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  1. StriderBDO added a post in a topic 17 minutes and no Patch Notes!!??   

    That sounds strangely familiar... 

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  2. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Considering a Warrior - Better with Awakening?   

    Well, for comparison purposes then, my witch is currently level 56 (almost 57) and I can run around pirates or sausans with 137 AP/ 175 DP and pretty much mow down groups of mobs.  With that poison AoE she drops, followed by my 1-5 skill rotation, the groups dead.  Her teleport makes it quick to jump from group to group without much downtime.  Also, as she can regen health/mana, I have very little need for pots unless I get into a very bad situation.
    I watched a level 58 warrior in my group at pirates the other day do pretty much the same thing as he flew from group to group and just dropped hell down on them.  It looked really fun!  Don't get me wrong, I like the witch (and her snarky animations) but I'd much rather be playing a melee class.  Also, I'm not a huge fan of playing female characters.
    I've tried the other classes (Musa, Maewah, Valk) and just got bored with them too quickly.  I have no real interest in a Ninja.
    So... with all that, is the Warrior a good option?  I'm mainly just afraid of putting all that work into a character only to be disappointed once I reach 56.
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  3. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Considering a Warrior - Better with Awakening?   

    So similar to the witch then?
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  4. StriderBDO added a topic in Warrior   

    Considering a Warrior - Better with Awakening?
    Heya everyone!
    I I tried out the warrior back in the beta days and after returning to the game a few weeks ago, I went ahead and rolled a witch instead.  At the time, I hated how slow the class felt and as someone with only 137/174 GS, I was told warrior would require a much better set of gear to be effective.  I'm a semi-casual player so getting full TET seams very unlikely for the near future.
    Anyways, I love playing melee classes but as I've been leveling a warrior alt, he again feels very slow and that so many of his skills aren't very useful.  From what I've seen, the awakening weapon and skills make it much quicker in mobility, adds a great deal to PvE farming, and makes the class pretty much tops on 1v1 PvP.
    As someone who will be working with my guild on PvP and really likes a fast-paced/high mobility class, is the warrior something I should just stick out and work towards 56?
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  5. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    I give you outlaws creds then.  The furthers I ever went was being the leader of a PvP guild in WoW where everyone on the other faction pretty much knew who I was and would send out groups to kill me.  It was rough but fun at the same time.  Course, I never had to worry about being attacked in a town.
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  6. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    How do you survive though being an outlaw?  You can't go near any town w/o being attacked and you can't work any skills AFK.  Nowhere is safe.
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  7. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    That reminds me, I read someplace that there was supposed to be a town in one of the patches specifically for outlaws.  Is that true?
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  8. StriderBDO added a post in a topic What is the purpose of life?   

  9. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    Wow, only 1 per kill?  That would explain why I wasn't progressing quickly last night.  I spent a couple of hours grinding with that kara boost only to go from -121 to the -91K.
    I'm going to go find a wall to bash my head into now...
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  10. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    considering hindsight, that probably would have been the best idea
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  11. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    Would those shadow knights be a good idea as the drop some nice loot too?  Those are the mobs down the well.
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  12. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    Oh chimeras... the bad memories of farming there.  LOL.  I think I leveled 4 characters farming in that place.
    See... this video perfectly describes me in EVERY MMO I've played...  lol
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  13. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    True but after getting ganked over and over for keeping to myself, I wanted to send a message to freaking LEAVE ME ALONE!
    Ok... I should avoid caffeine for a while...
    Anyways... for a "PvP game, " it sure doesn't feel like much of one.
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  14. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    Um.. yeah? Knowing that I can't get EXP from them, well, that's just a ton to kill if the math is right.
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  15. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?   

    Will I really have to farm that many mobs though?  I mean, 1,400?
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  16. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Karma Problems - Am I Screwed?
    So I posted this in the PvP section as well but after reading the comment below, now I'm thinking I may have messed up my character so much that it's not even worth playing the game anymore.  To set the stage, I was solo-farming in Sausans and some troll came by when I was engaged in a large group of mobs and then ganked me.  This had happened several times in the last few days and so I had had enough!  I flagged, tracked him down, then killed him.  Then, I waited near the node and camped him over and over.  I didn't know how this would affect me.  Now, I've got -91,547 karma for trying to defend myself? 
    Then I read this:
    If this is true, does this mean I have to farm over 1,400 mobs just to get back to the green?  If so, this is completely stupid for  PvP game to punish someone so much.
    Can someone please help me?  If I really have to farm that many mobs, then I think I'm done with BDO. 
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  17. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Negative Karma - What to do?   

    Ok, so now I'm really concerned.  I read this post below and I think I'm screwed.
    I had 300K karma before this troll attacked me and then I sat around camping him over and over.  Now I'm down to -91K.  Does this mean I'm going to have to kill about 1,400 mobs before I get back in the green?  If so, then I think I'm done with this game.  Getting punished this bad is over the top.
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  18. StriderBDO added a topic in PVP   

    Negative Karma - What to do?
    So folks, some guy ganked me while I was randomly farming and keeping to my own business.  As you can expect, I got angry and then proceeded to camp his corpse for the next while.  I didn't know how that would affect my karma so badly.  While I work this off, is there any town I can safely go to w/o being attacked by guards?
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  19. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Its a hell just to purchase this game   

    It's a browser issue.  I had this when using FireFox but Chrome worked without any trouble.
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  20. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Thanks!  She's based on a RP concept I was working on.  I wanted something confident almost sinister looking.  That way, you can look into her eyes and know you're about to get an arse kicking.
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  21. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Well, I posted mine in the class section but I'll drop her here as well.  Not sure I'll actually play the class but I do like how she turned out.

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  22. StriderBDO added a post in a topic LF: Help Creating a Warrior   

    Your character creations are amazing!  I wish I had that kind of skill and/or patience... lol
    I think I may be good at this point though as @Rayl  made me this Warrior yesterday which is a stunning resemblance.

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  23. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Returning after 6 months to play DK   

    I just came back a few weeks ago and I'm really loving it.  I remember why I was so excited for the game years ago when I first started reading about it.  I too play on the Olvia channels (for now) and instead of the RNG that I hated, I just buy most of my gear.  At PRI, then I do the FS plan and haven't had much trouble.  The game is very fun and with a good guild, it's probably one of the most fun MMO's I've played.
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  24. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    My DK so far....

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  25. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Pearl item trading is getting ridiculous now   

    Does anyone even trade pearls for this stuff?  I know that I'm not spending close to $30 on a pearl outfit only to sell it for 20+ million silver.
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