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  1. IHirs added a post in a topic Best upgrades for 850m Budget?   

    A tri nouver and 2 tri mark of shadows
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  2. IHirs added a post in a topic Olvia Servers   

    Yes it does start when u enter, and no its not 1 time. if you quit for another 30+ days you'll get back in
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  3. IHirs added a post in a topic End game gear wizard   

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  4. IHirs added a post in a topic Life Skill Rank Colours   

    I know master is purple and im gonna assume guru is orange since all the ones i know of are either seconary or primary colors and the only one missing is orage
    -artisan red
    -master purple
    -skilled blue
    - apprentice green
    - proffeshional yellow
    - orange ????
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  5. IHirs added a post in a topic 100x Exp Server   

    grinding from 56 to 60 takes around 30x more xp then 55 to 56, going from 60 to 62 takes 320x more xp then 55 to 56
    Money cant buy rng because hard/shards, concentrated stones, and high end accessory's are always sold out
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  6. IHirs added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Double Player
    I was on a server that i lag on, i was on my guild ship, and i tryed to turn up my graphics and when i came back my actual charterer got dropped into the water where i first started changing graphics. My guild told me that i was still on the ship so i swam back and there was a clone of me(i couldn't see it) also it had my #4 in alchemy medal. Heres a picture that my guild member took
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  7. IHirs added a post in a topic Imperial trade   

    Yeah, also it makes you sit there either doing nothing or something semi afk for 15 minutes every channel, which is boring and pushing people away from the game
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  8. IHirs added a topic in General   

    Imperial trade
    This is a poll for whether or not you think the channel limit for imperial trade is good for this game. I personally just find it annoying and a waist of time and i wanted to see if i was in the majority. Vote for whether or not you think it should be removed(your personal daily limit would still be there)
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  9. IHirs added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    You forgot a comma after you know, so i thought u misspelled you no
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  10. IHirs added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    the irony
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  11. IHirs added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    thats the point -.- the supply is way to low for the demand, you relise that there is more then one way for a economy to die rigt? There is the one your describing which is demand is to low for supply, and the one thats happening which is demand is to high for supply
    didnt know this was a spelling quiz
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  12. IHirs added a topic in General   

    The economy is dieing
    Every week a important item runs out, eventually only the things that can be mass produced with the highest profit margins will be left on the MP. For all the people who dont know, the following items use to have a abundand supply until one day the markets crashed
    Blackstone powderBlackstonesLogsRough stonesOgre ringsWeedsBase bloodsTrace of savageryMagic toolsHard shardsSharp shardsEtc.
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  13. IHirs added a post in a topic Will we ever see anyone with these gear?   

    Casually has a 100Bil warhouse
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  14. IHirs added a post in a topic PvP sucks in this game   

    Alot more you can do then just that
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  15. IHirs added a post in a topic PvP sucks in this game   

    Your complaning about a game having alot of content?
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  16. IHirs added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    1 red coral earing
    3 sharp shards
    1 armor core
    1 armor blackstone
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  17. IHirs added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    Have a few guildies leave the guild, and then repedly pk them for a day, get some ez boss gear, and then swap for the next day
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  18. IHirs added a post in a topic Opposite proposition for PVP server (World of Red)   

    No, if it gave seals and xp for pking, then people would just boost on there guildies and get free boss armor. instead make it so it gives pemanent double xp(like olvia) so the people who are good at making money and dont just mass kill mobs(Life skillers, Elite rotations, worker empite, bosses) can get rewarded with xp 
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  19. IHirs added a post in a topic Glowing box???   

    It reminds me of the quest for kutum knoledge
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  20. IHirs added a topic in General   

    CP planning
    Is there a website you can use to plan out how your gonna use your cp?
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  21. IHirs added a topic in General   

    Alchemy Pearl Costume
    Is there a alchemy pearl costume
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  22. IHirs added a post in a topic Which One?   

    Witch is a bit more tanky
    Wizard is a does a bit more damage and cc
    BUT the biggest difference is
    Witch has boobs
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  23. IHirs added a post in a topic No beer on eu   

    2.5 + Beer biproduct
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  24. IHirs added a post in a topic Tips?   

    They are third behind witch and wizzard, but they can do it from long disances and have mobility
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  25. IHirs added a post in a topic Tips?   

    Wizard does the most damage, and is generally considered op, but if you want to have good mobility and great damage id suggest going dark knight
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