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  1. StriderBDO added a post in a topic One thing I never get tired of seeing in BDO. Is that there is high heels on just about everything   

    Right, because the first thing I'd pick when going into close combat is heals and armor that only slightly covers my boobs. 
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  2. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Witch of DK?   

    Thanks for all the responses everyone!  It's always hard to pick between options when both of them are good.  One thing I didn't mention is that I started using the Witch as a boss hunter and so far, she's got it so much easier than my DK does.  That's also a consideration.
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  3. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Witch of DK?
    So I've been playing BDO for a good while now and have a 57 Witch and a 56 DK.  I enjoy both classes for different reasons and while my DK has better tier weapons, I'm struggling to figure out which one to focus on.  As such, I was hoping you all might be able to guide me based upon my long-term goals/play style.  That said, here a re a few things that I enjoy most:
    Solo play about 90% of the time.Tend to only do node wars and avoid 1v1 PvP.Want a class that is self-reliant.Want a class that supports my team (when doing node wars).Has great mobility or the ability to escape a bad situation.Has a easier time grinding.Anyways, which class do you all think meets most of these?
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  4. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Awakened DK Build - Rotation?   

    This helps to some extent but where I'm having trouble is when to use awakened skills and when not too.  I don't really understand how the two blend with each other.  This was pretty darn easy on my Witch but confusing as hell on the DK.
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  5. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Awakened DK Build - Rotation?   

    Thanks for the post!  Based upon your information here, what would be your normal rotation when PvE farming?  Or, at least, what would be your skill priority?
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  6. StriderBDO added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Awakened DK Build - Rotation?
    Hello folks!
    For those of you who are more familiar with the class than I, would you please post what type of build we should be looking at once we use up all the available awakened skills?  I'm not really sure where else to spend my points.  Also, what is a solid farming and PvP combo to use?
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  7. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Striker class (Poll)   

    The best part about this class?  People will finally stop buying the junk I need for my DK...
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  8. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Tired of Guild Shopping? Join [Grievance] on [NA_World] !   

    Considering how many groups now use Discord for coms, are you all considering switching as well?  I actually don't remember the last time I used TS.  Also, is your PvP guild in BDO still looking for people?  I've recently returned to the game so my GS is only 345.
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  9. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Just made several changes to my DK.  Think I'm finally finished:

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  10. StriderBDO added a post in a topic What should I do?   

    I don't do the RNG enhancement much at all as I hate the who concept.  For that reason, I just sell almost everything I find, use my workers to gather items that I processes, and then buy the gear I need.  I currently have a DUO Rosar on my DK and in a few days, I'll upgrade that to a DUO Liverto simply with the cash I've been saving.
    Typically, I save, buy the item I want, enhance a DUO to a TRI, then sell my older gear to start the path over again.
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  11. StriderBDO added a post in a topic When will the Dark Knight awakening come out?   

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  12. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    SS Request - Login Rewards
    Heya folks,
    I'm not going to be able to login to the game for a good bit and was wondering, would one of you be willing to take a SS of the new login rewards and post it here?  Yeah... I'm excited about free stuff!

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  13. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Just a few new shots of my DK trying to act like she's a badass - which, of course she is...

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  14. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Should I hit level 50?   

    This is some great advice here and exactly what I needed to read as well.  I quite the game once, came back, and was thinking of leaving again as I kept running into jerks.  As a semi-casual player, I know that it will take me ages to get higher gear but that doesn't mean I should let gankers affect what I enjoy.
    Thanks for this post!
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  15. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?   

    That's pretty lame then as it offers the quest in our log.  /sigh... oh well.
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  16. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?   

    I was wondering because I can see it as an option in my quest log.
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  17. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Roaring Magical Armor - 1 per family?
    Heya folks! 
    When leveling my ranger alt, I skipped almost all the main story quests and when right to grinding.  My witch is currently wearing the roaring magical armor she got from the last story quest.  Still, on my ranger, she shows the quest is available if I complete the chain.  Can my ranger also get this armor or is just 1 per family?
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  18. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    My new ranger - Riley.  The hair color is for RP reasons (she's a bit odd...).
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  19. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Limted "Ranged" Classes?   

    Kinda sad but thanks for letting me know.
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  20. StriderBDO added a topic in Classes   

    Limted "Ranged" Classes?
    Hello folks!
    So, for most MMOs, I usually always play some sort of ranged class as I simply enjoy it so much more than melee.  I most cases I'll pick the "ranger" type or sometimes go with a mag class.  Yet, in BDO, the only real "ranged" class available post 56 is witch/wizard, correct?  I looked into a DK but even with their awakening, they only use a few longer ranged abilities.   So am I missing something or are players like me pretty much forced into the witch/wizard with there not really being anything else available?  I currently have a 52 Ranger but considering the awakening weapon, I just use here now to farm bosses.
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  21. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Why Pirates/Sausan when you can Bashim?   

    That's a good question there.  I suppose part of this is what your goal is at the time.  I make darn good coins at pirates but if these guys give me lvl 57 faster, well then I'm changing.  Getting coin is much easier at a higher level.
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  22. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    I look at this as market-driven economics.  If my horse sells for 47mil on the market but because of the high demand, another player is willing to personally give me coins beyond the market (SET) price, why wouldn't I want to trade it to him/her instead?
    No P2P trading is just dumb.   It needs to be added to the game to balance the poor market system.
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  23. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Why Pirates/Sausan when you can Bashim?   

    As a witch with 142 AP, 175 DP, are they something that I should try to solo farm?  I run pirates and don't have any issues.
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  24. StriderBDO added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    Why is that?  Granted I've never played it much before but the Kuno awakening looks freaking amazing!  The speed at which she can take down groups of mobs just looks like a ton of fun.
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  25. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post your Kunoichi Screenshots here   

    My Kuno so far...  Still a WIP.

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