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  1. Schlifer added a post in a topic Red Nose Day - Why So Serious?   

    I played this game since i became a founder, i feel insulted by this and your damn jokes, i did not find this funny at all and once you invest a lot of time in a game, it is a´bit hard to just let it all go, all that time invested playing getting your gear, all that time grinding having fun the memories, and i have been running bheg scrolls since it came out that you can get his gloves, i tried sniping them to no avail. 
    I started seeing a lot of updates coming around the corner the awakening new zones underwater, and my hopes were going back up i was starting to feel interested, and with the defense box i thought, WOW!! it will take 30 days but i hope i get them muskan shoes or bheg gloves, the chances are great at it, then i come to this thread....and i see what you people at kakao games did.
    I want to say curse words. i want to be mad, but i got to say thank you, due to this i finally cut ties, i finally let it all go and uninstalled black desert online today, thank you very much for this joke, it was helpful to make me forget about this game.
    And gg for the charity thing, cant really hate that now can we, either you did it out of goodwill or to shield yourself from the hate that you might get, either way well played. 
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  2. Schlifer added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Marketplace Collection Tax reduced by 30%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive a 30% reduction in the amount of tax applied from items sold on the Auction House. For instance: You sell an item for 100% of its value - Minus 30% of taxe - Minus 5% of local taxes = So you get 65% of the original value. With this item you get an extra 30% of those 65% => 84.5%

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  3. Schlifer added a post in a topic Please don't force us to Gather...   

    If you have the following,
    Artisan 9 in.
    Alchemy, Processing, coking, gathering.
    You can then start a quest chain for any of these 4 professions, which will lead to sharp crystals/hard ones as rewards the higher you go, think i got 7 or something sharp all together and some hard ones from completing processing quest chain. 
    For everything else there is always.
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  4. Schlifer added a post in a topic People of Altinova 1/2 (Obtained)   

    Woodrey still missing, he gives 2 pieces of knowledge for economy 2 int he academy section. 
    Hows that fix coming along? 
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  5. Schlifer added a post in a topic Would you pay 40 mill for a base liverto (preorder)   

    Always good to check the market from time to time, and it is probably the best to get it while its hot, i dont think those world bosses will remain for long, 
    Although it seems the liverto shortsword is the more popular choice though, due to ninja kunoichi preparation i would guess. 
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  6. Schlifer added a post in a topic Would you pay 40 mill for a base liverto (preorder)   

    Idk what liverto you are looking for, but there 6 liverto longbows in the market for 9mil a piece, and 3 amulets in alustin, there is way too many world bosses and inflation is going through the roof.
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  7. Schlifer added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

    blablablabla bla bla no rights blabla bla bla take it up the ass bla bla bla screw you blabla bla your wrong..
    Thats what i got from both of you, now servers up so toddles. 
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  8. Schlifer added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

     I will still fight for some shred of justice until the day comes that the servers go down, and that in it self is not wrong, and even if you think that in it self is wrong to think, then i think you are wrong as well.
    Hence i will end this argument in a agree to disagree statement. 
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  9. Schlifer added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

    I paid for something, as it was, they changed that, now i want money back or pearls, they refuse, this is bad business practice digital or otherwise physical.
    This means the cash shop is not safe at all, and one should beware of buying anything in it in the future, as for you, i feel sorry for you. 
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  10. Schlifer added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

    This has nothing to do with being salty, this is actually illegal to some default or at the very least bad business practice, if someone buys a product and that product does something as said of the time of purchase then it should stay as is, you are buying what the seller is selling nothing more nothing less, once purchased the product is yours nobody can take it away or change it, only you can do that.
    Imagine this, you buy a car and said car has some extras in it that the seller had added and had showcased you, but these extras in the car were not meant to be in there, the peddler also known as seller forgot that the extra stuff were not included, and the buyer did not know this but bought the car as it was sold with extras, the car then with extras upon purchase will come as is, the mistake was the sellers for not informing that it did not come with extras, and the seller can not intervene after purchase, it would mean the seller can do whatever he wants after purchase to your car, hell he can take your tires and say the next day "Oh yeah tires were separate purchases which are not included.", however if one sells a car with failures in it, without notifying the buyer, it means the buyer was tricked into buying a product which did not meet with the explanation or what he/she was showcased, and therefore can get refund, or some sort of repair/fix done to compensate for this issue.
    I bought a car from Daum, they came to me some months later and took the tires of it, they said the tires were no good for the environment buy new ones. 
    ^This is what happened, and to add another note, now that i see how they do things and that nothing in cash shop is safe from change, ill be extra careful of what i buy in the future. 
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  11. Schlifer added a post in a topic Getting pretty discouraged   

    Got giath helmet my self, lets say that at the start of it, i had 25 failstacks then i slammed on, i had around +60 failstacks at the end, and fail train keeps going, con its still +14, pro´s it is one of the best failstacking items in the game. 
    It would have been cheaper to force it, for my mental health and for a happy outcome, because this was a money sink beyond words. 
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  12. Schlifer added a post in a topic How is it? More garbage, hackers and grind?   

    I saw this exact same post in, lineage 2 forums, tera forums, wildstar forums, world of warcraft forums..
    Insert any other mmo forum.
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  13. Schlifer added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Video   

    He slashed, sheated his sword, said "hehehe" mobs died, pretty sweet, but kunoichi awww got to get my self a liverto shortsword it seems. 
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  14. Schlifer added a post in a topic FORCE Jewellery   

    we can force enchant to +18 soon, and ----- casino, i never gamble either way, i have stacked failstacks for giath helmet to +23, i ended up at +46 failstacks, and god knows how many memory frags were consumed, all the failstacks from +23 to +46 were in that damn helmet, then i tried pri witch earring and i got +47.
    I have no luck in game or in real life, god has never heard my prayers and i mostly never ask for help, hardwork has always been a payoff for me and has always worked wherever i might be or do.
    I welcome this idea.
    And this is costly as hell.
    first pri cost 37,500,000 mil silver, to get duo you need 3 of these.
    the second stage will cost 3 pri MoS and will be at 112,500,00
    and third stage 3 duo for a tri MoS 337.500.000 silver. 
    I dont see any carebear in this, and to get to tet or pen is not safe, so you might lose al the investment for 337mil silver in one go.
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  15. Schlifer added a post in a topic Fix the OP sorcs in Battlefield ....   

    i dont remember you, my name in the game is not the same as in the forum, so frankly speaking it is impossible for you to remember me. 
    All i can say to your comment is, thank you? because your proving a valid point there.
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