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  1. KairosProject added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    tanks for the help ^^
    im gonna try out with an alt, may be i skiped the pre-quest and i outleveled it... (already cheked the quest log)
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  2. KairosProject added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    i always use bddatabase, and i saw that it has a prequest called "a punitive operation in serendia" given by Crucio Domongatt (Lord of Serendia), but i've visited him with diferent level characters and he never gives it to me
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  3. KairosProject added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    still not unlocked T.T
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  4. KairosProject added a post in a topic Quest: Lost lamb   

    i already got enought amity for the quest T.T
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  5. KairosProject added a topic in PVE   

    Quest: Lost lamb
    I'm looking for some daily quests on Serendia and saw this one on bddatabase http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2001/4/
    the requirements are: 10 amity on the NPC and this quest: A Punitive Operation in Serendia, got both, but still i can't see the quest
    any idea?
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  6. KairosProject added a post in a topic Tamer Skill Add-on   

    thx ^^
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  7. KairosProject added a post in a topic Tamer Skill Add-on   

    no, i dont have the awakening yet
    i was just taking the AS on bolt cuz being the first attack, so the next habilities (BJ-BJ-Wiplash) would have that AS boost, also for the +Ap monster
    its not that much of a mana problem if in a few days i'm getting the bo staff, so i think i will keep with my build or just switch the Ap monster for something else (not sure on taking evasion, im suposed to no be hit anyways)
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  8. KairosProject added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer Skill Add-on
    So, I'm thinking on running this for pure PVE:
    - Flash: 30HP / 30MP
    - Bolt: Accuracy / Attack Speed
    - Jolt: Crit / AP against monster
    Also thinking on Wiplash: 3hp / 3 mp
    Any recomendation? What are running you?
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  9. KairosProject added a post in a topic Energy investment   

    well, i'm currently using the night vendor for black stones ans similar, wich are pretty cheaper than marketplace
    just right now im milking cows, and is sooo tedious: walk to a caw and spam buttons, waltk to another cow...
    may be i will invest on workers, that sounds good too
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  10. KairosProject added a post in a topic Energy investment   

    what about... cow milking? is still worth it? i guess wouldnt take that much time right?
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  11. KairosProject added a post in a topic Energy investment   

    seriously? pfff there goes like 10.000 energy wasted
    good option too, i thought about that, but it really makes good profit?
    not interested on yuria weapon, i'm going directly to liverto
    i did the amity game with all NPC that had something (quest, knowledge or shop) to aim for, i'm one of those completionists, but i got stressed and stoped playing because it took too much time to burn all the energy
    so i'm here again with a new mindset; spending energy on my alts with no effort on it
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  12. KairosProject added a post in a topic Energy investment   

    woah, really good investment ty!
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  13. KairosProject added a topic in General   

    Energy investment
    So recently I'm having problems to spend all my energy, I have like 7 or 8 alts and, I'm currently using all the energy (even from my main) on node investment, but I have the feeling that using it on somethin elese would be better. The problem is that nothing out of gathering spends energy, and I'm not seeing myself spending all my time on doing gathering with all my characters.
    So were do u sped ur energy guys? Any recomendation?
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  14. KairosProject added a post in a topic Warehouse   

    i hate having to use transport of any type, i mean, thats useles when i need a certain item inmediately, or i just need to free som slots from a warehouse
    also having that much storages and items spread all over the map just force me to run to a point to an other and i dont have that much time be runing all the time
    well, when the game launched i was doing the same thing, but now i'm back and im enjoying the game more by doing dailyes. the problem is that i have all the old shit from the launch, ans that takes a lot of storage T.T
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  15. KairosProject added a post in a topic Warehouse   

    well, that was i was thinking on doing: Velia for cooking (i have an alt there with good proficiency on cooking), calph/heidel for daylies and altinova for end game content.
    is just that i have too many items on velia... just doing gathering, and i have to keep my cp there, so i cant invest on other warehouses
    PF: just three times to valencia? i thought all the end game was there.. and end up spending most of teh time there...
    i thought that too, but there is the new continent and if they expand content there... might be good having my base near the sea... are just too many places to go and do stuf...

    u mean using the transport? its not that too much expensive?
    eg: farm wood on olvia, then send to calph, then all ur cooking + base ingredients (mainly famed near velia, like potatos, etc) send to glish, etc
    well, i'm doing that with my loyalties (i'm not sure if thats a good invest) i'm buying storage on calph
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  16. KairosProject added a topic in General   

    So, recently I got 50 and sudenly i relized how much an issue is having my main warehouse on Velia, because of having all the daylies on Calpheon. I thought on moving to Calph, but there are also the Olvia daylies so it's good having the storage near there.
    Where do u have ur main warehouse guys? And why?
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  17. KairosProject added a post in a topic Warrior, Valk, Zerk   

    that pasive-agressive suport-ish play style sounds really cool... definitively i'm playing a valk!
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  18. KairosProject added a post in a topic Warrior, Valk, Zerk   

    Humm, I don't have that much free time, so it seems that i would't be able to master valk (which looks the coolest to me). I'm gonna play warrior and zerk to see which one I enjoy the most.
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  19. KairosProject added a topic in Classes   

    Warrior, Valk, Zerk
    So I'm looking for a tank class to play on BDO. I know that the current "tank" classes are warrior, valk and zerk.
    My question is: Which one is the best on what? Meaning which one is the best for pve, 1v1 pvp, small scale pvp, and siege pvp, and why they are the best. What are the main differences between them?
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