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  1. Sulky added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    36 millenium vs oldskool >>> resilience vs harmony>>> resilience vs rlxt and oldskool
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  2. Sulky added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Perhaps instead lying about where you are going to build, and dodging other stacked zerg guilds while targeting a guild where the majority of the players are sub 400Gs you could have asked enemy for a 40v40?

    meanwhile, you complain about not having fun, asking the bigger guilds why they don't build at valencia where you have a huge home advantage while on the podcast, to make yourself look big and strong, but write stuff like this?

    "best guild eu" would rather build on a node that might have GaiaForever on it than build on enemy's node?
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  3. Sulky added a post in a topic Witch needs buff!   

    please buff witch! it's only #3 most op class in the game, I don't want to learn how to play

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  4. Sulky added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Valkyrie propaganda debunked.
    Disclaimer: I am aware of the block situation, however that has not been confirmed to be a bug or a ninja nerf at this moment in time, and does not discredit the information provided below.
    This post has no connection to the Block issue, and is a general response to the valkyrie player base for its relentless attempts at getting the class unwarranted buffs.
    Since the release of valkyrie's awakening in November 2016, the class has been subject to a lot of harsh remarks from it's mostly casual player base, donning nicknames such as "Lifeskill class" or "Sheep gathering class"
    The class requires high APM and good mechanical skill to be properly executed, but instead of playing the class as it was designed, the playerbase has been kicking up a storm to have their life made easier for them, when in fact they have already had it way easier than the majority of the classes in Black Desert, aside from a few obvious exceptions which still need tweaking.
    Before we get to damage, which I will be talking about later (way too much) let's talk about utility.
    Valkyrie's intended role in BDO was as a tanky support/utility role. Which was unique and made the class stand out from the crowd.
    With abilities like Breath of Ellion allowing you to heal friends, Ellions blessing allowing you to give party mates 100% resistance from all crowd control for 6 seconds and last but not least, heaven's echo giving a party-wide accuracy buff of a staggering 12% for a whopping 60 seconds.
    However, over time, valkyrie slowly became a beast in itself, becoming known to the playerbase as one of, if not the best 1v1 class in the game pre-awakening.
    With awakening however, people who were used to this lifestyle expected the same thing, tankiness, utility, mobility and damage
    And that is exactly what they got, however many of them are too lazy to achieve the levels required that give the class all of the above and want it handed to them on a platter instead.
    Utility was provided by Wave of Light, a unique skill which pulls players and monsters together, allowing for well coordinated setups to be executed with other classes such as the sorceresses black hole ability.
    Purificatione also has hidden utility, hidden behind the veil of terrible google translated skill descriptions, when an enemy is hit by the spell, allies around you will be healed.
    footage: https://my.mixtape.moe/akphid.webm
    This came with the upgraded block, blocking about 75% more damage than shield and sword, lance and shield is an intimidating force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, which is amplified by lingering super armour, which valkyries and warriors get after using their block ability, this means that if a valkyrie blocks, then stops blocking they are IMMUNE to crowd control, this means that the valkyrie is completely safe to cast any skill it wants, many valks on the forum will pretend that this is a trait exclusive to warrior, but here is footage to debunk that.
    As you can see in the links above, the valkyrie is not bound, however in the clip below, she gets bound.
    Valkyrie's Super armour block is also 360 degrees, meaning that while a valkyrie is blocking you can go behind them and attack them as much as you want, but you cannot CC them, making them incredibly overpowered when fighting against a class without a grab, proof of this can be found here: https://my.mixtape.moe/rrkbkf.webm
    Another one of valkyries (many)  strong points, is that in the hands of a capable user, valkyrie can be as fast as the more nimble "assassin" type classes in black desert, which in reality is pretty ridiculous as mobility and damage is the selling points of these classes,why would anyone play these when valkyrie provides that with extra tankiness and utility? Proof here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoHWIjyRTp4

    This is what seemed to be most underwhelming for the casual player base, their damage.  when people play an awakened class they expect something like wizard, a class where they can press 1,2,3 and see flashy effects and BIG DAMAGE with little effort or execution required.
    With abilities like Sanctitas de Enslar amplifying your own damage while Purificatione decreases your opponent's defensive capabilities, a valkyrie with good mechanical skill can exploit her kit beyond most players expectations, allowing for incredible burst potential, more than most "DPS" classes in Black Desert's roster, as you can see in the following clips, a valkyrie with very average gear (181/183) is destroying a warrior, a class that is innately tanky and takes less damage than every other class
    Valkyrie's gear:  http://i.imgur.com/U3Dd9iS.jpg
    It's not merely coincidence that 2 of the highest leveled characters on both EU and NA are valkyries, the class is a beast at not only PVP, but PVE too, with it's excellent mobility and self buffs/utility, combined with its amazing damage the class is regarded as one of the best in high end PVE spots, her only drawback being lack of 360 aoe, meaning some mobs may get behind you and you will either have to waste time killing stragglers or move to the next pack.
    Footage of high level valkyrie PVE: https://clips.twitch.tv/CovertMushyOwlNotATK
    the only drawback is, that valkyrie shines when she hits level 60, which the majority of the playerbase has yet to reach, and may make users feel like the class is lacking in departments where she is more than adequately equipped, the Valkyrie has become a frankenstein, a jack of all trades that is not just good at everything, but excellent, with the buffs EU/Na has still not recieved from korea coming soon, the class is going to become an unstoppable juggernaut, pushing out classes who were only designed to do damage out of the picture.
    TLDR:Valkyrie is borderline OP currently and with buffs just around the corner, she may very well become OP.
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  5. Sulky added a post in a topic Dark Knight ? Pearl Shop ? Outfits ?   

    Really interested in looking at the theme they used for her canape costume and weapon. However I can't find pictures of it online, does anyone here happen to have any pictures?
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  6. Sulky added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    I've recommended this game to friends who quit before spending a single hour due to this.
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  7. Sulky added a post in a topic Sovereign PvP Guild EU   

    You guys are pretty good....
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  8. Sulky added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Can't move characters more than 2 slots up or down
    as you can see in the video, the character will get stuck and the screen will flash, but it will not move.
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  9. Sulky added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Releasing with or without awakening?
    @GM Creat0r @GM Creator @GM Felaxus @GM Kaiji @GM Moose @GM MWallace @GM Neevachu @GM_Axion @GM_BBrilliant @GM_Bytesize @CM_Aethon @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes @CM_Tytys @CM_Yukimura
    Please release an official statement to answer this question as it is quite important. 
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  10. Sulky added a post in a topic The Dark Knight Joins Black Desert Online March 1st   

    Is she releasing with awakening? 
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  11. Sulky added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    You must have been having a bad day if a joke as bad as that was your highlight, can't say I blame you when you work for kaka.
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  12. Sulky added a post in a topic New Awakening Weapon Skin   

    This skin is a reward for participating/victory in the new PvP arena, you will also win titles that have different colours (best/highest is red/orange from what i've seen)

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  13. Sulky added a post in a topic Korean Patch Dec. 29   

    I tested that already and it still doublecasted
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  14. Sulky added a post in a topic Korean Patch Dec. 29   

     Are you enjoying the changes to GuFull Moon Wallard and Blink Thrust? 
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  15. Sulky added a topic in Maehwa   

    Google translated patch notes
    The skill chain from the muli-use of [Blink Thrust] to other skills has been improved.
    The effect has been changed for the skills [Petal Bloom] and [GuFull Moon Wallard].
    Thank you for your incompetence once again, kakao. 
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