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  1. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    Version 2 of my Witch:
    #1:  The lighting bites but the personality is great in this one.

    #2:  Just standing around... waiting for something...

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  2. StriderBDO added a post in a topic [Official] Dark Knight 'COMING SOON' after Margoria + Awakening info + lore   

    The floating swords for the awakening animations kind of killed it for me.  Actual duel wielding would have been fun but the magic blades is just kind of, meh..
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  3. StriderBDO added a topic in Roleplay   

    LF: Help Creating a Warrior
    I posted this in the general forums but it was suggested it move it here instead.  So... here goes...
    Like the title says, I'm looking for anyone who's skilled enough with the character creation system to help be build a warrior to look like the concept art below.  I'm working on a RP concept for this character and I completely suck at creation system.  I think I could spend hours and not even come close.  I can't really offer much for your help but if any of you are willing to try this, I'd great appreciate it.
    The only thing that might be hard to see in the photo is that the right eye is bright blue-within-blue (sort of like from the film/book, Dune) and the other is greyed out (blind).

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  4. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Bye Bye Witch it was a great time - Welcome Ranger - Bye bye Ranger -> -.-   

    Am I missing something?
    I'm a brand spanking new lvl 56 Witch with a whooping 309 combined GS and I solo farm pirates w/o much trouble at all.  As someone who played a Ranger at level 52, the Witch is so much easier!
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  5. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    LF: Help Creating a Warrior
    Like the title says, I'm looking for anyone who's skilled enough with the character creation system to help be build a warrior to look like the concept art below.  I'm working on a RP concept for this character and I completely suck at creation system.  I think I could spend hours and not even come close.  I can't really offer much for your help but if any of you are willing to try this, I'd great appreciate it.
    The only thing that might be hard to see in the photo is that the right eye is bright blue-within-blue (sort of like from the film/book, Dune) and the other is greyed out (blind).

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  6. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Warrior or Musa?   

    Thanks for all the information!  Looks like I'll be rolling a warrior then.
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  7. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Warrior or Musa?
    Hello everyone!
    So I'm considering working on an alt right now after getting my Witch up to 56.  Back when I first started playing BDO, I tried both classes and never got either of them beyond level 30 so I really don't have a good frame or record on which would be better.  I mainly tend to solo most content and have really grown to enjoy the AoE abilities of the Witch for simply grinding.  I will also be doing PvP at some point but that will likely be with my guild in most cases.
    From your perspective, what would be a better alt if I'm looking for a melee play style similar to that of my Witch?
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  8. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Wizard... Wizard everywhere   

    I thought we were pretty much the same thing?  I almost never see another Witch running around.
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  9. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Wizard... Wizard everywhere   

    Strange because a Witch is the only character I have and it's what I have played since I bought the game.  I just wanted to play a ranged caster and had no idea how FOTM they are right now.  Perhaps I should have rolled something else.
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  10. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Q: Awakening Rotation   

    Thanks Jiggu!  I spoke to someone else on my channel and she said pretty much the same thing.  Going to take some time to get used to NOT using the staff anymore.
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  11. StriderBDO added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Q: Awakening Rotation
    Hello folks!
    I just made 56 a moment ago and have started on my awakening quests.  Still, I'm not really sure what kind of skill rotation I should be using once I get the weapon.  I've got a decent build I'm working towards which I'll post below but I'm so used to the staff skills that I'm kind of lost now.  Can you all please give me some advice?
    Oh, and here is my build concept:  http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/28998
    Any thoughts?
    I've got a pretty decent idea what to do with the staff but now that the sphere is available, I've not a clue which staff skills I should be using anymore.  Also, my awakening weapon is no where near as nice as my staff so should I not be using it until I can get it upgraded?
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  12. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Prediction - Dark Knight will be the largest played class.   

    From what I've seen, the class doesn't have all that quick of combat gameplay.  It looks interesting but I can't see leaving my Witch to play a DK.
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  13. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Problem? Rookie Status   

    Not a clue.  I actually just bought the game a few weeks ago.
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  14. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Problem? Rookie Status   

    Here is a SS of the problem.  Whenever I try to click on the next day, nothing happens.

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  15. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Attendance Reward Problem? Rookie Status
    So after the patch (and several times since then) I've tried to accept the daily attendance reward for my rookie status.  It was even that +luck underwear!  For some reason, it won't allow me to select/receive the award.  Even though it says you have to be logged in for 30 minutes, nothing ever happens.  Is this now only on the weekends or something?
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  16. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Hair Customization Question-Gripe   

    That's really frustrating.  I remember right after release that you could come up with some pretty interesting looks but now everything is locked?  Lame!
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  17. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Hair Customization Question-Gripe
    Hello folks!
    So I've been toying around with the idea of changing up my character's look and perhaps I'm doing something wrong with my Witch but it just appears as if almost every hair style in the options menu cannot actually be modified.  What's the point with all those sliders if they don't do anything?  From what I can tell, most only let you increase or decrease the length and that's about it.
    Is it there a reason why almost all of the extra sliders don't have any effect?
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  18. StriderBDO added a post in a topic two guys that came back to BDO cuz Peon vid   

    I actually quit shortly after launch due to the frustration on RNG.  After watching the LP video a few weeks back, it did get me thinking of how much of the game I really loved.  Screw RNG, I'll just buy my gear!
    Yeah... so I came back as well and wish I never left.
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  19. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Shudad Costume Poll   

    As it's the best looking outfit in the game, I'd love to be able to buy it.  Kind of sad that it isn't an option now.
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  20. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Whats More Fun To Play? And why? Wiz/Sorc   

    OK, this is just my opinion so take it for what it's worth - very little...
    I've played both classes with the Sorc up to 50 and the Witch up to 53 (so far).  Honestly, I can see what you're having a hard time picking between them as they are both a TON of fun to play.  The Sorc has such a quick play style with lots of mobility/iframes that it never really gets boring.  Being able to single target nuke something in a matter of seconds is addicting.  While I never played either in PvP, I can easily see why people tend to hate fighting them with those high-burst combos and the ability to move around so quickly.  I highly recommend this class!
    However...  the Witch owns!  Honestly, I hated the class at first but was talked into leveling it up to about 30 and giving it a real chance.  At first, the class is slow and coming from a Sorc, I hated the initial lack of mobility.  Now at 53, I understand why people love the class.  If you like running into a massive group of mobs and then just nuking them all down with extreme prejudice, than this is your class!  While she'll never have the mobility and iframes the Sorc has, the Witch can just lay complete hell down on groups of mobs from a nice distance.  If they happen to live long enough to get close, well she's got tons of CC ready to go that will just set things up for another DPS combo.  Burn, electrocute, freeze, take your pick.  Oh, and if that's not enough, she's got this amazing shield that you can cast which pretty much makes it easy to face tank elite mobs or avoid the damage of a world boss.  This is great when you want to run in and  use your ultimate - a FREAKING METEOR!
    So... that's my completely unbiased and deeply technical analysis of each class.  The verdict, pick a Witch and then come faceroll everything in your path.  Just be prepared to buy an outfit from the store as all your robes make you look like you live under a bridge.
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  21. StriderBDO added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    APPLICATION FOR:  Sidil “Tiptoes” K. Lochley
    OOC Information –
    For starters, I’m a HUGE RP fan and have been playing RP games of some sort or another since I was a child.  This love for RP got me into writing where in WoW, my guild came up with the goal to develop story-based RP/PvP server events.  It was a ton of fun!  For that reason, I ended up being a GM for about two years and eventually branched out into other games with the same basic idea.
    For the technical info, I have Discord though I rarely use it these days. For time zone, I’m on EST and will typically be online after 8:00pm each night. 
    As for MMO experience, I’ve played just about every role but tend to gravitate towards a tank.  For BDO, I’ve chosen to try something completely different and play as a Witch.  My character is actually from a story I was writing that after publishing a small portion, several people emailed me how much they liked the character and asked me to do more with her.  At the time, she was a secondary character with little importance but in developing her more, I just couldn’t not RP her in this game.  Besides, it’s good to sometimes break away from a comfort zone and try something new.
    As for the rest of the questions, I’ll give a brief overview of Sidil and then simply add a short RP of her intro into the world of BDO.
    Sidil, while being an elf, stands only about 5’5” which is why she was nicknamed “Tiptoes” at a very early age.  Quite simply, she so short that she was often forced to stand on her toes in order to see much of anything around her home town.  In addition to her height, Sidil is very small framed, keeps her hair in an often off-kempt style, and for some strange reason, usually dyes it blue.  She is free-spirited, overly blunt, and commonly comes up with the most unusual and crazy ideas to solve whatever problem she faces.  Strangely enough, they work in most cases.  She has no inhibitions and often speaks before she thinks.  
    RP Introduction – Crimson Sails

    PORT OF VELIA – 2340hrs
    The cool breeze that normally blew in from the north was absent, torn and replaced by an unnatural dry warmth.  The heat though, drew little notice by the common fishers and sailors of Velia as they watched the flames grow on the horizon.  They had heard the explosion, felt the sounding blast tear across the open waters.  It was the unmistakable cry of death – the final plea for mercy known only by those who had lived the war of the sea. 
    A great and mighty warship had died.
    “Sir, the Maria Gaile has been engaged and destroyed as ordered.  None survived.”
    The General sat at his desk and gave no physical response to the report of his most trusted commander.  His voice, calm, determined and demanding an undeniable presence.  He was the right hand of the Lord Marshal and chief among the Striders.  Above all, he knew the fullest extent of the plan.
    “Are you certain of your statement Commander Tomlin?  There can be no room for errors in this late hour.  So precarious is our chance of victory.  The slightest of whispers can turn the outcome of this war.”
    “My Lord Matthias, we executed the crew, then set afire to the powder storage.  I can assure you, we left none alive.”
    The General paused for several long moments.  “So be it then.  Order the fleet to set sail for Calpheon.  The time has come.”
    Commander Tomlin bowed before the General, “Aye.”
     PORT OF VELIA – 0535hrs
    The small fishing boat stirred cautiously through the waters as the rising sun began to break across the horizon.  The scene of death and carnage spread all across the surface of the water as the remaining fragments of the once proud Maria Gaille crumbled and broke apart.  Her crew, lost forever in the black depths of the sea.
    “THERE, that one looks like she’s still alive!”
    “Yup, I see her.  Good eye!”
    With a swift effort, the small crew of sailors pulled the floating crate towards the boat.  Inside was the battered, yet barely conscious body of a blue-haired Elf.  With an explosion of that size, how could it have been possible for her to survive?  
    “Miss, can you hear me?  He wiped away the blood from her face as she desperately tried to recollect his voice.  “What’s yer name lass?”
    She choked for a brief moment, and drew in a long, pain-filled gaze into his eyes, “I, I don’t know.” 

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  22. StriderBDO added a post in a topic RNG Killing this game   

    I initially quit because of RNG issues until I realized how much I missed the game itself.  So now, I just buy what I want and skip the RNG all together.  I'm happier and another player makes a ton of coin.  Win on both sides right?
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  23. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Cross-Server Guilds?
    Coming recently from GW2, it was pretty common to be on one server while the guild you were in was hosted on another.  Does BDO offer cross-server guilds as well?  I ask because I play on one of the newer +exp servers but I've found that most of the guilds i'm interested in are all on Orwen.
    Thanks for the help!
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  24. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Just a new, somewhat random shot I took.

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  25. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Which Processor is Better for BDO?   

    Well folks, I appreciate all the insight on what's coming down the road but where I stand, I need to replace my current comp within the next few weeks.  As such, those two CPUs are the only options I have available right now.  From what I've seen, the AMD has a much larger versatility but is pretty much bites for games like BDO.  I just worry that the new Pentium will feel dated very quickly.  Regardless, the build will contain 16GB DDR4 2400 so that should help. 
    Ok, here are the exact spec on the Intel that I was looking at:
    CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz Processor 
    # of Cores 
    2 Core 

    Operating Frequency 
    3.3 GHz 

    Max Turbo Frequency 
    3.5 GHz 

    Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti 4gb Overclocked 

    16gb DDR4 2400 MHZ Memory 

    1TB Hard Drive 7200 RPM 

    500 Watt PSU 

    Motherboard: ASUS Gigabyte 1151 MATX Motherboard 

    4 X Memory Slots 
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