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  1. EruzieL added a post in a topic I really wish we weren't forced to use awakening weapons to be competitive.   

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the so called 2nd awakening is already being implemented in the form of buffing  mostly insignificant pre-awaken skills. It being an actual awakening was a speculation and they are already working on making both stances equal . I do hope I am wrong, because buffing bad skills for an extra 10% increase and some other insignificant buffs  like increasing the damage of   the first hits of valk's judgement when in fact, they are not even used ,because valks just ani cancel into the last hit , is insulting.
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  2. EruzieL added a post in a topic Anyone giving away gift pass :) please.   

     I've sent you one via PM, enjoy
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  3. EruzieL added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    I went to Altinova to deliver the Sweet Candy Pack to Bareeds III, but he didn't even have an option to accept it, he's just a regular NPC.

    Edit : Nvm, there was a second one, was too sleepy to notice him setting next to lara :v . 
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  4. EruzieL added a post in a topic My few months' worth of experience.   

    Yeah I mass enchanted back in L2 as well, I might have to do that here, the long and hard way.
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  5. EruzieL added a topic in General   

    My few months' worth of experience.
    I had been following BDO ever since it came out in KR ,but only bought it a few months ago and I've been enjoying the game so far. It felt like it was the successor of Lineage 2, an MMO I have a lot of memories in, so it was a different kind of nostalgia. However, there are some obvious flaws, which have been discussed for a long  time, yet never properly addressed. I'd like to share my list of pros and cons, which will pretty much be my review of the game's main features in hopes that we could form a proper discussion.

    1. Combat - BDO's selling feature, I was very impressed by the combo system, the fluidity and complexity of combos, animation cancels and dodges. So much, that I tried out almost every single class.
     + very fun combat, makes grinding less tedious
     - practically every skill has a CC element attached to it, which ruins pvp,
     - desync
    2. Awakenings - they increase the power of classes immensely, offer new possibilities and combos, or do they ?
     + gain access to new set of powerful skills, almost every single one is useful and worth investing points in.
     - awakenings oversimplify some classes and overall gameplay too much, thus making them more boring - this mostly applies to the classes that almost never switch to pre-awaken stance, like Musa, I'll also put Wiz/Witch in here, because swapping for utility doesn't really count imo
     3. PvP - TL;DR - so far, not impressed.
     + CAN be skill based in rare scenarios
     + actually IS fun when you stand a chance
     - pvp is practically locked out for new players for the first few months of the game, because of the inability to compete with 1 year + players
     - RBF is a joke.
     - the karma system is a joke - I have never seen a game where the one who is being killed is the one  who is NOT punished. I'll tell u this  : it's usually me who dies to PK'ers AND  I DON' MIND AT ALL, because I can come back, piss them off, make them go red and take their spot, if they are dumb enough to keep killing me. Why would I do that - because I can, because it's the only way to compete with them and think this is wrong, I think that if a player is strong enough to demolish me, killing me should punish me instead, and not them.
     - waaaaay too much CC , if you know what u you are doing, whoever gets the first CC usually wins and  I don't know what's worse - being CC'ed for 10 seconds or getting 1shot by a 200+ AP toon
     - no hard counter to grabs, i-frames counter everything IF THEY EVEN WORK , so the only way to protect yourself from a grab is to stack resistance 
     - DP scales worse than AP, you don't get punished by stacking AP and being a glass cannon ,but instead, you are the one doing the punishing,assuming you don't get 1shot first.
     4. Life skills
      *Fishing - a good way to earn some AFK money while sleeping, but you are mostly limited by your inventory space, which can be extended by loyalty ( that will take you about 5 years to get all slots)  or cash shop items. Active fishing is honestly boring, maybe someone who regularly fishes at hot spots and makes more silver finds it less boring, but I'd personally rather spend my active time for other life skills.
     *Farming - a good way to get some products that you normally can't from nodes (milk,onion,garlic). Very good  when combined with cooking/imperial cooking. Some features seem super buggy - leveling the farming skill holds little to no benefit aside from reducing the chances of spending energy for harvesting. You have a limit of 10 fences, so 100 CP is the max you can invest in it. Any player ,who's been playing for a decent amount of time  will have over 300 CP without too much effort, so I'd like to at least HAVE the option to invest more/
     *Gathering - pretty straightforward skill, possibility of gathering high quality stuff and materials that you can't get from nodes ( like logs,rough stones and weeds). Seems to scale well with leveling and has some breakpoints which increase the amount of rewards. The chances of getting hard/sharps is higher than farming afaik. A good source of income when combined with other skills.
    * Processing - a lot of players use this skill as an indirect source of income, mostly while being AFK. You are severely limited by the weight limit and if you want to compete, you are almost forced  to buy a maid outfit ,which will speed up the process quite a bit. Definitely a boring skill , because you can't really actively use it, but very essential for anyone who wants to earn silver by life skilling 
    * Sailing - the Margoria expansion was a major letdown for me personally, so I haven't looked into this one that much, but I know you can only level it while in dangerous waters and we know what happens when you get attacked by a monster ! The skill levels itself passively while you sail and that's boring.
     * Training- also levels itself while you ride and if want to level horses, you are forced to AFK train them for hours and days before they reach 30, incredibly boring skill which can be a major waste of time if your horse doesn't get the right skills when it levels.
     * Cooking -a useful skill which has the potential to earn you a decent amount of silver,one thing that bothered me was that in some cases the blue products (rare procs) were actually USELESS - you can't turn them into crates and nobody wants them. Also an AFK skill, I like it because there is variety and I have a background in cooking so I am a bit biased here
     * Alchemy - a seemingly interesting skill with a lot of benefits . I reached the conclusion that investing in alchemy would be less profitable,more RNG dependant(alchemy stones) and  more time consuming than investing in cooking, but it is a skill that offers even more variety and complexity than cooking so I might look into it at some point
    * Trading - the concept is interesting, but the actual thing... beyond boring , you buy stuff from one NPC ,go to the other side of the map and sell it to them to earn a profit, of course this was an oversimplified version, but that's my impression. I can't ,however, not mention crates, which are probably the best way to safely earn silver by life skilling atm. Let's not forget about the bargain option which is a complete joke and seems to be entirely RNG,often it's not even worth it to go on if it fails the first 2-3 times, giving you no chances to react ,despite the different messages that pop up when u use it.
     * Hunting - another skill,which I am not too impressed with. The only benefit I can think of is killing whales and Khalk. I might be wrong, but if that's the sole purpose of this skill, it's vastly flawed, u can see that it's not very popular based on the rankings and based on the marketplace.

    Overall impressed by the life skill system, lots of possibilities which allow you to ignore certain aspects of the game you are not happy with ( like pvp) , while still enjoying it. It is ,however, blatantly obvious that some skills need revamps .

    5. Grind spots - I find it hard to believe that after a few big updates, Sausan and Pirates remain the undisputed spots for silver/exp grind. It is very hard for a player ,who for example just lost access to Olvia channels , to compete with the others. I honestly hate the desert, the region is MASSIVE ,yet 90% of it is  empty desert. I hope that the Kamasylve expansion will bring changes to this system, but the spots in the area itself will be inaccessible for most players because of the insane gear requirements for efficient grinding.

    6. Hidden stats - I cannot stress how annoyed I am by this feature. While it's nice to add some mystery to the game, but to hide MAIN stats ?! That's plain stupid. The recent discoveries from the datamine were definitely very helpful, but the info there might have been outdated or not true at all. The biggest discovery was probably that DP actually IS a sum of Damage reduction and Evasion.
     - accuracy and evasion are hidden, severely limiting gear choices, boss gear being the best option ,because of the powerful effects the items have
     - we still have no concrete info on the benefits of leveling nodes - do they increase drops ? do they increase turn-ins drops? maybe fishing ancient relic shards or maybe giving you a higher chance to promote your workers ? still a mystery.
     - knowledge - it has recently been proven that getting better ranks does not increase your damage to that mob, even tho it was stated that it does. Does S rank give you more damage, more resistances, higher drop rates ? No concrete info.

    A massive amount of game features are hidden or just don't work properly.
    7. Worker system - I quite like this one, having my peeps do stuff for me while I'm actively playing makes me feel like I'm using my time more efficiently . The system adds to the overall complexity of the game and is one of the reasons why life skilling can be more fun.
    8 Class balance - another big one,I'll just share short conclusions I reached while playing certain classes and against them.
     - Ranger - turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected, the awakening flowed well with bow stance. The biggest issue for me was the lack of proper mana gain. While soloing,I somehow made up by the mana deficiency (without using pots)  by going into bow form to refill (mostly with E and Q cancels. If I was in a group, my sustain was severely reduced, leaving me a low mana most of the time. They seem to be quite easy to play in pvp and have very powerful skills in awakening for, allowing even players with less skill to kill people with a grab combo.
     - Wizard/Witch - the pre-awaken state was incredibly boring and slow ,almost had to force myself to get to 56. When I got 56, everything changed and it's simple : those classes are very overpowered. They have high damage/good mobility/insane sustain/equipment breaks slowly/a very good pet and can perform better than most classes with VERY little investment- the ultimate beginner class, I remember steamrolling sausans with a +12 yuria, +15 green orb and +13 grunils. Those classes,however, are very boring in terms of combat and combos... because there are no combos, you just rotate skills and demolish stuff, no animation cancels, no swap stance, just aqua jail and repeat.
     - Musa/Maehwa - the only class I haven't leveled to 56 yet , but my observations are that they are one of the few that have the ability to completely break the rules of the game with their amazing dash. If they want to run away - they will, if they want to catch you- they will.
     - Berserker - what seemed like a slow and dull class aka grab bot, turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected.The other class that has the ability to somewhat break the rules of the game by being able to pull off long grab chains. The undisputed king of 1v1 and the main reason grabs need to be readjusted. Great mobility/Insane sustain/Good grind speed/Strong defenses and a lot of HP/Insane CC potential and an overall great pvp class.
     - Ninja/Kuno - the pre-awaken form is possibly the best combat experience I've had in BDO - fast, sharp and fluid. Not the most popular classes but I don't think they are by any means bad and fulfill their roles nicely. There are some bugs that need to be addressed and a couple of buffs would be nice. Kuno's have already received some in KR's recent patches so the future is bright.
     -Valk/Warrior- these 2 are not that similar, but I played valk and I enjoyed it quite a bit, not a weak class by any means, it was a bit too complex for me to start out with in comparison to what I go in return (grind speed,sustain,pvp viability etc) I might come back to this one in a while, especially since it's been slowly getting buffed.Warriors have always been one of the top classes because of their awakening, the ability the keep up SA with blocks, good burst and mobility have secured their top spot.
     -Tamer - has the unique ability to aggro more mobs because of their pet. One thing I hated about the tamer is that it didn't feel like a pet class AT ALL, wizards and witches practically have better pets and sure, Heilang can occasionally provide a surprise CC to win you the fight, he doesn't scale with gear,but with levelling the skill. The tamer's damage didn't feel that strong compared to other classes, I'd also really like  some actual pet synergy, not skills that make your pet disappear.
     - Sorc - a very fun and complex class with loooooooots of combos and animation cancels, I spent hours trying to get the hang of some, but it wasn't that easy. Strangely enough,the awakening didn't feel that appealing to me - it turned the class from a badass dark magic fighter to a generic reaper with a scythe . I could only spam violation and backslash along with some buffs and I'd do fine, the numerous fun combos from pre-awaken stance pretty much lose their value except in pvp. Overall a fun class with an insane learning curve, possibly the hardest class to learn, it's a tough choice between sorc and valk for me.
     - Dark Knight - I was honestly quite pleasantly surprised by how fluid and fast the class is as opposed to all the videos I had watched before. What also amazed me was how well it performed with less gear. I practically demolished mobs in helms with about 60 AP (70 with the hidden bonuses) and it seems like it could easily compete with awakened classes even without its own. I see potential, but thinking how 50% of the population is going to roll one really turns me away.

    Overall - class balance is (like in most games) an issue that needs to be addressed.

    9. Imperial Cooking/Alchemy

    Another decent source of " safe" income that doesn't make  you rely on the silly market prices . Gives more meaning to cooking/alchemy and even fishing. The biggest issue, however, is what makes the feature so inconsistent -  OVER HALF THE CRATES AREN'T EVEN WORTH MAKING. Not only do you waste time by preparing the ingredients and packing the crates, you get very little profit for the time and effort you put in. I'll give an example with the Boiled Eggs Crate - this one offers the most profit (more than double I believe) and is constantly sold out , you need apprentice in cooking to craft it, how much time do u need for apprentice cooking, a few minutes ? That wouldn't be an overstatement. I'll bet you an ogre ring right now that the crates that require MASTER cooking are mostly untouched and I assume the situation is the same with alchemy. There is no logic that only a few crates are often sold ,while others aren't ,even if they require very high level of cooking, because they are simply not worth the time. Why would you even give the option when more than 60% of the crates are never even touched, while the others are  sold out almost right after imperial reset.

    10. Horses
     Very displeased with this system - the whole process is slow and tedious , the skills you get are RNG ,the horses u get from breeding are RNG, if u even get a higher tier horse, the time u invested raising the horse do not at all correspond to its market price, not to mention that even the horse market has 35% tax. You practically need to spend money if u want to get a good horse, even more so with the upcoming tier 9's. 

    11. Marketplace
    You earning potential is limited if you don't have a value pack - possibly one of the p2w elements of the game. I like  the idea of a fixed price on some items, but I dislike how some incredibly rare and valuable items do not have a realistic price . ( cash shop items, boss gear) . The bidding system seems to be fair ,because it offers everyone a chance to get a certain item ,but the chances of getting a cash shop item are still below 1 %. You cannot even hope to gain any profit by buying and reselling without a value pack and even if u had one, the current system wouldn't really allow you to make a profit even if you bought an item at min price and sold it at max.

    12. I'll wrap it up with the enchant system - a major flaw of the game.

    As I've already said, I've played a lot of L2, which was even more hardcore,but what I dislike is that you can spend weeks earning silver and trying to progress ,only to be set back even further behind. Buying items from the marketplace is certainly an option, but will only work up to a certain point, you can't expect to snipe every single peace of boss gear from it, that's extremely hard if at all possible.

    I tried to keep it short, but  I had a lot to say, that's how much  I like this game and believe in its potential, thanks for reading and have fun !
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  6. EruzieL added a post in a topic Players blocked out of anniversary event   

    A  boss was spawned on ser6, my mate got 1shot and then dc'ed as he was  resing.
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  7. EruzieL added a post in a topic Players blocked out of anniversary event   

    Welp, I got kicked out of the game right as the boss was about to spawn, such an incompetent  team,seriously.
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  8. EruzieL added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    I find it mind boggling how they can screw up EVERY SINGLE TIME ,without exception.
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  9. EruzieL added a post in a topic DC when boss spawns   

    My queue hasn't moved in about 10 min, nice event lul.
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  10. EruzieL added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    They messed up YET AGAIN.
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  11. EruzieL added a post in a topic BDO Datamined DP stats - Just show us AP, DP, Evasion and ACC on char sheet   

    The hidden stat concept is incredibly stupid and needs to go, as simple as that.
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  12. EruzieL added a post in a topic BDO Datamined DP stats   

     I see, that's very good to know, thanks .  I hope all this hidden stat stupidity gets uncovered asap, it's really limiting possibilities.
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  13. EruzieL added a post in a topic BDO Datamined DP stats   

    So what's the deal with rocaba/ centaur belt/ sicill  neck being so good ?
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  14. EruzieL added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 8th 2017   

    So... does the 50% weight decrease for  turn-ins even work ,haven't noticed a difference.
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  15. EruzieL added a post in a topic Can't stay logged in for more than 2 minutes without game shutting down   

    A  PC restart seems to have fixed it on my side(for now), but if this is occurring for  more people, then you should definitely look into this issue.
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