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  1. Kaybean added a post in a topic Low fps ?   

    Hey I did some more testing after unparking cores and I can say it gives me 10 fps boost in most scenarios. In Calpheon I can do a 40 fps instead of dropping to 30 in previous tests. This has allowed me to comfortably play in full screen windowed mode mode at a constant 60 if not 55 at times. This has put me in a standstill though, as I was going to buy a 1080ti when I come out and make a custom water cooled loop, but since this runs perfectly fine, I might just go ahead and water cool this beast and keep it for one or two years, at least see the VEGA reveal. As for the 4790k Im not quite sure what to do since it's so close to the 6700k. I might go ahead and water cool that too instead of going for the 7700k or the 6900k. It's too expensive to justify 10% increase. Any thoughts? 
    And as for the force V-sync I noticed some really MINOR tearing and it bothered me so I just left it on in the end.
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  2. Kaybean added a post in a topic Low fps ?   

    I guess I would have to endure alt-tab every time I switch between monitors. It flickers my monitor black for a 2-3 seconds, and admittedly, it's not so bad that I need to play in full screen windowed and lose 20+ fps. I usually have a stream, BDO, and Maplestory running at most times, so most times when I do alt-tab to chat or do something in maple, I have to wait that 2-3 sec screen flicker instead of just pressing ctrl to bring up the mouse and float it to my other monitor instantly like I do when it is full screen windowed. You are absolutely right about windows as I run win 7 myself haha. I guess I underestimated BDO graphics since BnS ran butter smooth with no problems. I am running iobit as well. I will try to force V-sync off and try it to see if it does any good for full screen windowed mode. As for currently, without a stream+maplestory and just BDO running I average 70-85 fps in full screen mode so I guess I'll just have to endure that 2-3 sec screen flicker. I did research on that flicker to no avail, but let me know if you know the problem. I originally only meant to play at 1080p but black friday and I couldn't resist so I nabbed me a 1440p 27-inch IPS screen that was on sale for $350 (origanlly $410). Compared to 1080p TN panel I was using before it is absolutely stunning the difference (maybe it's not the graphics and just the color reproduction is better). But other than that, I guess the solution for now is to leave it full screen and it will run 70+ fps just fine for me. 

    Thanks for reply and have fun grinding!    (May RNGsus be with you)
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  3. Kaybean added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Low fps ?
    I've been researching around in the web on the fps people get in BDO. I found one where the guy was using a i5-6600 non k. I did some testing with my settings and found that my own setup, running a i7-4790k overclocked to 4.6 ghz and gtx1070 overclocked to 2076 mhz could only handle a measly 40 fps in noncombat and drops down to low 30's in combat at 1440p resolution max settings. That didn't sit well with my specs so I decided to play with settings until I got a lock 60 fps without much compromise. I ended with medium texture and high graphics with a lock 55 fps. That still didn't add up since the system is overclocked and watercooled and cannot outrun a non overclocked i5. Is BDO that gpu bound? I did further testing and found that if I put my game in full screen mode and not full screen windowed like I had it before I could manage a wavering 60-70 fps in town. Is there any way around this without too much compromise to graphics because I have triple monitors and full screen mode makes it very annoying to navigate.

    My full system specs are:
    i7-4790k @ 4.6ghz
    ASUS GTX 1070 OC Edition
    16 GB HyperX DDR3 1866mhz ram
    MSI Z97S Krait SLI Motherboard
    Kingston 120GB SSD (Boot Drive)
    SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD (BDO Resides here)

    Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated and I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong tab on forums!
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