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  1. StriderBDO added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Kuno Discord, Class Guide?
    Heya folks,
    I've watched a few vids of the class now and it really looks pretty darn fun.  Still, I was wondering if there is  Kuno discord setup that has some guides on how to build the class, what skills I should be using when, armor, weapons, ect?  I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing while testing one out instead of listing to all the gloom and doom on the forums about how the class is dead.
    Nevermind... just saw the other thread.  Sorry!
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  2. StriderBDO added a post in a topic My first Maehwa PvP Vid   

    I don't know a thing about your class but that was a great video!
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  3. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Most Effective "Ranged" Class   

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  4. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Most Effective "Ranged" Class   

    Wait... so I think you're suggesting I play... oh, this is a tough one...  Tamer? 
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  5. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Most Effective "Ranged" Class   

    "You will kill people and you will like it."  LOL!  That made my day.  Sorry, just went back and read that again and couldn't stop laughing.
    As for the DK awakening, I thought it was going to be a more mid-long range caster with quick i-frame mobility.  Perhaps that's not the case.
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  6. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Most Effective "Ranged" Class   

    What about awakening DK?
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  7. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Most Effective "Ranged" Class
    Hello everyone!
    So, as the topic states, I'm seeking advice or at least, a discussion on what you all consider to be the most effective "ranged" class in the game.  Like many, I started BDO as a ranger simply because I enjoy killing my target from a distance.  I mean, why would would I want to get all up close and personal, get blood on my close, mess up my hair, etc when I just snipe them from a nice safe distance away?  Of course, that ranger didn't end up like I had expected...
    These days, I've been playing around with a witch and even leveled a DK up to 56 after seeing their ranged awakening skills.  I'm wondering though, between the wizard, witch and the awakened DK, what do you all think works the best under the following conditions:
    1. Most effective for group PvP  (NOT 1v1).
    2.  Great at PvP grinding (Solo).
    3.  Friendly to lower-tier gear.  For this, I'm looking at my noob 139 AP/ 175 DP.
    4.  Self-reliant (doesn't need to carry a crap-ton of pots).
    5. Survivability
    From what I've seen thus far, I tend to think the DK may have the better skills of the 3 ranged classes.  Yet, I've not played the awakened version so I don't know for certain.  What do you all think?
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  8. StriderBDO added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch Animation Cancels?
    Heya folks!
    I was wondering if you all know of a guide someplace or have a list of possible quick-cast and/or animation cancels that allow you to greatly speed up your ability to cast spells.  As it stands, if I just hotkey my main awakening spells, it feels like I'm just pressing a button and then watching something happen.  It doesn't feel as much of a fluid combat experience and while the casing animation is going, I'm pretty much a sitting duck for anything to attack me.
    For my Ranger alt, I've got tons of combos and animation cancels that allow me to quickly burst out some skills and drop a group of mobs.  I'm not sure how to do something similar on my Witch.
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  9. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard WAY TO OP   

    As someone who plays a witch, they are VERY easy to kill if you can CC them.   This is why I'm working on a DK as they can at least escape easier.
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  10. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Baka vs Roleplayers   

    @Konrad Knox
    Ok, I was totally out against Baka until you posted that video.  Think I may have to join them now...
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  11. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Baka vs Roleplayers   

    Baka member KoS...  Dead to a level 50 alt.
    Perhaps attacking RPERS isn't the best of ideas after all?

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  12. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Baka vs Roleplayers   

    I'm a RPER and a highly competitive when it comes to PvP.  Sadly, I lack the in-game cash to upgrade to a point to actually make a difference.  One day down the road, perhaps.
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  13. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Baka vs Roleplayers   

    I must be missing the point of why someone would grief people who RP their character in a "MMORPG."  Still, ticking off an entire group of players isn't too bright as even though all RP guilds don't necessarily get along, now you just paint a target on your head and unit them against you.
    Tactically, having a "KoS" next to my name doesn't sound like it would be fun.
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  14. StriderBDO added a post in a topic [VIDEO] Dark Knight PvP ~ A Small Taste   

    What is your GS at?
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  15. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Lvl 60   

    Try doing it on a normal channel where you don't get the exp bonus of Olivia - now that sucks!  I love my DK but it's so painful to level right now that I may go back to my Witch.
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  16. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    When I came back to the game, I rolled a Witch simply because I love ranged classes and the AoE looked fun.  Compared to my DK, her mobility completely sucks and I've found myself at the losing end of some griefing several times.  Obviously we don't know how the DK awakening will change things but from what I've seen, they will have the burst ability with all that added mobility as well.
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  17. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Random DC's?   

    Has anyone been able to find a solution?
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  18. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Random DC's?
    Since the servers all crashed yesterday, I've noticed a continue increase in completely random disconnections from the game.  I've gone through and checked my system to see if something was on my end but I've not found a thing.  Is anyone else having the same issue?  If so, have you found a way to correct it?
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  19. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Discord?   

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  20. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Life with Negative Karma!   

    I went negative once after some guy ganked me for being in "his" grinding spot even though I was there first.  I got so angry that I flagged, killed him, then camped the area until I had gone about +120k.  It was my first time going "red" and it was rough!  Were I to have better gear, I think it would be fun to be the bounty hunters of the game for those more innocent players who simply either can't defend themselves or just want to RP a lawful character.
    Still, I think if you all have a certain set of rules you play buy and aren't just trolling/griefing other players for no reason, then it could be fun.
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  21. StriderBDO added a post in a topic WItch Boss Farming Build?   

    Thanks for the link!  I'll be trying this out tonight..
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  22. StriderBDO added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Folks, is there a Discord channel for the Wizard/Witch class to discuss all aspects of our class as well as guides/suggestions for new players?  it appears that just about every other class has one now and was wondering if we have one established as well.
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  23. StriderBDO added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    And if you need more codes, here are some you can use.
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  24. StriderBDO added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Guest Pass Available - PM Me
    Deleting post... Just saw the pinned topic.
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  25. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Since coming back to BDO, I've tried to focus on my now lvl 56 Witch.  The class is fun but the stationary aspect of casting spells really makes her an easy target.  She's amazing in a group but 1v1, yeah... not so much.  I've been testing her compared to my new lvl 55 DK and between the two, I don't see how the Witch could ever escape the DK's mobility + ranged attacks (awakening).  Still, with both having the same gear, the Witch feels like she can farm so much easier.  This is probably due to the awakening weapon though.
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