have these ultimate'd.
    Try it out on A + LMB -> ultimate skill and A + LMB -> non-ultimate'd skill.
    Without ultimate, you have to finish up one side slash before the 2nd skill casts.
    With ultimate, it casts immediately.
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  8. Sells added a post in a topic Mervs pallet????   

    I don't think people actually purchase the palette stand alone. It comes with the value pack.
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  9. Sells added a post in a topic Lvl 60 Achievement   

    It's a text error.
    It is received at level 55 and gives the level 55 rewards.
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  10. Sells added a topic in Dark Knight   

    What is Flow: Ravage Rake's "Energy Hit"?
    Flow: Ravage Rake -- Level: 27 -- Command: LMB + RMB while using Ravage Rake.
    Damage per Slash: 460%x3
    Damage per Energy Hit: 506%x3
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  11. Sells added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    I would be OK with this if the buff cake was unlimited use.
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  12. Sells added a post in a topic Imperial Delivery bug?   

    I haven't sold anything and I'm at 85/85 for daily delivery quantity.
    I think there was a glitch where if you were reading a library book while the daily reset was happening, it would incorrectly reset.

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  13. Sells added a post in a topic (Gotha Rensa) Underwear Doesn't Show   

    I've noticed this on witch's labreve too. I think most of the awakening costumes remove underwear.
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  14. Sells added a post in a topic Magic Arrow?   

    Magical evasion + dagger stab to roleplay as a rogue
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  15. Sells added a post in a topic My buddy can't join the 1-4 xp channels anyone else having issues with this?   

    Yes but has he played in the last 30 days?
    You only get access to Olvia channels for a month so if he played 30 days ago, he would no longer have access.
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