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  1. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Which Processor is Better for BDO?   

    Sadly, this is about all I can afford.  I tested both and from what I can tell, they will both run the game rather well only anything other than ultra settings.  
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  2. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Which Processor is Better for BDO?
    Hello folks!
    With my current budget, I'm looking to build a new computer and will pretty much only be playing BDO as my primary game.  The rest will be normal business work.  Anways, I've allocated about $550 for the machine and have two options for the CPU.  I've looked over several benchmarks and most say the AMD below is better than the Intel but there are some reports that disagree.  Which one should I pick?  Both will come with 16GB 2400 memory and will have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti 4gb.
    Intel Pentium G4400  vs AMD FX 8320
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  3. StriderBDO added a post in a topic LF: RP Guild   

    Thanks for the info!  Sorry, just now saw you had replied to my question.
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  4. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Yup, based upon her RP story, she's pretty much a clown.
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  5. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Just an updated photo of Sidil.  I need to work on some better lighting though.

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  6. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    With all the amazing looking Rangers in here, I felt there needed to be some contrasts...
    This is what happens when your family tree doesn't branch:

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  7. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Rolling a Witch?   

    Yeah, that looks amazing!
    Oh, and after about a day now, my Witch is up to level 28 and I'm completely loving the class.  It too a bit of getting used to at first as I forgot almost all the combat tricks from when I used to play but I'm amazed at how fast she can lay hell down upon a group of mobs.  Just a few combo's and everything is dead!
    lol... this is fun!
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  8. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    My Witch so far...

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  9. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Rolling a Witch?   

    That actually sounds pretty fun!  I don't really plan to play competitive 1v1 as I doubt I'll ever have enough coin to get the top tier gear but it would be fun to play a combat-support role in a group.
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  10. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Rolling a Witch?   

    I saw this the other day and am I wrong by saying that the cloak just doesn't "fit?"  I don't know... it just bothers me a bit.  Well, that and over course the heals...  Who goes into battle wearing heals?
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  11. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Gear for wizard   

    I'm brand freaking knew to the class so I'm still learning but I found this really amazing review that might help.

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  12. StriderBDO added a topic in US Guild   

    LF: RP Guild
    I'm currently looking for an active RP guild or a guild that at least has a supportive focus on RP within the community.  While I'll be just starting over later this evening on a new character, I am fairly familiar and am not one of those people that require much assistance.  BDO has just been one of my favorite games for all the RP elements it has and so I was hoping there was a guild that is active and looking for others to join.
    As for my background, I'm a writer and spent much of my time since WoW days coming up with story based concepts for in-game events.  That and I really love doing interactive stories on the forums!
    Anyways, if you are a member of a RP guild or know of one, please let me know.
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  13. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Rolling a Witch?   

    Thanks for the reply!  This actually does help as I had forgotten how much I hated stacking up potions all the time.  The cost alone got to be rather annoying at times.  I just wish the Witch had some better looking armor.  Perhaps something like a "battle-mage" would have been nice.
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  14. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Returning Player - Need Advice   

    That gambling comment made me laugh.    Like you mentioned, I really enjoy the PvP system of GW2 and the fact that gear means very little when compared to the skill of the player.  Still, even though I enjoy the game, it has always felt like something was missing to it.  When I last played BDO, the game felt very much "alive."  The world itself just looked and felt so immersive, so vast that it was easy to get sucked into it.  As a RP player, immersion is vastly important to me and so the problems I always had with GW2 was that I could never really feel like my character was more than just a simple, slightly-altered version of the 20 other characters nearby.  As punishing as BDO can be at time, it was so very rewarding in its own right to know that my character was my own, unique.  I love the open world feel, the knowledge that just over the next hill is something I've never seen before and, if I'm not careful, everything in the world will try to kill me.  GW2 never had that feeling of "oh crap, this group of mobs might actually kill me!"
    Who knows though.  I think I'll go ahead and roll a Witch later this evening and see how it goes.  My old Ranger was fun but the Witch very much reminds me of my D/D Ele from GW2 where I could CC folks and then just explode massive amounts of AoE.  It's too bad the Witch armors all look kind of stupid.  That and at 51, my Ranger quickly was beginning to feel somewhat boring in that I really only used about 3-4 skills.  I probably just didn't know what I was doing.
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  15. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Returning Player - Need Advice   

    I've actually never played a Wizard much beyond level 10 but was considering trying one out this time around instead of the Ranger.  I hear they are a bit easier to level and don't have a high of gear requirements to solo level.  Is this correct?
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  16. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Returning Player - Need Advice   

    What about with awakening?  Is it true that they don't really focus on ranged attacks anymore?
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  17. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Returning Player - Need Advice   

    Better than a Witch/Wizard?  I'm really concerned about gear dependency and solo leveling. 
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  18. StriderBDO added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Rolling a Witch?
    So I've been thinking of coming back to the game and as I'm somewhat of a casual player, it was suggested to me that I try out a witch.  I've read from a few places now that they have the lowest of gear dependency and are very effective for someone who wants to solo level through the game.  Is this accurate?  If not, can you all give me some advice? 
    Any thoughts?  I'm trying to decide between the Witch or the Ranger at this point.  Both look really fun to play.
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  19. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Returning Player - Need Advice   

    Really?  Rangers suck that bad now?  /sadface
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  20. StriderBDO added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    To the OP's question, RNG is why I quit playing.  I have NO luck so after spending a crazy amount of coins on repairs, I just said to heck with it all and left.  A recent video from The Lazy Peon suggested just playing the game and buy your gear.  His point was to ignore the RNG all together.  That's kind of given me hope to come back.
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  21. StriderBDO added a topic in General   

    Returning Player - Need Advice
    Hello everyone!!!

    So I’ve been considering returning to BDO after leaving a good while ago but was hoping you all might be able to help me with my concerns before I commit.  First of all, when I first started tracking BDO, I dumped all my MMO hopes and dreams into this game and pretty much ignored the RNG concerns I had about the game.  Unfortunately, I quit the game while so frustrated with trying to upgrade my gear after building massive fail stacks and simply went back to GW2.   Part of me still really misses the fun I had…
    Anyways, it was suggested that for someone like me (dreaded casual player) to simply forget the RNG and just buy my gear with all the silver you can make while leveling.  That’s now why I’m reconsidering coming back.
    My questions for you all are mainly about classes.  I’ve played a Ranger to level 51 and a Maehwa about 43.  From what I’ve heard, a Ranger with the awakening weapon almost never uses their ranged bow attacks anymore.  What’s the point of leveling a ranged class to only play melee at higher levels?  Is that really the truth?  Also, while I always play a ranged class, I really enjoyed the Maehwa until the 40’s where, at the time, the class appeared to be broken and couldn’t kill things anymore.  Is that still the case as well?  I also hated how some world boss could 1-shot my Maehwa due not being able to see its attacks in time.  Is this still a problem?
    What suggestions can you give me?

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